KatMod (a quick and dirty merger of BAT Mod and K-Mod)


Mar 3, 2006
This was my small pet project after coming back to the game after a long absence. I hope someone else might find it fun to play with.

  • preserve BTS game mechanics (no new techs, etc)
  • add BAT Mod's interface upgrades
  • add K-Mod's AI improvements
Optionally: there are two new leaders, and some tweaks to the traits and religions.


You'll need to download BAT Mod first (https://sourceforge.net/projects/civ4bat). Then download and unzip this patch over the top of it. See readme.md for details.

With thanks to the original authors.
Excellent name (obvious, but still). This merge had been requested several times; I think if someone had declared "we need a Kat mod," it might've happened earlier.

As far as I can tell, the current status is essentially:
* K-Mod DLL (with fairly minimal changes(?))
* BAT graphics
* Better Espionage screen (don't know if that's normally in BUG; K-Mod doesn't have it)
* BAT map scripts
* K-Mod balance changes (some at least; I've only checked Serfdom)
* optional leader trait overhaul, extra leaders, Temple buff

BULL (for the most part?) doesn't seem to be included in the DLL. ACO (which both BULL and K-Mod include) is most likely in the DLL, but can't currently be enabled from the BUG menu. K-Mod's custom UI enhancements appear to be present, but can't necessarily be enabled. Suppression of unit cycling (X key) works; right click on commerce weight buttons works; rearranging city production queues works. Don't know about Alt hover for Building Actual Effects, Rapid Unit Cycling and Simple Unit Selection.

Auto Play and Change Player are there, but the keyboard shortcuts seem to have no effect.

Well, I think the K-Mod AI and BAT graphics should already make this the right mod for some players. Thanks for sharing.

Edit: Forgot about MMod, which already includes BAT graphics in K-Mod. Looks like it would take less effort to enable the BULL UI features in KatMod than in MMod.
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Thank you for sharing this mod. I just installed but new leaders are not playable. They exist in 'Leaders' in Pedia but do not belong to their Civilization...
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