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KCKultimateSP1 is Now! KCKultimateCIV3

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Completed Scenarios' started by KillCarneyKlansmen, Jul 12, 2007.

  1. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    These are the latest versions for CIV3 Complete v1.22!

    KCKultimateCIV3-C3CG - Basic WXP version, for CIV3 GOLD COMPLETE. [5.73 MBs]

    KCKultimateCIV3-EXPs - Unit ANIMs for CIV3 EXPANSION(S) v1.29f [16.5 MBs]

    KCKultimateCIV3-MACx - Basic version for CIV3 MAC EDITION (no Unit ANIM's) [5.73 MBs]

    For those interested in my Knights of Honor Mod ... http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=367261

    DONE - Fascism is no longer Xenophobic and doesn't Force Resettlement.
    TO DO's - Last or next to Last Version

    Monarchy & Democracy succumb to advanced Espionage.
    Probably not as bad as It seems, maybe just a glitch runs fine now after re-install, other notes: make sure caps, number, & scroll locks off. If game skips. If problems still exist delete saved games. If problems still exist remove KCKultimateCIV3 and run a regular unmodded game, then re-install KCKultimateCIV3 and run a BIQ. One of these steps always seem to fix it! Avoid starting with Governments, Monarchy and Democracy unless paying Future Start. You need to be able to "pop" settlers and improvements early. The benefits after change over are worth it. Don't forget to build Embassies, Courthouses, Constablularies, and the Intelligence Agency! Avoid changing government types at certain times, building wonders, etc ...

    [Highest rated Government for Late Game Development {It Shouldn't effect Starts - but when you run outta $$ it applies}
    REP with FEUD & COMM not far behind, DEMO, MON & DESP well back with FASC in Last - All Gov's same value, Tweak it]

    Fix Magna Carta, should be only be able to be built harbored.
    Slightly Better Upgrade Paths. Better Auto to Build ??
    No Unit Spawning Starting with Infantry Age ?? [Spawn workers, lesser units, nothing]
    All Conscript Drafts At 3 Experience points!

    Exchange Peter Czar of Russia (David of Israel) Leaderhead for Catherine [Rename to a Generic Name: The Czar of Russia]
    Exchange Charles the V for Henry the Navigator Leaderhead [Leave as Is]
    Replace some Individual CIV3 Age Flicks with some CIV4 ones ??
    Catherine, Bouadica, Hapshepsut, Hammurabi, Khan, etc ,,,
    Bluer H20, More Colorful Terrain ??

    Instructions for self-install or download @-15MBs
  2. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Short Description:

    KCKultimateCIV3 - Is a Scenario That Adds Much of the Content That Is Already Present In Civilization III. What Follows is a Short List of Changes to the Original CIV III.

    KCKultimateCIV3 Changes: 40% ocean, Enkidu cost from 10 to 13. Greatly Improved Map and Map Starting Locations. Each Civ Now Starts with 2 Settlers + Additional Units. Made Change to Improvements, Tech's, Unit's and Wonders. Gave Barb's and Each Civ Its Own Unique Color. Reduced Espionage Costs to 1/3rd. Made Sea Travel Easier, Earlier in The Game. Made All Wonders, Except Ones That Produce Units to be Permit and Never End.. Changed 10 Spaceparts To 10 Wonders. Added 25 New Unit's.

    Sacrifice Enslaved Workers for Culture Points
    Better Map & Start Locations
    Faster Game Play
    Wonders Never End
    25 New Units
    10 New Wonders
    All New Spy Class That Enslaves, Has Hidden Nationality, & Stealth


    To Install KCKultimateCIV3 using a RARed Fille, just Double Click it & "Extract" to your Default CIVIII Folder.

    When Installing KCKultimateCIV3 follow the RAR Description Instructions. Use the Extract To Command to Navigate to your Default CIV III Folder

    Hit Enter and Installation is Done! You should try to play one game to test to see if the installation was correct by opening a CIV 3 game then Chosing Conquests then clicking KCKultimate or KCKlimited. There are 9 different era starts for this scenario in multiplayer they could be used also.

    If this Fails you need to Read the KCKultimateCIV3.txt that is Installed with the Scenario to determine if you have the KCKultimate installed with the Correct Folder Paths. Which is More than Likely.

    You Need CIVIII Complete or a Patched PTW version with version 1.29f

    The Install Paths for KCKultimateCIV3 should look like this ->

    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateCIV3 (folder)

    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKlimitedAncientSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKlimitedIndustrialSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKlimitedMedevilSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKlimitedModernSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateAncientSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateFutureSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateIndustrialSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateMedevilSP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateModernSP.biq

    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKlimitedAncientMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKlimitedIndustrialMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKlimitedMedevilMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKlimitedModernMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKultimateAncientMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKultimateFutureMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKultimateIndustrialMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKultimateMedevilMP.biq
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Scenarios\KCKultimateModernMP.biq

    These 3 folders must also be present in order to play KCKultimateCIV3-C3CG
    or KCKultimateCIV3-MACx they contain Unit Anim's added to this mod.

    ..\..\civ3ptw\extras\Medieval Japan\
    ..\..\civ3ptw\extras\World War II\

    Or else you need to download KCKultimateCIV3-EXPs (Expansions) which adds
    the Units ANIMs to the KCKultimateCIV3\Art\Units Folder.
  3. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    KCKultimateCIV3 Readme Text:

    This Mod was Intended to make CIVIII more Playable Online, to Eliminate Map Starting Location Inconsistancies, and to Enable Players to Enter into Gameplay Faster, in a Richer CIVIII Environment.

