KL1 - DyP on Earth


Nov 6, 2001
Washington DC
KL1 - DyP on Earth

This is the first succesion game played with the Double your Pleasure mod played on the newest Civ earth map.


Civ: Iroquois
World Size: 180x180
World: Kal-els DyP Earth
Barbs: Roaming* (forgot to change it in the map before I started playing)
Difficulty: Regent
Opponents: 13

-correct player starting locations
-no extended goto orders
-no automated workers until very late game
-all victory conditions on

This will be a normal game under DyP rules.
- 20 turns per player.
- 24h confirmation period (you have to say you’re playing; otherwise you’re skipped).
- 48h to 72h (since the saved game was passed) to play the game.

Current Roster, Order yet to be determined:


Here is the story so far:

T1-4000 BC: Our Ancestors long ago crossd the Bearing straits following the heards, always seeking a suitable place to settle down and leave their nomadic life behind. Finally, in the year 4000, under the leadership of the young chief Little Bear, we have found ourslves at the base of a great hill overlooking fields of golden wheat and corn.

Little Bear decides to move the tribe to the top of the hill to provide a safer place for our first settlement, Minneapolis. From the top of the hill we can see a Great Lake, we shall call it Lake Superior. We can see some good forests that will provide excellent timber.

Chief Little Bear has determined that we need to train another Ranger to help explore the surrounding countryside.

Our wisemen are set the task of learning how to extract ore from our mother the earth.

Our worker is sent north-west to begin logging the forest to help in our next building project.

Our Ranger is sent west to search for friendly tribes. The Zapotec teach us the use of a new tool, they call it the wheel. We think this could come in handy later on down the road.

In the beginning:

T2-3950 BC: Our Ranger heads south along the mountain range we have called the Rockies. There he finds plentiful game that will provide an ample source of food for another settlement.

T3-3900 BC: He continues southward. Our worker begins harvesting the forest to the west.

T4-3850 BC: Heading East aross the valley, our Ranger finds a heard of wild horses. Hopefully someday we will be able to tame these wild beasts.

T5-3800 BC: Our Ranger continues to explore.

T6-3750 BC: We have trained another Ranger in Minneapolis. A shaman is being taught the ways of the spirit world, when he has completed his training he will head off into the wilderness to commune with the High Father. Our cultural borders have expanded as our Great Mother looks favorably upon us.

T7-3700 BC: Our worker has been forced to flee the forests after sightings of barbarians to the west. Our second ranger was sent to explore the hill to the east and will now return to Minneapolis to protect our people from the barbarian menace.

T8-3650 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore.

T9-3600 BC: An Olmec tribe gave us 25 gold. We have come upon the borders of another up-and-coming civilazation. Our ranger has discovered that they call themselves the Aztecs, we shall try and avoid them for now. Our Beta Ranger successfully defends our community from the rampaging barbarians.

T10-3550 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore.

T11-3500 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore.

T12-3450 BC: Some disgruntled tribesmen have caused some trouble. Little Bear has appeased them by ordering feasts and festivities.

T13-3400 BC: Our Beta Ranger has spotted a barbarian warrior off to the west, he will try and keep them away from Minneapolis. Our Alpha Ranger has seen the great waters of the Pacific. He has also seen a village that he will explore. Hopefully it will provide a tribe that will want to join our civilization.

T14-3350 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore. Our Beta Ranger is giving the Barbarians a run for their money.

T15-3300 BC: Our Alpha Ranger has seen the great waters of the Pacific. He has also seen a village that he will explore. Hopefully it will provide a tribe that will want to join our civilization.

T16-3250 BC: Another Olmec tribe taught us the secrets of mysticism so that we may now come closer to the gods.

T17-3200 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore. Our Beta Ranger continues to explore with the Barbarian hot on his heals.

T18-3150 BC: Our Shaman in Minneapolis has completed his training and is ready to head out into the wilderness. We shall now train a warrior to help protect the village.

T19-3100 BC: Our Alpha Ranger continues to explore. Our Beta Ranger continues to explore with the Barbarian hot on his heals.

