Just 3 long overdue questions...


Dec 9, 2001
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...maybe won't ever get their answers.

Or at least, that's what've been thinking.

Hi, there! Just returning to the forums, even getting the "why are you still here?" trophy. :lol:

Going back on track, here they are.

  1. Full payment to complete a building that's already been in the works. Sure, Alpha Centauri got you to pick a calculator and pay just the amount required to finish, not the whole price. Why Civ 6 went to this full payment thing? Is there any mod to change that? Maybe there is... just haven't found it
  2. Units can see the movement of all other civilization units that are close to them... but me, the player, can only look at it if the screen is right there. Is there a mod who'll show the traces of the other civilization units that have moved and there's one from my civilization close enough? There's no need to have a unit close to a new emerging city state (from a barbarian camp) for getting the envoy. The barbarians already knew your civilization and becoming a city state changes nothing. This is really fine... maybe it's not possible to get the traces and that's why screen has to be fixed over the other civilization units that's moving.
  3. Finally, the one that irritates me the most. It's so easy to change the city for a trader, a great person or a hero, click on the destination city (with the transfer button) and that's it. For governors... going through the list of cities it's just annoyingly slow and cumbersome. I'd love to just do the same that with a governors, click on destination city.
Maybe all these questions have already been answered! Even if the answers won't be the most satisfying to me, like it's for preventing an exploit. Where's the limit between a feature and an exploit? That was, for example, capping the number of influence points that can be bought from other civilization. The mod for fast trade is awesome as it eliminated the need to haggle for the best price (some people my love this min-game of haggling, but not me).

Will partial payment constitute an exploit? Maybe, but leaving traces for units watching... how can that be an exploit? It's just information provided but those units and they should be available on screen (just like new city-states). It's transferring from city to city directly so different to transferring from a list? I don't understand why make this difference in game.

Thank you for reading!
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Oct 16, 2021
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I am afraid I don't play this version of Civ, but I hope you get your answers!
Jul 3, 2021
I am not aware of any mods that would resolve your questions as asked. For the third question, governors are not units with movement like Great People or Traders, so I am not sure how easy it would be to appropriate the mechanic. That said, there are mods that limit the number of turns to appoint a governor. As to your first question, I am not sure there are a lot of cases where you can purchase something that is itself under production, perhaps districts. What comes to mind, however, is Shah Jahan, who does scale cost based on the remaining production to complete a wonder.
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