    CIVIII is one of the most intense war strategy games online, I've played for several years now and have experienced most of all the game has to offer. I've killed, been killed, made friends, made enemies, etc, ecetera. In order to win you need luck, a good starting position and of course resources. Having had experience in modding other games, I decided to give it a try. I was a little bored and sometimes upset by the lack of continuity in online multiplayer games. As I thought to myself, "You know CIV could be much better with a little ingenuity," I reasoned to me self just how to go about it. Most online games were of the ancient kind, where poorly placed map starting locations often had close neighbors at there throats in less than 20 turns. There were also plenty of Future games. Most of these folk come from the CIV Ladder Leaguers. As I studied a few other mods and the editor, I realized there was plenty to offer, but as far as multiplayer online game play, they didn't always have a clue. No-one online plays scenario's hardly ever. Yet CIVIII Complete shipped with some pretty decent scenario's. The whole problem was the playablility online. As far a resources within the editor and CIVIII files there was alot that could be done with them, I thought. So after several months here it is! I think you'll find it rather interesting, very playable, and not totally dependent on finding all the resources. (At least your warriors won't get slaughtered by a huge stack of swordsmen). I also plan on converting some of the CIVIII shipped scenario's into non-map independent, play on any map in multiplayer scenario's. So expect these scenario modifications to be out if KCKultimateCIV3 catches on.

    Anyone can post this mod on there site, just give me credit and an email, and Bam your done!

    killcarneyklansman@netzero.net aka KillCarneyKlansmen

    I tried to provide as much information on the mod as possible, the Civilopedia Text should have all the relevant information on Units, Wonders, etc ... But I'm sure there maybe a few typo's here and there, possibly. But I tryed me best to make it complete as possible. If you have any suggestions, error messages, idea's for version 2 or would like to contact me concerning KCKultimate feel free to do so. If you use my mod as a base for another mod, or alter my mod you can do so, but contact me and give me credit in your mod description text please!

    Used MPTournament as a Base Mod.

    40% Ocean, Enkidu Cost from 10 to 13.

    Starting Gold 25 instead of 10.

    Ancient Start - All Civs start with 2 Settlers and 1 Warrior, a Worker, and a Scout for Expansionists.
    Medevil Start - All Civs start with 2 settlers and 1 Hillbilly Jihadist (Archer), a Worker, a Scout, and an additional Scout for Expansionists.
    Industrial Start - All Civs start with 2 settlers and 1 Swordsman, a worker, and an additional Scout for Expansionists.
    Modern Start - All Civs start with 2 settlers and 1 Medevil Infantry, a Worker, and an additional Scout for Expansionists.
    Future Start - All Civs start with 2 settlers and 1 Crusader, and an additional Scout for Expansionists.

    Era Starts have Tougher Barbs
    Medevil Start - Archers (Hillbilly Jihadists) and Mounted Warriors.
    Industrial Start - Bowmen and Conquistadors.
    Modern Start - Swordsmen and Ancient Calvary.
    Future Start - Immortals and Keshiks.

    Town Size = 7 instead of 6
    City Size = 14 instead of 12

    All Espionage Costs Cut by 1/3rd

    Gave Each Civ there own Unique Color.
    I Tried to keep to the Originals as best as a could.

    Moved Fuedalism (GOVT) to Imperialism, Renamed to Imperialism. Changed Worker rate from 2 to 3 (150%).
    Changed City unit support limit from 2 to 3 (more Unit Support).
    Changed Corruption and Waste Value from Problematic to Nuisance (less or better value).
    Changed Unit Support Cost from 3 to 2 (doesn't have have to support units at a 3 gold per turn, but 2).

    Republic, Changed Unit support in Towns from 1 to 2. Changed Corruption and Waste Value from Nuisance to Problematic.
    (more or worse value). Changed Unit Support Cost from 2 to 1 (doesn't have have to support units at a 2 gold per turn, but 1).

    Monarchy Changed Unit support in Towns from 2 to 3, Changed Unit support in Cities from 4 to 5.

    Moved Democracy to Espionage (Espionage replaced Democracy which is now Government, so its in the same place now under a different Tech.)
    Democracy now supports 1 unit per Town, City and Metropolis. Changed Corruption and Waste Value from Minimal to Nuisance (worse or lesser value).

    Removed Limits on Wonders being obsolete.

    Changed 10 Spaceship Parts to 10 Wonders

    Bayeux Tapestry (Exp/Sea) - Safe Sea travel, +1 to Ship Movement, +2 Free Advances.
    Kukulkan (Agri/Ind) - Puts Aqueducts in Every city (Whether it needs or not, have to pay maintenance on).
    The Pantheon (Comm/Agri) - Doubles the happiness of Colosseums.
    Circus Maximus (Agri/Ind) - Puts a Colosseum in every city on Continent.
    The Inquisition (Rel) - Puts a Courthouse in every city on Continent.
    Robin Hood (Comm/Agri) - Puts a Marketplace in every city on Continent.
    Hagia Sophia (Exp) - Puts a Cathedral in every city on Continent.
    Imperial Decree (Mil) - builds Arquebusiers every 5 turns begining with Imperialism and ends at Flight.
    MagnaCarta (Exp/Sea) - +2 to Ship Movement, 2 Free Advances (Elite Naval Units Req'd).
    Den Of Spies (Mil) - produces Shogun every 5 turns beginning at Espionage and ending at Military Tactics. Had no Civ Traits. Kabuki Theatre Pic.