T20-3050 BC: A Teohican tribe has taught us how to form useful items out of clay. They call this the art of pottery.

T21-3000 BC: More Exploring

T22-2950 BC: Are Shaman has founded another settlement to the south of Minneapolis. he has named the new village, Omaha. Its borders will overlap with Minneapolis but it was necessary in order to take advantage of all the resources surrounding it. Minneapolis has trained another Ranger to continue our exploration and is now training a Shaman who will go out and found another village.

I suggest that we try and cut the Aztecs off from North America.

Omaha is settled on top of a heard of horses, so we have control of those.

We should then explore to the East and try and secure as much territory out that way. There are no civs to our north (remember we came through there on our way to Minneapolis ;)) so we don't need to worry about expanding in that direction yet.

We should try and get the Pyramids and Stonehenge. Both will greatly aide in our rapid expansion.
Makes sense, though I also want to get my hand on some luxuries. I guess the first shaman goes south. We also need more workers to build roads <G>.
The worker to the East of Minneapolis can work his way over to those furs. I think we should build some mines/lumber camps in the forests around Minneapolis to help boost wonder production.

Definitely need more workers.
I made a few mistakes, but nothing serious :D

I have uploaded a zip file with a text history. I think we should keep the text file updated as well as post the stuff here. Please make sure that you do not post files with blanks in the name - I have problems downloading these. I have also included a screenshot. I'm not sure how to post it - it seems that it has to be on the net somewhere first. Perhaps you can post it, Kal-el?

But I'm not sure I can keep up with this level of documentation in the future, it does take some effort.

Here is the history and my plans for the future:

T23-2900 BC: More exploring. Building road to access Timber.

T24-2850 BC: Found a deserted village. Changed Science rate to 60%.

T25-2800 BC: Civil disorder in Minneapolis.

T26-2750 BC: A local village pledged a warrior to our cause. Will send him to Minneapolis to defend keep law and order. The Ranger is almost finished there. Found a great sea to the north.

T27-2710 BC: Omaha finished training the Ranger, which was sent SE, and started on another Shaman. More exploration.

T28-2670 BC: Minneapolis finished it's Shaman. Sent it SE to settle towards the Aztech who are expanding NE. Minneapolis is now training another worker - we need to establish more roads and start mining the landscape. A village far north contributed 25 gold to the glorious Iroquis.

T29-2630 BC: Our sages have learned to work Bronze. This will boost our defensive ability. In order to improve our offensive ability I have asked them to look into the possibility of using horses in warfare. They decided to widen the investigation and start by examining the possibility of using different animals for our various purposes. Encountered the American town of Washington to the east - defended by a Warrior. I made a deal with them in order to improve our ability in war. Traded Pottery and 30 gold for the secret of the code of the warrior. It was expensive, but they drove a hard bargain. This will allow us to build barracks and thus improve the quality of the troops we train.

T30-2590 BC: Minneapolis finished it's worker and is now reduced to a population of 2. It has started training a Shaman, while Omaha has stopped training it's Shaman and is building Barracks instead. The worker will start building a road between the cities and mine the area with wheat to increase the production capability of Omaha. Omaha has immediate access to horses and should be able to build mounted warriors if our sages succeed in figuring out how to tame the horses. Had to reduce the science rate to 40% because too few people are available to work the land and costs are high.

T31-2550 BC: Our NW Ranger has encountered some Barbarian troops and are attempting to evade them. Another Barbarian is approaching Minneapolis, but that is well defended. The SW Ranger is exploring the borders of the Aztec empire and the eastern one the borders of the Americans.

T32-2510 BC: The Aztecs offered the art of Masonry in exchange for the secret of Mysticism and a few gold. We have no interest in masonry at the moment, and Mysticism may benefit the Aztecs too much. I declined the offer. It did not seem that the a profitable deal could be made, so I stopped the negotiations. That was a good thing, because the Chehali tribe proceeded to teach us the Alphabet, which the Aztecs had tried to sell us. The explorations are proceeding and the Barbarians are still moving towards Minneapolis. It now has two warriors to defend it.

