Join my marathon game

It's Morf turn (in the 7/8 game), but I think he didn't make a move almost 2 weeks now. He is member of civfanatics forum. Morf, what is the problem?
For the 8/8 RL still waiting for one more player.
Are people making turns or have some forgot about it?
Is there a turn timer at all? or are we at the mercy of the player?
Yes, it's Zarkons turn now in random leader game, who is a moderator here, so he'll make his turn soon (within 1 week), but for the 7/8 (first game) Morf still did not make his turn and almost 3 weeks have past, maybe I should remove him? I don't think he forgot it or is dead or something, he is just probably someone who does not care about his actions. Once I wrote him a private message and so he made his turn, but I won't do this every turn...
Theryal, it is your turn (more than a week has past)
And Morf: more than a month.
Can we start a game when none of the abuser are part of?
Yes, lets try. Please join: YWVkq . Random leader (please don't chose leader).
Meanwhile I kicked Morf, since he is inactive more than one month. It's slimonernyc turn, though lobby hint still shows Morf's turn, I hope it is just a gui bug. Game is now 6/8.
Theryal is inactive for 2 weeks in the 8/8 LR game, will wait a bit more.
I'm very interested in joining if you still have room in the one game, or if you drop players from a game!
I'm very interested in joining if you still have room in the one game, or if you drop players from a game!
Thanks for joining the new game. You can try to join the other 2 games, but I think it won't work, since dropped players cannot be replaced only rejoined by the same user. But feel free to try.
Theryal was also inactive for more than one month, so I removed him from RL game which is now so 7/8.
@bitula - I will be away this weekend from approx 1600 CET Friday to midnight CET Sunday.
Oh sure, no problem. As per OP the requirement is less strict: Please make your move at least once a week, on occasions when it will take longer, please mention it in this thread. Seems now everyone makes moves quite quickly (max 3 days) except for maybe Kobra in the 7/8: took 3 weeks last time, currently 4 days. Kobra can you make at least one move per week? Btw, I suggest members of 5/8 and 7/8 (except for Kobra iguess) to join the 4/8 one. That is because it could finally be a working 8/8. Because with prince level AI occupying slots, those who span near them will have huge advantage. Also walentin, if you read this feel free to join the 4/8, since our previous marathon ended last week (it is random leader, don't chose leader).
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