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Just played in Emperor difficulty.

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Callonia, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. Callonia

    Callonia Deity

    Jan 14, 2010
    Due to me clobbering the runaway china going for space victory and went in and took her capital then proceeded to win the diplomatic victory with 46 votes on king.

    I moved on and switched it up to Emperor.

    Holy hell, tech progression is so freaking fast.

    Me and Enrico promise each other that we swear to not spy on each other anymore and we spy on each other and get caught anyways and keep on spying.

    We trade gpt.

    Then Assyria goes and drops a town of Nimrud next to my capital.

    I E-raged and Cranked out six swordmen plus a general grab from honor.

    Nimrud tastes what defeat is like.

    One turn later, Netherlands drop a city next to my capital as well!

    I E-raged but decided to keep netherland for later, plans to raze it cuz its in bad spot, if it was 2 hexs to the left i would've been better but screw that.

    Then Assyria stubbornily settle two more cities to my north which is still in core zone of me capital. By this time I had longswordmen and trebuchets already.

    The cities went down in a heartbeat.

    I march onto Assyrian capital but I had to subdue two powerful barbarian encampments spamming lots of swordmens first before I could advance upon Assur.

    I advance and see Assyrian army composing of Crossbowmen/spearmen.

    I O_o.

    I rout the army with my longswordmen/landsknechts/scoutingcompositebowmens/knights/trebuchet, that strength 45 capital couldn't save him.

    After taking Assur, I upgrade my longswordmen into musketmen/scouting compositebowmen got upgraded into crossbows.

    I raze last three assyrian cities to the ground.

    I has just researched Economics.

    And it is just about turn 240ish.

    I'm just one tech away from industrial era.

    I freaking progressed through the tech tree so fast.

    Tech leader 36, Me at 33 was that when the popup announcement happened. >_>

    I plan to raze that netherland city next to my capital to the ground as well, at this point of time, I have six cities out already plus assur.

    I have found my preference. King is where the civ 5 is fun for me, Emperor stops being fun for me due to too rapid tech advancement.

    I literally tore that tech tree up with my spies.

    Is that normal for emperor? Because if yes, I will stay on king with maybe occasional prince games.
  2. ense7en

    ense7en n7

    Oct 17, 2011
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Sounds like you are doing just fine in Emperor.
    Why move down to a level that's too easy?

    That said, you should be in Industrial by t240, well you should be there well before.
    Usually that means you didn't get National College up soon enough, along with Universities soon enough.
  3. Callonia

    Callonia Deity

    Jan 14, 2010
    Hmm ok thanks, I will move back down to King then. Tech progression too fast on emperor for my own tastes.

    An entire Era passed while I was marching to Assur. <_<
  4. Hyperion529

    Hyperion529 Prince

    Sep 25, 2012
    if its too fast for your taste, you could also try a slower speed setting.
  5. gashad

    gashad Chieftain

    Jul 29, 2013
    If tech is to fast, you can change the tech pace in the CIV5GameSpeeds.xml(an alternative if you don't want to change speed setting which slows down everything). I play with 1.25 tech pace(so 25% more required for each tech)[also playing on emperor].
  6. Callonia

    Callonia Deity

    Jan 14, 2010
    Hmmm i'll think about it because I'm going to be really busy dropping lots of people off at airport this week. x.x
  7. Sequm

    Sequm Chieftain

    Jul 4, 2012
    I don't understand people :( Don't you want to beat Deity one day and brag about it haha? You do that by beating the difficulty you play on, then moving up one. Read some strategy threads and watch a few Let's Play vids and you'll win.
  8. JtW

    JtW Prince

    Aug 23, 2010
    Some people don't actually. Me included. I have fun playing on King. I've seen some Deity LPs and I didn't like the crazy bonuses the AI gets. But if I would learn how to beat Emperor and Immortal I could never go back to the difficulty I actually enjoy (as it would become too easy). So no, not everyone wants to beat Deity and brag about it.
  9. Scarpa

    Scarpa Prince

    Nov 22, 2010
    Sounds like Emperor on Epic speed is more what you want. Plenty of time to use your troops before they are obsolete, yet a slightly more aggressive AI to play against.
  10. dashwinner

    dashwinner Prince

    Dec 5, 2010
    I was a king player for a long time. didn't want to move up, but I did, and i enjoyed it more to be honest. emperor is really not that much of a step up, but still more of a challenge, in a fun way. you can still snag the wonders you want (if you plan for it). Your decisions matter more. It also helps to get rid of that feeling you get when you're 200turns in the game and you know you've already won, which can get boring real fast.
  11. ahawk

    ahawk King

    Aug 22, 2011
    Emperor teching is incredibly hit-or-miss for me. I play predominantly on Emperor and Immortal (rare excursions on Deity, though) and I find Emperor to be either quite fast, or somewhat slower than in G&K.

    When it goes fast, it's because I played Tall, peaceful, and had RA's with numerous civs over-and-over again, sometimes getting Factories and an ideology by ~1550 AD on Standard time-scale (and this when I usually go Public School first, before building Factories!).

    When it goes slow, it's because I played Wide and/or aggressive at a fairly early point and had almost no RA's with anyone.

