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Jan 28, 2002
I'm having problems keeping other civs out of my lands. Even other civs, whom I am at peace with, and we're polite and everything.

I'm my latest game I have found a formidable ally in the Chinese, we've fought wars together and we have an MPP, several trade agrements and such. I have however not given him ROP, because i've managed to isolate a part of our continent, which i mean to populate.

He still keeps moving his Idiotic units inside my borders, I tell him to get out, he apologizes for the mistake, next turn around he moves them back in, he keeps doing this!!! It been going on for quite a while now, and it's not the first time I've seen this either.

Help, other than all out war, how do I make it clear to him, STAY OUT, damn it!

Will I have to declare war to stop him? I don't really want that at this time.

If one of his units is a settler, he is trying to get to the land that you want to build cities in, there are only 2 ways of keeping him out of your land to get there. One is to build the cities, he will lose interest in trying to get settlers there, the other is to block his access route with units of your own. I once kept America out for about 50 turns with 3 spearmen, placed side by side. Everytime America moved so they could get past I just shifted the spearmen to stay in front of them so they couldn't.
I have this problem a bit too, but there is a solution... let them. :)

I mean, other than slowing the game down, they don't really do much harm, and you will usually find if the computer is doing it to you than they probably have a bigger military/are more powerful than you, in which case I just leave them alone. If they are smaller than you, and you are up for war, beat the crap out of them... ;)
I really like the spearman strategi Mr Lord Shadow :D

It would work in lots of situations, except this one the &%¤## Chinese is moving several places, it would take a lot of units, and require quite a bit management, that i'm not quite up to.

I guess I'll have to go with Chewies advise and kick ass, even thought a war isn't really convienent right. Plus I kinda liked the idea of having an ally through the game.:scan:
True, this is a constant nuisence... but you can't always have it your way.

You have to settle the area, even if it is desert, tundra, jungle, etc. and you won't get a great city out of it.

Build a cheap culture generating improvment ASAP... buy it after 1 turn if you have the gold. This way you'll expand your zone of control within 10 turns or so. Also... cut access to these areas as much as possible in the same way.

Don't worry too much about 1 or 2 cities... you may get a culture flip. Plant your own cities to limit their access to resources and to ensure you have an unobstructed travel route for your military units and trade. Chances are if you can limit his access to shields or if he is an issolated outpost, the most he can build is 1 or 2 defensive units and eventually a temple or minor culture producing improvement. Not likely to launch and attack from that city.
Let them enter your territory and wander for a few turns. *Then* tell them to bugger off. Net result: They leave, but waste all those original moves. At least this saves on the amount of times you have to tell them to get out.

If the AI is entering your territory, it is for one of three reasons: 1) They want to fight you, 2) They want to settle a city, 3) They want to fight someone else and cannot reach them otherwise. For 1) you want a bigger military, for 2) you need to settle those locations, for 3) you need to sell them RoP and profit from their bloodlust. :)

Also, keep in mind that (from what I've heard from reliable sources) the AI won't settle anywhere within the 21-square radius of a foreign city, even if it is not within your borders yet. In addition, they also avoid the 4 individual central squares that are 3 spaces away on each side from the foreign city. So settle the free land accordingly to make them uninterested in trespassing.

One thing I've noticed, the AI will be more aggressive at moving into your territory soon after you make a trade agreement with them. Guess they figure you won't go to war until the agreement expires?
If there are just a few squares that they would build a city on, have units or workers stand there. I've done this when there are a few empty squares on my turf. When the other civ gets close with his settler, he turns around and goes home because he can't settler where he wanted to.
Originally posted by Rooker

I guess I'll have to go with Chewies advise and kick ass, even thought a war isn't really convienent right. Plus I kinda liked the idea of having an ally through the game.:scan:

Well actually I meant if it wasn't convenient for you than to leave them alone... ;) If it is convenient though - that's when you kick ass. ;)
Thanks for the advice everyone :) As it turns out - I used them all.

I ended up selling ROP for quite a pretty sum, but only after building the settlers i needed to colonize the remaining landmass. Once he paid through the nose, i quickly moved in and settled everywhere :)

He did manage to form a single city, which eventually flipped :D

The theory posted by BinkleyYaz, proved, at least to an extend, true. The AI would not settle within any existing cities radius (at least he didn't, this time around). He ended up moving all his settlers (except the one) back. :lol:
The subject is supposed to be closed, but I just can't keep silent.

The Binkley Yaz theory is not right actually. I got Egyptians come to my borders and found a city, they stole 8 of my squares. My strategy is to get as many settlers and workers captured. This will cool the enemy down a bit.
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