just to say hi, and quick question.......

David In Asia

Feb 6, 2002
Barcelona, Spain (from UK)
hi all
finished playing my first game of civ III, thoroughly enjoyed it, but it has raised a question.
the game ended automatically in 2020, as it does. i came third, and i'm only playing on warlord (2nd from easiest) - i hadn't (neither had my rivals) reached anywhere near the technolgy level for the spacerace. the question is, if i carried on playing the game, what would happen if i completed the space ship (or any other victory condition)? nothing? have i won? what happens? as i'm going to start a new game, same level, the chances are it will reach 2020 again long before any other kind of victory condition can be met, so it would be interesting to know what happens if i carry on the game. i plan to keep playing at this level until i win, then i'll go up one.......
do you see what i mean?
thanks in advance
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