    Changed these Wonders, Added Civ Specifiic traits

    Statue Of Zeus - Moved to Iron Working from Mathematics.
    Great Wall - Now Doubles Wall Defense, Moved to Mathematics from Construction increased cost from 30 to 40 shields.
    Great Library - Puts Librarys in every city on Continent, instead of Advances through Education.
    Great Lighthouse - Now allows Safe Sea Travel, +1 Sea movement, produces Veteran Naval units, and Increases Food, Shields and Trade in Water.
    Magellan's Voyage - Now allows +2 Sea movement, produces Veteran Naval units, and Increases Food, Shields and Trade in Water.
    Forbidden Palace - Changed FOrbidden Palace Pic to Den Of Spies, Moved Forbidden Palace Pic's to Imperial Decree.
    Shakespeares Theatre (Comm) - Had no Civ Traits.
    Iron Works (Ind) - Moved to Steam Power from Industrialization, Had no Civ Traits.
    Wall Street (Comm) - Had no Civ Traits
    Secret Police HQ (Mil) - Small Wonder Produces Panzers every 5 turns for a Late Golden Age for All Civs, No Requirement's. Tech Pic is now the Pentagon.
    Colonial Capital (Rel) - Was Apollo Program, Acts as a 3rd Capital Replaces Secret Police HQ at Colonization.
    The Internet - is now just (Exp)(Sci)(Comm) was all Traits.

    Enslaved Workers can Now be Sacrificed, beginning with Ritual Sacrifice!
    Temples, Cathedrals and Colosseums Double sacrifices!

    Moved Worker Actions
    Outpost to Bronze Working from Masonry
    Plant Forest to Writing from Engineering
    Fortress to Iron Working from Construction
    Barricade to Mathematics from Construction
    Radar Tower to Electronics from Radio

    Moved New Citizens
    Policemen are available in the same place, under Diplomacy, was Nationalism.
    Civil Engineers are now available at Modern Science.

    Moved Resources
    Moved Oil and Rubber to Manufacturing.
    Aluminum is available at Strategic Defense, was Rocketry.

    Bonus Tech's
    Philosophy, Imperialism, Electronics, Smart Weapons

    Unit Changes
    Made Various Unit Changes to The Tech's they Start at, Stats, Health, Upgrading, etc ... ; to Numerous to List.
    The Explorer is now The King aka Elvis Presley!

    All Non-Required for Advancement Techs cannot be traded.
    Except in the LTD (Limited Tech Diplomacy) versions where the opposite is true.

    Republic - Republic Gov't, The Temple of the Sun (Doubles the efect of Colosseum's)
    Monarchy - Monarchy Gov't, Hanging Gardens

    Music Theory - JS Bach Cathedral
    Free Artistry - Shakespeare's Theatre
    Economics - Doubles Effect of Wealth, Adam Smith's Trading Co.
    Physics - Newton's University

    Civil Police - Police Stations
    Colonization - Colonial Capital (acts as a 3rd Capital)
    Santitation - Hospitals
    One World Order - Communism, Fasicism, Small Wonder Military Headquarters (builds Tiger II Tanks, Late GA, All Civs)

    Genetics - The Cure for Cancer, Longevity, Godzilla (TRex)
    Robotics - Manufacturing Plant, AEGIS Cruiser, Radar Artillery

    Changed World Sizes, (Number of Civs is Defaulted to 8 for Each Map, See Recommended Below),
    Changed Distance between CIV's, Changed the number of Citys for Corruption, And Tech Rate.

    Tiny 60x60 to 66x66; 4/Civs-Dist/11 to 6/13; 14/Citys-TechRate/160 to 16/160
    Small 80x80 to 88x88; 6/Civs-Dist/11 to 7/14; 17/Citys-TechRate/200 to 18/200
    Standard 100x100 to 100x100; 8/Civs-Dist/12 to 8/15; 20/Citys-TechRate/240 to 20/240

    Map optimized for these settings
    Tiny 60 6 Civs
    Tiny 70 5 Civs
    Tiny 80 4 Civs

    Small 60 8 Civs
    Small 70 7 Civs
    Small 80 6 Civs

    Standard 60 9 Civs (Singleplayer Only)
    Standard 70 8 Civs
    Standard 80 7 Civs

    Large 80 9 Civs (Singleplayer Only)
    Note: Improves Start Locations, Not perfect but much better!

    Added Units
    Japanese Settler (Medevil Era starting unit)
    Japanese Worker (Medevil Era starting unit)
    Korean Pikeman
    Warrior Monk
    The King (Explorer)
    4 additional Infantry units
    5 additionalTank units
    MachineGun Battalion
    Anti-Tank Unit
    Combat Engineer (Flamethrower)
    Godzilla (TRex)

    Changes to Unit Upgrading, Special Units, and general balance

    The New early special Korean Unit is The Korean Pikemen, Replacing Pikemen and The H'wacha . (H'wachas are available to all at metallargy.)

    The Pioneer (was Explorer) is the New Early Special American Unit available at Fuedalism, replacing Pikemen, must have Iron.

    The new early special German unit is a Hussar. Needs Iron and Horses, Available at Chivalry. Knights are unavailable.

    Infantry Replacements
    Bonzai Dragoons - late special unit for the Japanese, Mongols, Koreans and Chinese.
    Stoomtroopers - late special unit for the Babylonians, Sumerians and Hittites.
    Grenadiers - late special unit for the Zulu's, Portugueses, Spanish and Arab's.
    Anzerkers - late special unit for the Aztec's, Iroquis, Maya and Inca.

    Tank Replacements
    Churchill - late special unit for the English, French, Dutch and Greeks.
    M26 Pershing - late special unit for the Americans, Celts and Vikings.
    Panther - late special unit for the Carthiginians, Persians, Indians and Turks.
    Soviet T34 - late special unit for the Russians, Byzantines, Romans and Egyptians.

    The Tiger II tank is now built as a late special unit by the Secret Police HQ Wonder.

    Renamed the Jaguar Warrior to the Chupachucabra Warrior moved to The Wheel.
    Moved Chasqui Scout to the Wheel cannot build chariot's like Aztec's.

    Moved the Egyptian War Chariot and the Hittite 3 Man Chariot to Horsemanship. Chariots are now available and Horsemen aren't.
    Like Horses they can cross all land types. Each receives and additional Health point.

