Kamikaze Apostles! (Updated March 17th)

Do you ever ruthlessly exploit the Martyr promotion in your games?

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Lee Duane Fitzsimmons

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May 14, 2017
MARCH 17TH UPDATE... :bounce::sheep::bounce::sheep::bounce:


I have now played a few games with the Japanese civ and have gathered numerous relics, and I am going to continue to post the new ones I acquire.

I am playing the Japanese because of the half-price religious and theatre districts. This discount allows me to build a ton of these districts in all of my cities. Basically, this means that I can buy a plethora of National Parks because Naturalists become a little pricey after you have bought several of them.

In the next post, Mary mentions the fact that losing religious combat causes your religion to suffer. However, you can overcome this by selecting the "Monastic Isolation" upgrade. :please:

LATER... :wavey:
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Really, Mary. I wasn't aware that I could lose my religion by having theological battles... Is that some kind of weird penalty that I don't know about? Or are you just refering to theo combat in general. Actually, I own my own religion, (Dragon Blue) with the expansion of %15 pantheon bonus, and all my cities are firmly controlled by my homegrown religion. I have faith points coming out of the yin-yang and I need something to spend these points. on. Just built a natural park. Now a naturist really sucks the points out, but I have so many sacred sites with all the extra wazzamadoodles and bling bling wonder bonuses, that I'm earn more than enough faith to keep my civilization under firm religious control.
When you lose theological battles, your religion dies a little bit. If you lose too many, your religion can get wiped out :(
I'm not sure what you mean by the terminology "dies a little bit." Is this a numerical score and where is it listed?
I am unfamiliar with this concept. How do you know that this happens. As far as I know, you can lose as many theological battles as you want and won't suffer adverse effects other than the regular obvious ones. I also have the religious victory disabled.
It's OK to lose your apostles, if you like the relics more than the live apostle--just make sure you do it far, far away from your core religion cities.

Every time an apostle dies there is -250 influence in nearby cities for the losing apostle's religion and +250 in the same cities for the winning apostle's religion. It shows briefly after the "battle".

You can also buy the AI relics for about 400g. Much easier to fill your temples that way.
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I didn't realize you could buy relics from other civs, playshogi. Thanks for the info! I knew that first bit, but it doesn't really matter in my situation because my religion is so dominant and strong. 250 points is not that much for my situation.
Don't kill them until your down to the last charge and make sure it's far away from cities with your religion. Even with the Mont, I prefer to kill enemy apostles rather than my own.
Totally agree jddods. I have to chase down them through a civ or two (huge map) until I can catch them.

It's like there's this crazy religious zealot running after an apostle and yelling, "Hey slow down, bro... Let's do the theo combat thing, man!" I'm looking into buying relics right now.
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playshogi, I tried to purchase relics from the others. (I had not tried to do this before. I didn't realize this was an option), and I got offers that were REALLY high. Like 500 gold up front and 30 to 50 per turn for 30 turns. That's a lot of capital, even if you have several stock exchanges constructed (which I do).
I just attacked an enemy apostle while I was embarked and he was on land. Needless to say, my unit got clobbered and I was blessed with this little goodie...

Instead of saying "winning!" like Charlie Sheen, I would say, "losing!"

You should also play the Khmer too if you're loving the relic game. You get 2 slots in their prasats, plus you can martyr Missionaries. Fun civ to go both religious and culture at the same time.
It is a very odd design really. Sending apostels away not to convert but to die. And being dependant on other civs actually making religious units. It's just weird.
Tech Osen, I totally hear you, bro... But it's a freakin' cool twist to the game that is like, just so way frickin' cool... :goodjob::goodjob::hug::goodjob::goodjob:
Just got another one of my kamikazee apostles to sacrifice himself in our holy war against the wicked enemies of our deity, and I got this outrageously cool relic...
I'm now playing the Japanese and have built the Mont St. Whatever wonder and got the martyr bonus for my apostles. Here's my first martyr relic from this new game. Isn't she a beauty?

Is there anyone else out there who is doing this? It sure is a lot of fun...
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The hardest thing to do using this type of relic-garnering strategy is finding enemy apostles to kill my kamikaze holy men... :egypt:

I finally found an enemy apostle wandering around and leaped on top of him like a fat kid on a cupcake... :hug:

Got some way cool sandals after the lone apostle heartlessly killed the holy warrior apostle kamikaze of my Dragon Blue religion. Aren't they cool?
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