Josef Stalin of Russia: 3D Animated, Era Specific Leaderhead (09-03-2005)


Leaderhead Engineering
Jan 1, 2004
Montevideo, Uruguay


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Very nice, I think it's your best yet! :)
But, like Anarki said, the link is broken...
Hope this is fixed soon, I want to use it for my personal mod.
Yup, that one works. Thanks Jorde for sharing your creation with us. Catherine can go on permanent vacation now =D
Thanks for the fixed link, I was getting tired of old leatherface.
Beautiful! Thanks Jorde! :goodjob:
Now we have them all: The top three all-time mass murderers (1. Mao, 2. JS, 3. AH). ;-)

Well done, he looks really realistic to me. Good work.
Anarki said:
Last time I downloaded Stalin the Background was screwed up...

Well, I have just posted the link once, so perhaps the background IS screwed up. Is it the sky of the ancient one which looks bad in game? (because it might have turned up too white-ish)
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