    Renamed the Archer to Hillbilly Jihadist, after someone I once played, Still Aint Forgot That One!

    Allowed no resources Req'd for the Fighter (Plane), So that anyone can at least detect Aircraft.

    Spain and Portugal now Build Man'O Wars instead of Conquistidors and Carracks.

    Era Changes
    Future Era Starts do not have Satellites reveal the entire map, it has to be explored.

    Tech Changes
    Changed Feudalism (GOV'T) to Imperialism, moved it to what was Physics.
    Changed Amphibious Warfare to One World Order Moved Fascism and Communism (GOVT's) there.
    Switched Espionage to Democracy, Democracy (Gov't) is now at Espionage.

    Re-ordered the tech's, and renamed a few, but generally, there the same and you wont notice much difference.
    The Appearance is much better and every open slot on each tech has been filled by a unit or an improvement!

    Performed a general clean-up of the Civilopedia, PediaIcons and Script texts.
  4. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007




    Changed the Starting Year Date to 4004 BC from 4000 BC. Added 8 players, in Singleplayer, plus yourself, for 9 total CIV's (reasonably spaced starts up to Large 70% maps). Multiplayer, stays the same, you & 7 other rivals can compete. Added 7 Singleplayer Starts Medevil through Future. Cities can now grow to size 15 instead of 14.

    I changed Worker actions Clear Wetlands (Marsh & Jungle) from 16 to 12, clear damage (or pollution) from 24 to 20. Often maps contain to much jungle and marsh, and give wetland free civ's to much advantage. It basically only takes 3 times as long to chop jungles or marsh now, instead of 4X's as much. Much better, and with a couple workers you can reduce this to 6 turns, and easily clear a path for roads between cities in Jungles and Marshes, effectively.

    I doubled the Commerce output of Gold & Gems from 4 to 8. I changed Bonus Resources Whales and Fish into Luxury Resources, with an Appearance Ratio of 240, which is the same as Horses. This works great, seas full of the right amount of resources, Although, the editor seems to group them together in bunches instead of spreading them out. Removed Fish from Marsh.

    Unit Changes were made for Balance Purposes between Ages and Units. Shogun and Archbuster were being used by the AI to make endless war. Removed Hidden Nationality. Early Spy's up to Espionage: Spy, Inquistitor, Asassin. Asassin upgrades to Shogun. Shogun & Archbusters must declare war. Balance works nice. Added Marine, Paratrooper, Modern Paratrooper & the Anti-Tank Unit as Hidden Nationality units with 1 move speeds late to make it interesting. Just the way CIV should be played!

    Inquisitor's now have a rate 2 Bombard non-lethal.
    Shogun removed Hidden Nationality & 1 HP Bonus.
    Arquebusier removed Hidden Nationality, 1 HP Bonus, Lethal Bombardment, Bombard rate was 2 now 1.

    Moved Cannon & Redcoat from Magnetism to Metallargy.
    Moved Man O' War & Frigate from Magnetism to Navigation.
    Moved Carrack to Metallargy.
    Infantry receives 1 HP Bonus, because its's Draftable Late.

    Moved Cruiser from Computers to Fission.
    Moved Battleship from Miniturization to Strategic Defense.
    Moved Cruise Missile to Satellites.
    Moved Tactical Missile to Space Flight.

    Paratrooper now has Hidden Nationality & 1 HP Bonus.
    TOW Infantry gave 1 HP Bonus, Because it's Draftable Late.
    Modern Paratrooper now has Hidden Nationality & 1 HP Bonus.
    Anti-Tank_Units now have Hidden Nationality & move at rate 1.
    Combat Engineer now has 1 HP Bonus Removed, Enslavement now produces Tow Infantry.
    Modern Armor was renamed Stealth Infantry. New Stats off21 def15 mov2 from off24 def16 mov3.
    Mech Infantry Stats were changed from def18 off18 mov3 to off17 def17 mov2, & 1 HP Bonus, removed Draft.

    Changed the Godzilla animation to a Deinoychus. Not as big, just as fierce. Godzilla now has Hidden Nationality, Stealth & 1 HP Bonus Removed, Enslavement now produces an Anti-Tank Unit.

    Tiger II's were to strong for Industrial, so I moved them to the Modern Armor Tech, which was Computers. They are no longer built by the Secret Police HQ. New Stats - 17O, 12D, 2M. I removed Stealth, Draft. Shield Cost is 110, up from 100. You need Iron & Oil.

    Moved Cruise Missiles to Satellites; was 16str 4range 3fire is now 18str 6range 3fire. Moved Tactical Missiles to Space Flight.


    Removed the maintenance cost for walls.
    Moved Barracks (which had no requirements) to Masonry, which replaces Palace.
    Palace now has no requirements to build. Reduced the cost of building (transfering) a Palace.
    Reduced the cost of building The Great Wall from 40 shield to 20, All Continents.
    Reduced the cost of Kukulkan from 50 to 35.
    Reduced the cost of Granary's from 6 to 5 shield's.
    Reduced the cost of Bank's from 16 to 15 shield's.
    New upgrade path, Courthouse -> Constabulary.
    New upgrade path, Granary -> Marketplace -> Bank -> Stock Exchange.
    New upgrade path, Harbors -> Coastal Fortress (1 turn) -> Commercial Dock -> Oil Platform (2 gold instead of 3).
    Moved Hospital to Colonization. moved Police Station improvement there also, and renamed it Constablatory.
    Removed the Secret Police HQ, completely, which use to build Tiger II's.
    Moved Nuclear Plant to Fission.
    Moved the Manhattan Project and the U.N. to the New World Order Tech.
    Moved SETI Wonder to NWO Tech.

