Keeping up with AI relations


Feb 19, 2002
During most of my games, I have a hard time keeping up-to-date with the AI Civ's relations. I can tell how every Civ reacts to me, but how can you see their attitudes towards each other? :(

Even wars are difficult to follow, let alone dilomacy attitudes. AI wars usually have serious implications for my own Civ, but I find it very hard to follow every battle, especially if they don't take place near my borders. I've switched off most enemy movement animations to enhance the game's speed. Should I toggle this back on or is there any other way you guys (and girls) monitor AI wars?:confused:

I don't think you can see each computer player's stance towards the others, but you can see who is at war with who, and Mutual Protection Pacts and Rights of Passages, etc.

Even if you turn the enemy animations on, you won't be able to see battles that take place far from your borders unless you have a unit back there to observe.
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