    The main reason it's so spotty is two-fold:
    1) BNW introduced the 5% penalty per city to science
    2) BNW has made RA's much easier to obtain because more gold is available and more AI's play peacefully

    So, now when I go wide, I tend to slow down in teching, usually because I have more cities as well as because I usually end up DoWing someone or having someone DoW me as I grow, leading to hurt-feelings and fewer RA's down the line.

    Hence, I have found that I often now start with 2 to 3 cities rather than 4 to 6, and usually don't expand out of that 2 to 3 city start until far later than usual (turn 100-ish on Standard).

    Really, it depends on how you play. With trade-routes to more advanced civs netting beakers for you, as well as an easier time getting RA's, I tend to find that going peaceful accelerates teching now by leaps and bounds. Also, using the right World Congress enactments can really help, too.
  12. de_baser

    de_baser Warlord

    Sep 18, 2012
    The jump from King to Emperor is large, but once you get the hang of it, going up to Immortal is easy.
    The jump from Immortal to Deity is about as big as from Settler to Emperor, methinks. But i'm finally getting the hang of that level... Soon!
  13. The QC

    The QC Quietly Confident

    Sep 20, 2011
    I have the impression many people make the game less interesting for themselves by playing on difficulty levels that don't challenge them. The game is most interesting when you stand a fair chance to lose...
  14. Staal

    Staal Warlord

    Sep 28, 2010
    If Emperor is too easy it makes no sense to go down to King. I only play on Epic and Marathon because I also don't like how fast eras pass by on Standard.
  15. Makavcio

    Makavcio Prince

    Oct 1, 2010
    I can understand you, Callonia, but don't fully agree with your conclusions.

    King is too easy because AI is mostly dormant. Especially in BNW. There is nothing that would challenge you. On the other hand, on emperor and above, you'll always see your plans ruined by enemy settlement or some other factor. In my latest game, I was playing tall and one turn before my settler could reach the perfect spot for my 3rd city, Assyria claimed its neighborhood and within 20 turn built 3 more cities there. I couldn't DoW them because of precarious world balance without any friendships at all. Not a single science agreement was signed throughout the entire gameplay.

    On king, I would be able to claim my spot, develop it and pursue my own goals without having to cut down on anything. It's nice, but gets boring in time. Emperor/immortal provides the margin of uncertainty which makes you remember that you are not alone in the world and you just can't have everything.

    I would strongly urge you to play your games on the epic speed. Marathon drags unbearably in c5 and is nothing like marathon in c4, which I utterly loved. Epic gives you exactly what it says in description: much slower gameplay that still feels like normal playthrough.

    Large maps, preferably something with water, emperor difficulty, epic game speed and you will still be able to play a fun game, not only make all the optimal decisions.
  16. Roboe

    Roboe Chieftain

    Jun 21, 2012
    This. I've been slowly progressing through the ranks, ending on Immortal in G&K (as in, I could make a game of it, without being certain of winning every time). I've dropped down to Emperor post BNW release while I get myself used to the new mechanics, but seeing as I'm starting to be able to win most of my games, I'll be bumping it back up to Immortal soon.

    If only the AI could be slightly more consistent, that'd be much appreciated. In my current Shoshone game, Austria and Carthage have been battling it out with the Inca for well over 100 turns now (on normal game speed), yet the Inca are still cocky enough to denounce me. So I think what the heck, let's give my army some excersise: Denounce, wait a turn, DOW - and 5 turns later, the denounce train against me is rolling, followed by Austria and Carthage DOW'ing me... I haven't continued it yet, but keeping all three at bay is going to be a challenge, to say the least.
  17. Bad Wolf

    Bad Wolf King

    Jun 9, 2012
    I can't play on Standard, it just goes too fast. By the time you build an army capable of going to war you need to upgrade all of your units because they're obsolete!
  18. Randall_Flagg

    Randall_Flagg The Evil One

    Aug 25, 2004
    Joshua Texas
    I am of the opinion that it was your dosh that paid for your copy. And you should set the game up exactly how you want to play. Ignore anyone who says anything different. The only thing that should matter to you OP is this, are you having fun? Everything else is dross.
  19. gberetfr

    gberetfr Rastaman

    Jul 2, 2003
    Although I perfectly understand why people are playing at epic or marathon speed, I mostly play at Quick speed. And that due to lack of time. Even at that speed Civ killed a lot of my free time (if not all since BNW release !).

    But I wonder at epic/marathon how things go ? Meaning (as far as I understand the speed mechanics) mostly production / science go slower (ok pop and gold also) so that you have more time to use and move your units around. So either :

    - You're playing a warmonger and this intensify let's say the tactical part of the gameplay
    - You're playing a peacefull game and this just slows down the game but without that much "improvement" to the gameplay and it's a little a waste of time.

    This how I see it, I ask the question, so tell me if I'm wrong.

    Of course warmonger/peacefull is not that much a clear cut as you can have both periods in a game. But bottom line is I see a real interest in slowing the pace down if you're much more inclined toward war, and the 2nd question is :

    That being said you have more time to wage (and so to win !) your wars, and you reinforce your advantage over the AI (war is where it sucks most) so :

    - Does it make the game a little "easier" ?
    - Do you win the game ealier (vs faster game speed) ? (i.e. industrial over modern...) And I mean especially for Domination Victory, because yes for other VC it shall not change.
  20. dexters

    dexters Gods & Emperors Supporter

    Apr 23, 2003
    I think your problem is game speed. Civ has never been balanced on marathon speed for example.

    Just play on standard speed.

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