    I added the Hero Epic as a Small Wonder, no tech research necessary. It costs 25 Shields to build instead of 20, and produces a
    leader every 50 turns (Finish Production, Build Army, Science Age), it can also become a Tourist Attraction. It increases the
    chance of producing a Loadable Army Unit sooner through Battle.


    Renamed Cartography to Seafaring, since I thought it was misleading, when map trading doesn't exist until Ritual Sacrifice.
    Renamed Imperialism to Imperial Decree.
    Renamed Economics to Democracy.
    Removed Magnetism.
    Removed Sanitation TECH.
    Changed Diplomacy to Fascism.
    Changed Medicine to Communism.
    Switched Communism and Steam Power.
    Moved Ironclads to Industrialization, Moved Corporations to Ironclads, Moved Industrialization to Corporations.
    Removed 1 World Order, changed it to New World Order, Moved it to what was Nuclear Power in the Modern Age.
    Renamed Computers to Modern Armor, Moved Computers to Miniturization. Removed Miniturization Tech.
    Changed Nuclear Power to NWO.


    I Changed the Ridiculously Large Free Unit Support for Upper Difficulty Levels. Didn't Change other values which seem to adversely affect the modding of it.

    LEVEL # of Def Units # of Off Units + Free Support Bonus Per City


    For Balance Purposes, I Removed any References to a CIV3 Tribe that Favors or Shuns Despotism. These CIV3 Tribes now have rearranged CIV3 Tribe Attributes for Favored and Shunned Governments. I also Changed a few CIV3 Tribe Governments to evenly balance it between, the Republic, Monarchy, Imperialism, Fascism & Communism. Favorite Governments apply much more to Singleplayer, but it will benefit or harm you also, slightly, in Multiplayer. Playing your Favorite Government gives you the greatest benefit. Playing your Shunned Government may harm you. In Multiplayer, it's less necessary. But, Communists, suffer the most, in this regard. Playing Governments similar to yours, that aren't Shunned Governments by you, is the 2nd best course of action. For example: SUMER, since they are the most over-balanced tribe, which I assigned Despotism as there Favorite Government (Shuns Anarchy), could conceivably play any Government. Monarchy and Democracy are the most like each other. Communists should avoid Shunned Governments till they get to the Industrial Age. The Republic is somewhere in between Feudalism and Fascism. I also added Tribal Cultural Groupings that are assigned by default, in the CIV3 editor, which cannot be changed, (and any Tribe it Shuns within this group), its Favorite Government and its Shunned Government to the Civilopedia. I also Flavored (Shunned or Favored) each Culture Group to itself and other groups. It Favors its own group the most (100%), it has a particular group it Shuns the most (80%), and the other groups fall in between (90%). This affects trade slighty. It is also added to the Civilopedia Text.

    Mediterranean - Rome, Egypt, Greece, Carthage & Byzantia.
    MidEast - Babylon, Persia, Zulu's, Ottomans, Arabs, Sumer & the Hitties.
    European - Germany, Russia, France, England, Spain, Vikings, Celts, Dutch & Portugal.
    Asian - China, Japan, India, Mongols & Korea.
    American - America, Aztec's, Iroquis, Inca & Maya.

    European vs MidEast 80% (minus any Shunned Goverment).
    Mediterranean vs Asian vs American 80% (minus any Shunned Goverment).
    European or MidEast vs Mediterranean or Asian or American 90% (minus any Shunned Goverment).
    Any CIV3 Tribe vs its Cultural Group 100% (minus any Shunned Goverment).

    Rebalanced the Governments to play in any age. 2 Government Techs End the Ancient Age (Monarchy & Republic). 2 Government Techs Begin & End the Feudal Age (Feudalism & Democracy). 2 Government Techs Begin the Industrial Age (Fascism, Communism). Gave each Government unit support for 15 troops in towns, cities, metropolis's. (was minus 3 or more for early Governments, and late, 3 or more plus, originally). Early Gov's get a trade bonus but suffer more corruption. Feudalism suffers the most corruption, no war weariness, plus a faster worker. Late Gov's suffer little corruption. Communism suffers no war weariness. Fascism has a faster worker. Democracy has the fastest worker, and suffers high war weariness.

    During Anarchy you can pay for units. Despotism Free Units per town, city, metro; was 4,4,4 is now 4.5.6. Assigned Despotism to Sumeria, because its the most over-rated Tribe.

    Monarchy Free Units per town, city, metro; was 3,5,8 is now 3.5.7. Corruption is Problematic.
    Added trade bonus, Mil Poilice Limit was 3 now 2, war weariness was none, now high.
    Monarchy's worker was 2 (100%), is now 3 (150%). Assigned Monarchy to SCI/REL/MIL Tribes Babylon, Japan, Aztecs, Spain & Byzantia.
    Disadvantage: you have to pay.

    Communism Free Units per town, city, metro; was 6,6,6 is now 4,5,6. Corruption is Communal.
    Still no war weariness. Draft 2, Mil Police 4.
    Communist worker is still 2 (100%). Assigned Communism to EXP/MIL Tribes Russia, China, Zulu's, Mongols & Hitties.
    Advantage: Russia-SCI. China-IND, worker is faster.

    The Republic's Free Units per town, city, metro; was 2,3,4 is now 4.5.6. Corruption is Problematic.
    Draft Limit was 1, is now 2. The Republic's Mil Poilice Limit was 0 now 2.
    Industrial Tribes' workers Work faster, anyways. Assigned the Republic to INDUSTRIAL Tribes Egypt, France, Persia, Ottomans & Carthage.
    Advantage: France, only Industrial Nation to have a Commerce Bonus Doubled by the Republic.

