Kingdom Come: Deception (Sign-up Thread)


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Mar 27, 2009
Kingdom Come: Deception

It is Bohemia, in the year of our Lord 1403. King Wenceslaus IV has proven to be an idle and dissolute king, letting matters of state slip far from his notice, and corruption and discord stalk the land.

Claiming that he can correct these problems, the king's half-brother, Sigismund, King of Hungary and Croatia, has brought an army to Prague and placed Wenceslaus under arrest.

Now the lords of Bohemia fight amongst themselves, whether for Wenceslaus, for Sigismund, or simply to enrich themselves at the expense of their neighbours, and all must work out how to defend themselves in these dark times.


The Setup
The Loyalist faction are those loyal to Wenceslaus. They need to identify and eliminate all the Rebels.

The Rebels seek to defeat the Loyalists and maintain Sigismund on the throne. They will win if they ever equal or outnumber the remaining Loyalists.

Some characters will have special abilities that may be used during the day or the night, though most will have no powers at all.

The Game
Days will last 48 hours and Nights for 24 hours, with the deadline typically around 11 pm GMT. These may be changed in unusual circumstances as I see fit, but only if it is necessary. One hour of posting, known as 'twilight', will be set aside for posting after the end-of-day lynch; other than that, there is to be no posting at night. Further, there is to be no communication of any kind outside the game thread, except with the GM or within QTs that I will set-up.

You will vote for players you want lynched during the day, using the format Vote: Visorslash. You do not need to add a Vote: tag, but votes must be in bold to count. I will take your final vote as the last one. If you wish to unvote, simply write Unvote. There may be powers that can influence these votes.

Please do not edit a post that has already been replied to or a post with a vote in it. Any edited post with a vote will have the vote entirely discounted. Please also be mindful of your fellow players and try to ensure that you do not write five posts where one would do.

If you have been killed, you may make one farewell post if you choose and then you must refrain from commenting for the rest of the game, except in the designated QT for that purpose.

Game Participation
If you miss two day phases in a row (or any higher number in total at my discretion) then you will be replaced (or, if necessary, your character will die). Voting is not strictly mandatory (though not voting severely harms the Loyalists' chances), but attendance is. As such, if you don't think you will have fun in this game or you will be able to participate properly, please don't join. An inactive player is simply stealing a place from a potential player who would otherwise participate.

Please sign up below. I am looking for seventeen players, but that number is potentially flexible, depending on demand.

1. Timsup2nothin
2. Lord Argon
3. Topsecret
4. Takhisis
5. Pzelda
6. Rrraskolnikov
7. JohannaK
8. Csargo
9. MarcherJovian
10. Dolbster
11. Rakkoon
12. GamezRule
13. Samson
14. Visorslash
15. Golden1Knight

1. Snerk
2. Synsensa
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I guess I am in.
"Now the lords of Bohemia fight amongst themselves."

I have been practicing to roleplay this ever since I discovered the OT forum!
I'm not particularly fussed, but either way, it's probably going to overlap shifting from GMT to BST in three weeks' time.
Thanks, Dolby.
That's OK, I didn't want to play any- ow wait, I'm in. I'll put the kettle on.
This was missed

There's a lesson


that. I know that I was already


but since we all like accurate official tallies and with Arakhor in charge rather than me we may actually get some it seemed like a point worth emphasizing.
When does this start?

I need a break right now but I always fail to quit my addictions... plus I like the 15th.

europa universalis... initializing scripts...loading music...
Based on previous experience with filling games, I'm not expecting it to start for several days yet and then maybe last for two weeks.
When does this start?

I need a break right now but I always fail to quit my addictions... plus I like the 15th.

europa universalis... initializing scripts...loading music...

My current EU3 game is now being tracked publicly in the games thread on OT!
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