Just finished my first game....


Sep 15, 2010
Just finished my first real game as the Americans.

I must say that I'm impressed.

I ended up starting two games at Prince level to get a feel for the game and how to initially expand. After about an hour in those two, I quit and started over for real (this time on the level below Prince (warlord?)).

I ended up facing Germany, France, Ottomans, and Siam on my continent.

England, Songhai, and one Civ that I never met were on the second continent.

England pretty much took over her continent by the end of the 18th century, and France took out Siam for me, while I took out Germany and the Ottos. By the time 1930 rolled around was when I was finishing off Germany and France with my Modern Infantry and Tanks.

Arty and Tanks kick ass.

I only had to stroke a few of the city states to keep my food and culture bonuses going.

By 1981 I had Mech Inf, Modern Tanks, and was REAL close to Rocket Artie (don't remember when I actually go it though).

By this time England was beginning to mass her fleet on my Western Seaboard so I pre-empted the invasion and blew her escorts away with mass B-17's and my lone Destroyer. Followed up by liberating one of her city-state conquests and luckily I picked the right area to land - London was only 12 hexes away.


I kept going for LOTS more turns just to see if I could build the space ship, but I couldn't seem to get it constructed. I'm wondering if, once you've won, you can't fulfill any of the other victory conditions....oh well. Basically, I couldn't get all the SS parts to get into my capitol city. Ideas?

Things I noticed.

Nappy was pretty much an idiot.

Research Agreements kick tail.

In later stages, PC turns were taking about 15-20s to complete. More if there were lots of combats. Lizzie kept throwing her Ships of the Line at Kuala Lumpur for no obvious gain - but probably just a consequence of the victory already being accomplished by me. But damn, her turns took forever.

I did notice quite a few graphic anomalies. Specfically, some city buildings showing up in the water on the coastal cities, and specifically a LOT of hexes that had roads/rails saying they had them, and behaving as if they had them, but the sprite(?) for them simply not showing on the screen. Just a nitpick, but annoying.

I had a lot of fun, overextended myself a few times and paid the price with Nappy overwhelming a few of my Riflemen, but I was able to hold him off (I think that's what enabled me to win - I puppeted most of his lands and only annexed only when I felt like I could afford the happiness penalties - slow and stead annexation of puppets is the name of the game here).

One thing that puzzled me - and I've seen it mentioned a couple of times - is the ideal positioning of cities in the early game. Something I'll have to work on.

Final annoyance was I STILL had an overabundance of workers and, while there was less of it, there was still some road/rail ribboning going on. Maybe I was just careless and not caring about it at the end of the game...

Anyway, I'm giving the game a couple thumbs up at this point. Now time to watch House and then bed.

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