    Democracy Free Units per town, city, metro; was 1,1,1 is now 3.5.7. Corruption is just a Nuisance.
    Democracy had a tile bonus removed. Draft Limit was 1, is now 2. Mil Poilice Limit was 0 now 2.
    Worker rate was 3 (150%) is now 4 (200%). Assigned Democracy to NON-INDUSTRIAL Tribes to Greece, India, England, Korea & Portugal.
    Disadvantage: you have to pay.

    Fascism Free Units per town, city, metro; was 4,7,10 is now 3.5.7. Corruption is just a Nuisance.
    War Weariness was none, now low.
    Fascism worker was 4 (200%), is now 3 (150%). Assigned Fascism to MIL/EXP Tribes Rome, Germany, America, Vikings & Arabs.
    Advantage: Rome - Commercial Bonus, Germany/SCI, America - fastest worker, Vikings/SEA, Arabs/REL.

    Feudalism (was Imperialsm) Free Units per town, city, metro; was 5,3,1 is now 3.5.7. Corruption is (Despotic) Rampart.
    Added trade bonus, they have no war weariness.
    Feudalism workers work at (150%). Assigned to NON-IND/AGRI Tribes. Iroquis, Celts, Dutch, Inca & Maya.
    Advantage: Iroquis, only Nation to have a Commerce Bonus Doubled by Feudalism. Disadvantage: Corruption.


    D:\Civilization III Complete\Art\Units
    Aegis Crusier, Archer, Army Ancient Times, Army Industrial Times, Army Middle Times,
    Army Modern Times, Artillery, Battleship, Bomber, Bowman, Cannon, Caravel, Carrier,
    Catapult, Cavalry, chariot, Cossack, Cruise Missile, Destroyer, Explorer, F-15, Fighter,
    Frigate, Galleon, Galley, Helicopter, Hoplite, Horseman, ICBM, Immortals, Impi, Infantry,
    Ironclad, Jaguar Warrior, Jet Fighter, Knight, Leader Ancient Times, Leader Industrial
    Times, Leader Middle Times, Leader Modern Times, Legionary, Longbowman, Man-O-War, Marine,
    Mech Infantry, Modern Armor, Mounted Warrior, Musketeer, Musketman, Nuclear Submarine,
    Panzer, Paratrooper, Pikeman, Privateer, Radar Artillery, Rider, Rifleman, Samurai,
    Scout, Settler, Settler Industrial Ages, Settler Modern Times, Spearman, Stealth Bomber,
    Stealth Fighter, Submarine, Swordsman, Tactical Nuke, Tank, Transport, War Chariot, War
    Elephant, warrior, Worker, Worker Industrial Ages, Worker Modern Times.

    77 Units - These should all Be Present for Basic CIV3 & Playable, So I didn't add anything.

    D:\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\Art\Units
    Ansar Warrior, Beserk, Cannon, Catapult, Conquistador, F-15, Gallic Swordsman, Guerilla,
    Hwacha, ICBM, Infantry, Keshik, King, King American, King Arab, King Aztec, King Babylonian,
    King Carthaginian, King Celtic, King Chinese, King Egyptian, King English, King French,
    King German, King Greek, King Indian, King Iroquois, King Japanese, King Korean, King
    Mongol, King Ottoman, King Persian, King Roman, King Russian, King Spanish, King Viking,
    King Zulu, Libyan Mercenary, Medieval Infantry, Princess, Sipahi, Swordsman, Tactical Nuke,
    The King, Worker Modern Times.

    45 Units - These should all Be Present for CIVPTW & Playable, So I didn't add anything.

    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Art\Units
    Ancient Cavalry, Caravel, Carrack, Chasquis Scout, Cruiser, Crusader, Curragh, Destroyer, Dromon,
    Enkidu Warrior, Enslaved Worker, Flak, Holy Relic, Hussar, Inquisitor, Javelin Thrower, King
    Austria, King Byzantines, King Hatti, King Incan, King Mayan, King Netherlands, King Portugal,
    King Sumeria, Legionary, Mobile SAM, Ninja, Paratrooper, SciLeader, Shogun, Swiss Mercenary,
    Three Man Chariot, TOW Infantry, Trebuchet, WWII Paratrooper.

    35 Units - These should all Be Present for CIV3 Conquests.

    Hussar (FIXED), Redcoat and Spy, are added separately, in non-full versions.

    There are some Doubles of units; 1 or more of these units, should be present and playable.
    I added #18 unit ANIM's. I added all the pcx's for Units, Techs, Buildings and Governments.
    I did not add any picts for Leaderheads, Races, Worker Actions, Terrain or Resources.
    This will be about @20Mbs in a RAR, and compatable with KCKultimateCIV3_C3CG
    To Reduce Size, I just added pcx's needed for Units, Techs, Buildings and Governments.
    PLUS any extras not played by standard CIV3 Conquests. Here's the normal list.

    Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Units (#00-65, x_ or x2_ not included) included 14 Units pcx's large & small.
    Art\Tech Chooser\Icons (#00-82 not included) included 14 Tech pcx's large & small.
    Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Building (@244 std type pcx's not included) included 11 Wonder pcx's large & small.
    Art\Wonder Splash (#38 STD Splashes) included 11 Wonder pcx's.

    Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Units added 9 extra pcx's large & small, not played by standard civ3 conquests.
    Art\Tech Chooser\Icons (+Non-Tech Govts) added 10 pcx's large & small, not played or iffy.
    Art\Civilopedia\Icons\Building added 14 pcx's large & small, not played or iffy.
    Art\Wonder Splash added 6 Wonder pcx's from civ3PTW & Conquests.

    These 3 folders (needed UNIT Anim's) they have been added to
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Conquests\KCKultimateCIV3\Art\Units
    I added 18 UNIT ANIM'S (30.4 MB's uncompressed)
    (Hussar, Redcoat & Spy were all ready included.)

