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[BNW] Kevvy's Modpack


Jan 9, 2016
Kevvy's Modpack

This modpack is available on Steam. Either search there for 'Kevvy's Modpack' or go here:

A collection of simple mods that buff weak game components. Base benefits remain unless stated otherwise. Currently modded components include:

Amphitheater - Generates +1 culture from Cotton, Dye, Fur, and Silk.

Aqueduct - Generates +1 food from Banana, Citrus, Sugar, and Truffles.

Caravansary - Generates +1 gold from all luxuries worked by the city.

Circus - reduced happiness to +1 but generates +1 gold in the city. +1 gold from Horses and Ivory; no resource requirements to build.

Forge - +1 production from Coal; no resource requirements to build.

Granary - +1 food from Cocoa, Salt, Spices, Wheat, Cloves, Nutmeg, and Pepper. No bonus from Bananas or Deer.

Harbor - Generates +1 gold from all luxuries worked by the city.

Indian Mughal Fort - Removed Tourism bonus once Flight is discovered. Added +1 Production for every four Citizens in the city.

Medical Lab - +1 food from Bananas, Bison, Cow, Deer, Sheep, and Wheat.

Mint - +1 gold from Copper and Gems; no resource requirements to build.

Museum - +1 science from Stone.

Observatory - Requires a Mountain to be within two tiles, not one.

Research Lab - +1 science from Aluminum and Uranium.

Russian Krepost - Modifier for Culture cost to acquire new tiles now -50%.

Stables - +1 production from Cow and Deer; no resource requirements to build.

Stone Works - Can be built in Plains tiles.

Temple - +1 faith from Incense and Wine.

Windmill - Moved to Machinery, reduced cost to 160. Provides +2 Production, +2 Food and +10% Food. Keeps the Engineer specialist slot.

Brazilian Pracinha - Added free promotion - 'Foreign Lands'.

Byzantine Cataphract - Removed penalty for attacking cities.

Carthaginian African Forest Elephant - Increased 'Feared Elephant' bonus to 20%.

Celtic Pictish Warrior - Faith from kills increased to 100%.

Destroyer - Now upgrades to Missile Cruiser.

Great War Bomber and Great War Infantry - Renamed to 'Trench Bomber' and 'Trench Infantry' respectively.

Indian War Elephant - Added free promotion - 'Cover I'.

Japanese Samurai - Removed free promotion - 'Shock I'; added free promotion - 'Blitz'.

Roman Ballista - Removed need to set up before attacking, but balanced by restoring Combat and Ranged Combat values to that of the Catapult.

Songhai Mandekalu Cavalry - Reduced Production cost to 100 and Faith cost to 200.

Swedish Hakkapeliitta - Added free promotion - 'Sentry'.

Angkor Wat - Culture and Gold costs to acquire new tiles modifier now -33%; +1 Faith from all river tiles.

Big Ben - Reduction in Gold cost to purchase in all cities increased to -25%.

The CN Tower - Moved to Electronics. Adds +3 Population and +3 Happiness in all cities.

Cristo Redentor - Removed reduction to Culture costs of adopting new policies. Produces 8 culture and generates two Great Artists upon completion.

The Kremlin - Removed Production bonus for Armor units. Culture cost of adopting new policies reduced by 20%.

Louvre - Generates two archeologists rather than a great artist.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus - Increased bonus from expending Great People to 200 Gold.

The Pentagon - Gold cost to upgrade units modifier now 50%; grants an additional Spy.

Red Fort - Defensive building effectiveness bonus increased to 33%; grants a free Arsenal.

The Statue of Zeus - Strength bonus when attacking cities now 20%.

The Sydney Opera House - Now also spawns a free Great Musician on completion.

The Temple of Artemis - Moved to Trapping.

The Terracotta Army - Generates +5 Gold per turn.

Barbarians - increased experience limit to 50.

Pantheons - Removed Faith cost increase for each successive Pantheon established after the first.

Oil - Wells and Offshore Platforms now yield an additional +2 Gold. With Plastics, yields increase to +4 Gold and +4 Production.

Atolls - +2 Science from Universities, +1 Production from Seaports, +1 Gold from Airports.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please comment here or on the Steam page.

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