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keeping the questions go'n


Mar 26, 2002
I have played a few games now (Regent or third from the highest-standard-American) and I still have yet to win.....I find it difficult to reach higher techs in the later part of the game, and I loser on scores after
at 2050 to civs that have like one city left...I build all the improvements that raise science...set the governers to watch moods...read the strategy suggestions but it has come to naught...also , anyone no how to stack units?
I have once made it to ICBM's at the very end of a Chiefton game...I would like to have a game where I can get into a modern nuke/nuke defense game.....Been reading the PC Civ3 forums and there seems to be differences ...shouldn't be any significant ones seeing as there has to be alot of Mac users out there...but it reads as if there are several
I'm using the Mac version, and I'm in a huge map regent game. 14 civs left, I'm laying rail right now, working toward Industrialization. I'm leading in the score, as I have twice what the next guy has. I've only been in two wars, both started by the AI. I killed off the Brits, and when the Iroquois surprise attacked, I paid 5 other civs to take care of it. They're doing what I paid them for ;-)

I've got a 5 or 6 tech lead, and 3500 in the bank....

Just keep trying. The main thing I've found, is don't quit expanding too soon.
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