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Just one more turn......

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Stories & Tales' started by loduke, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. loduke

    loduke Chieftain

    Sep 28, 2001
    Sonoran Desert
    Just one more turn....

    At around 11:00 last night I was playing Civ3, but was just about to quit for the night. Then the ***** of England attacked me....

    .... In 4000 BC, the Indian city of Delhi was established and I, Mohandas Gandhi was appointed ruler, and life was good. For many years the Indian nation flourished and expanded, meeting the English to the north, and the Zulus, Greeks and Babylonians to the west. Indian quickly established itself as the most advanced, happiest and richest nation with the strategic placement of their cities which controlled many luxury and strategic resources. Knowing that there was no one on their continent to the south of them, the Indians concentrated their early expansion north and west, to cut off their rivals paths of growth. Only when the northern and western borders were in place, did the Indians move south to the rich, fertile land there.

    Around 1500 BC, Babylon came calling, demanding a scientific advance or they would kill us. We knew that the Bab's lacked iron and had no swordsmen like we did, and they would probably be attacking us with their special bowmen, whom we had no fear of, so we told Hammurabi to go jump in a lake. They declared war. Oh yeah, another reason I didn't fear the Babs was because they were clear on the other side of the continent, with the Greeks and Zulu's between us. They would either have to shuttle 2 units over by galley (no fear there,) or walk across to rivals territory to get to me. Needless to say, I was not afeared.

    Many years passed and the Indian nation continued it's peaceful growth. The Zulu city of Ngome joined our civ along the way since the Zulu's were a backward people and the people of Ngome knew a good thing when they saw it. Culturally, India was held in awe by all 4 of their rivals on the continent. Oddly, though we bordered many cities and surrounded others, Ngome was the only city to defect to us. Perhaps when we learn the ways of propaganda we will be able to convince more cities to join. But I digress....

    Suddenly, a Babylonian force appeared within our borders! We quickly rushed our forces to the battle, including 1 Elite Swordsman unit. As our spearmen held the defense of the city, the swordsmen counter-attacked! Our Elite Swordsman won a battle and behold, a Great Leader was found! The Great Leader quickly built an army of Elite Swordsmen and drove the wicked Babylonians back. Hammurabi shortly after came calling again, this time begging for peace. I gave it to him, but I'll remember his treachery.

    Many more years passed in peace and India grew in power and stature. It's people were happy and productive, it's cities were large and prosperous and had built many wonders, and it traded with it's rivals to the benefit of all.

    Then the Whore of England came calling, demanding the secrets of Education for NOTHING! I was outraged! Had I not peacefully cultivated my relationship with this witch since the dawn of recorded time? Had I not made her coffers swell with money from our trades? And yet this SLUT has the nerve to DEMAND something of me, who is her better!! After I *****slapped her and sent her away, she declared war and immediately moved a large force of Knight into my territory.

    This was when I was about to call it a night and go to sleep, but no more! I had to teach this sleazy wench a lesson in manners!!

    Uh... but first I'd need an army.

    Hmmm... all those years of peaceful coexistence and building wonders and improvements instead of units suddenly seemed like a bad idea. I knew that I could rush build 3 War Elephants, but would it be enough? I didn't think so based on the large number of knights the English were bringing. I needed help. Quickly, I sent an emissary to King Alexander of the Greeks and asked him to sign an alliance against the English, which he was only happy to do..... for the price of teaching his people Economics. Well, I had already built Adam Smith's, so I was more than willing to give this dead-end tech. The Greeks declared war on the English.

    I held off the initial English attack and continued to rush build more War Elephants. I moved my army of swordsmen (still hanging around) up to the mountain pass the English were coming through to defend against more incursions. Finally, my force of Elephants were ready to mount a counteroffensive. The Greeks had done an admirable job of keeping the English at bay, and now I swept through their cities, destroying their forces and cities as I went. My goal was to continue up to the city of Dover where the English had 2 sources of spice, but alas, the Greeks got there before me.

    Finally, the *****-Whore of England came calling again, asking for peace..... which I gave her...... for the price of 50 gold per turn (or some such number - it may have been 25 or 30). :)

    The war had ended, and better than I could have hoped when it began. I was caught unprepared for the attack the English launched because I had concentrated too much on city improvements and my armed forces were old and out of date. Thankfully I had lots of money and could quickly buy what I needed, but I learned my lesson.... be prepared for the treachery of my rivals, for you never know when they'll strike.

    After the war ended, I looked at the clock - 2 AM.


    So much for going to bed at 11. Damn, I'm tired.:goodjob:

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