    ..\..\civ3ptw\extras\Medieval Japan\
    ..\..\civ3ptw\extras\World War II\

    D:\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\Extras\Medeval Japan\Art\Units
    Ashigaru Spearman (Korean Pikeman), Medieval Japanese Settler, Medieval Japanese Worker, Oda
    Arquebusier and Warrior Monk.

    D:\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\Extras\Prehistoric\Art\Units
    I added 1 unit Deinoychus, was T-Rex. Still named Godzilla.

    D:\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\Extras\World War II\Art\Units
    American Flamethrower (Combat Engineer), Churchill (Tank), German Anti-Tank (Unit), German Heavy
    Machinegunner (MG Battalion), German Rifleman (Stormtrooper), Italian Rifleman (Anzerkers), Japanese
    Rifleman (Bonzai Dragoons), M26 Pershing, Panther (Tank), Russian Rifleman (Grenadiers), T-34 (Soviet
    Tank), Tiger II (Modern Tank).

    Hopefully, The King (Elvis Scout) in civ3ptw & the Inquisitor, Shogun & Ninja in Conquests will show up.
    Which includes Units like the Javelin Thrower, Enslaved Worker, Scileader & Berserker ...
    If you can play CIV3PTW & CONQUESTS you should be able to play these units located here ->
    D:\Civilization III Complete\civ3PTW\Art\Units
    D:\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Art\Units

    That's it, I hope you like me mod, and think it's the most compact and one of the most playable mods around. I did alot of rebalancing. I tried to make it equally balanced for Singleplayer, as for Multiplayer. I think it is as best as CIV3 could be, I hope it works for you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
  5. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    After Thoughts:

    Cubsfan6506 originally posted these thoughts on my mod:

    I to enjoy playing civ online and i'm definattly trying this one out. But one question does everyone need to have this scenario to play it.

    Town Size = 7 instead of 6 City Size = 14 instead of 12: In my opinion in a stimunelous moves game (the usual one) it is to hard to micromanage quikly enough to get up to sizes this high.

    Great Wall - Now Doubles Wall Defense, Moved to Mathematics from Construction increased cost from 30 to 35 shields: This is to big of an advantage. Heres why I play as greece. I build cities with walls on hills with hoplites. These already have a defense of six. With the doubled nine. THere won't be a offensive unit with a attack rating this high until the tank, and you'll still get alot of this.

    The New Korean special Unit is The Dromon, Replacing The H'wacha. (H'wachas are available to all at metallargy.):No other civs had Hwachas. Also koreans didn't have dromons. This is also pretty non multi-player spirit as ive never had a major naval engagement.

    Renamed the Archer to Hillbilly Jihadist, after someone I once played, Still Aint Forgot That One! For the sake of political correctness this should probaly change. You are going to make some people, well Jihad.
    Illinois, land of Obama.
    Bush isn't the next Hitler, Hitler was the First Bush. Jk

    My Response Was:

    Yes all players have to have the scenario to play.

    As far as town and city sizes go, some city's would be hard pressed to get this high on the outskrits of your empire, but you do not have to get to construction as quick, which is good. I play fast timered online games and even popping citys to rush units, I can get to 7 easy, 14 during the middle ages is another good tweek. Because you have to wait a rather long time to get to santitation.

    As far as the Great Wall goes, It like SunTzu's, gives a pretty good advantage. Once past size 6, city walls disappear anyways. So only towns on the edge of your empire really get this advantage. No one would seriously rather have a 6 size city then a larger one, so its advantages aren't as great as it may seem. While testing it you can see the significance when attacking the city. But a stack of 7 or so units against a relatively small city with few warriors, still doesn't hold up to well after the initial burage. Online a stack of swordsmen would easily take it out.

    I'm sorta a history buff as far as Korea goes. They use to have a sea going vessel called the Turtle Ship whiich was an Iron Clad Galley with Cannons. In fact, A general Named Yi Soon Shin held off the entire Japanese fleet with like 6 ships and the Turtle Ship. His tactics are still taught at the Naval Academy at Annapolis. He's probably one of the Greatest Admirals and Tacticians of all time, ranking right up there with Lord Admiral Nelson. Chunghajungsa! (Which means the best and the brightest, or something to that effect. Which is in refence to the ancient empire of Korgoryeo, a 1000 years or so before Yi Soon Shin's time.) There's also a User Online named this, a good player too.

    Back to the subject, anyways. I allowed anyone who had Iron to build cannons and anyone with Saltpeter to build H'wacha's. Cannons have lethal land bombardment and H'wach's have lethal sea bombardment, both have 8 pts damage. The Grandbattery is available at magnetism with 10 points damage. It has both lethal land and sea bombardment, but you must have iron and saltpeter. Artillery which requires no resources, which is now available at Manufacturing (was Steel) has both lethals also.

    In ancient online games, which is the most played game, futures and moderns being next, being the Koreans is of little advantage. Since every Civilization has a Special Unit in the first two era's (Except American Riflemen early in the Industrial Age), and the Secret Police HQ now builds Panzers for anyone as a late GA, I thought this was an acceptable sacrifice. They probably should be a seafaring civ now also, but at least now they can be more playable online!?!

    Well, political correctness aside, they kinda do sound like hillbilly's, and I thought this more than made up for it. To Muslims, I meant no offense! I'm sure they'd enjoy killing others as much as you and I would, no pun intended.
  6. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    25 New Units!

  7. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    10 New Wonders!

  8. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    New Civilization III Tribe Colors!

  9. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Ancient Tech Tree!

  10. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Medevil Tech Tree!

  11. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Industrial Tech Tree!

  12. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Modern Tech Tree!

  13. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    KCKultimateCIV3 - Map Difficulty Levels

    Changed World Sizes, (Number of Civs is Defaulted to 8 for Multiplayer, 9 for Singleplayer),
    Changed Distance between CIV's, Changed the number of Citys for Corruption, And Tech Rate.

    Tiny 60x60 to 66x66; 4/Civs-Dist/11 to 6/13; 14/Citys-TechRate/160 to 16/160
    Small 80x80 to 88x88; 6/Civs-Dist/11 to 7/14; 17/Citys-TechRate/200 to 18/200
    Standard 100x100 to 100x100; 8/Civs-Dist/12 to 8/15; 20/Citys-TechRate/240 to 20/240

    Note: Improves Start Locations, Better Spacing! Better Ocean to Land Ratio's!

    Map optimized for these settings
    ( CIV4 like map difficulties )


    Warlords KCKultimateCIV3 (Most Techs Traded)
    Regent KCKlimitedCIV3 (Limited Tech Trading)

    4 civs - easiest
    5 civs - easier
    6 civs - normal
    7 civs - hard
    8 civs - harder
    9 civs - hardest

    Optimal Map Difficulty Levels by Number of CIVs
    ____Tiny 80 - 4 Civs ~ Monarch-LimitedTechs
    ____Tiny 70 - 5 Civs ~ Regent-MostTechs
    ____Tiny 60 - 6 Civs ~ Regent-MostTechs
    ___Small 80 - 6 Civs ~ Regent-MostTechs
    ___Small 70 - 7 Civs ~ Regent-LimitedTechs
    Standard 80 - 7 Civs ~ Regent-LimitedTechs
    ___Small 60 - 8 Civs ~ Warlords-MostTechs
    Standard 70 - 8 Civs ~ Warlords-MostTechs
    Standard 60 - 9 Civs ~ Warlords-MostTechs (Singleplayer Only)
    ___Large 80 - 9 Civs ~ Warlords-MostTechs (Singleplayer Only)

    On Monarch with Limited Techs (KCKlimitedCIV3), you have about 1 technical age to eliminate 1 civ and get the right kinda wonders for your tribe. War Weariness, corruption, falling behind in techs, or the lack of happiness & money can stall a good effort, & the AI is totally unforgiving.

    On Regent with Most Techs (KCKultimateCIV3), you have about 1 to 2 technical ages to eliminate 1 civ and get the right kinda wonders for your tribe. War Weariness, corruption, falling behind in techs, or the lack of happiness & money can stall a good effort, & the AI is extremely tough.

    On Regent with Limited Techs, you have about 1 to 2 technical ages to eliminate 1 civ and get the right kinda wonders for your tribe. War Weariness, corruption, or the lack of happiness & money can stall a good effort, & the AI is a little more forgiving.

    On Warlord, the AI is a little more forgiving, but still tough. Normal Difficulty Level. The most fun to play.


  14. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Produce Sci-Leaders More Often, Build Hero's, & Army's
    Every time you play! Just Like in CIV4!

  15. QHRA

    QHRA Chieftain

    Feb 24, 2008
    Mr. KillCarneyKlansmen: I see that you have 40 percent ocean in this mod. I want to generate random maps in C3C with 90 or 95 percent ocean. As you know you now have to use 60, 70 or 80 percent. I want to change those numbers to 80, 85, 90. or 85,90,95. I like a lot of water with small islands on very big maps. Do you know how I could make these changes?
  16. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    Yes, I do believe it can be done, I've been away. I dont play CIV3 much anymore. Been playin Knights of Honor! Awesome game. Anyways, give me a few more days and I'll get back to you, sorry for the delay!

    PS - I remember that too many civs on a small land mass can crash the game, and I believe this is just done in the editor, although you might have to edit it in. But with larger maps it should be less of a problem, although technically you could add all 32 civs (I think), you have to watch the land to civ ratio which was 85% (on smaller maps).
  17. QHRA

    QHRA Chieftain

    Feb 24, 2008
    I can get 31 civ's with barb's' on any size map within reason with out it crashing. All I do is adjust the space between starting locations. I just would like to be able to generate a 362x362 map with very little land and lots of ocean. I can always go in and map my own manually, but then I kind of remember what it looks like so know where to find everything. I am into ships and hunting for the enemy.
  18. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007
    So, It sounds like you know what your doing!?! Anyways, I looked this up?!? (I just used the MPTourney Scenario as a base for my mod.)

    In the CIV3 Editor Under Edit Rules -> Edit World Size you can Increase the Mapping Height and Width and the distance between (the #) Civs. I've found generally that tiles begin to overlap (top & bottom or sides) at 1/10th of the average set in the editor. In my mod, the tiny map that was normally set to 60 didnt overlap until it reached 66. Then it overlapped 1/2 a tile which didnt affect game play. You already know this - next.

    In the CIV3 Editor Under Map -> Generate Map -> World Setup the values are preset to 80, 70 or 60 % Ocean. 80% is the best you can do. These are the number the random generator uses. And yes pre-made maps can get boring. You know this also.

    Beyond that, I'm sorry to say, It would be almost impossible to change the map qualities without hacking the editor in Hex. Probably against the EULA. Or creating a program like Civ3MM or the CivEditor which accesses the base functions of the Civ executable. You would definitely need Assembly and/or C++ knowledge to do either. And so far noone in the Civ3 community has made one. This maybe easier in CIV4 since it allows Python Script. I'm sorry, I don't have the time to do this, either. One of the main functions in the GDI dll that would have to be I/O'ed, would be the SetMapMode function. (as well as a several others.)


    Good Luck! Excellent question - You get an "A".
  19. Moosezilla

    Moosezilla Grognard Warlord

    Aug 29, 2007
    Canton of Roaring Waste
    where is download of KCKultimateCIV3? could be third dl listed as install.exe?
  20. KillCarneyKlansmen

    KillCarneyKlansmen Chieftain

    May 31, 2007

    Just click the link or copy and paste the http into your browser.

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