T33-2470 BC: The useless warrior at Minneapolis lost the battle with the barbarians. Ugh! The barbarians were quite beaten up, so I risked sending the warrior the friendly tribe had provided after them, even though they are somewhat untrained. they lost, so now Minneapolis is undefended. Ugh. We have found a great sea to the east. Both the Aztecs and Americans are bordering that sea.

T34-2430 BC: The Barbarians pillaged Minneapolis and destroyed the training efforts for the Shaman. One of the citizens decided to revolt, as there are now no troops patrolling the streets. I have directed that a unit of spearmen be trained immediately and that some entertainment be employed to keep the people happy in the meantime. The Shaman to the SE has reached his destination.

T35-2390 BC: Founded St Louis in a position that should be able to support a very large production once the city can expand it's influence. It will have to be defended well, by units trained in Omaha once that city builds it barracks. For now, we are training a unit of spearmen in St Louis to bolster the defenses. One of the rangers found a very nice peninsular to the SE with an interesting island across a strait. But that is out of the immediate area of expansion. The first worker has finally finished providing access to timber and is now providing a road for the fur traders. That should help keep the people happy.

T36-2350 BC: Sent a ranger to examine a peninsular on the western coast. Increased the science rate to 60%.

T37-2310 BC: The Aztechs are, according to rumours, building the Sphinx. Minneapolis finished it's spearmen, and immediately put all it's citizens to work training a Shaman. The worker building a road to the furs has been redirected to improve the timber production, as the furs appear to be too far away to satify the needs of the people. It would however be a great help to find some luxuries for the people.

T38-2270 BC: The Chinook tribe to the far NE has taught us how to work iron. Perhaps we should develop the iron deposits SW of Omaha. Unfortunately, there are several barbarians in the area of the Chinook tribe endangering our ranger.

T39-2230 BC: A Barbarian died in an illfated attack on out ranger, who took good advantage of defensible mountain terrain. Still, there is no point in tempting more attacks, so he will go around the barbarian camp. A Saxon tribe to the far NW taught us how to take advantage of Slavery. That could be useful later on. One of out rangers encountered an exploring Aztec warrior with curious clothing on the southern coast.

T40-2190 BC: The area to the south is quite well explored, so I have ordered the ranger who met the Aztec warrior to go to Minneapolis and perform police duties, while the remaining rangers keep exploring. But perhaps he is better used following that Aztec warrior down the southern peninsula in order to make a deal for Masonry. Masonry will allow us to build structures that make our cities famous and will thus expand our borders. This will help St Louis expand.

T41-2150 BC: More exploring. The southern ranger turned around to look for the Aztec warrior.

T42-2110 BC: Minneapolis completes its training of a Shaman and sends him south to exploit the Iron ore and establish a border towards the Aztec. The NE ranger finds a deserted village. The southern ranger has established contact with the Aztec warrior and negotiate a deal, offering Slavery for Masonry. The alternative was Bronze working, and that did not sound attractive. St Louis can now start building an Obelisk and Minneapolis will train a Missionary.

Research Horseback riding next.
Connect cities by road ands build some mines. We need more workers.
Settle near the iron deposits SW of Omaha and develop access to the Iron.
Settle NE of Minneapolis to front the Americans and get access to furs and the natives there. A Slave market would be nice, but our lack of happiness provisions may make it difficult.
Minneapolis is great for producing Missionaries interspaced with improvements or units.
Omaha should build units exclusively after the Barracks. It is settles on Horses and can build Mounted Warriors when we get Horseback Riding.
St. Louis has great potential for wonder production. It has a good balance of food and shield squares. It needs to be defended well, though. Perhaps city walls are in order.
We might consider going for Monarchy. Our workers are very slow. Repubkic is a bit dangerous, as we'll probably end up in a war before long.

Good luck!
Alright, I took the game. I will listen to your plans RobO, but I'm stubborn about doing things my way :)
Hey, I have a question. Am I allowed to change the current turn before I start? For example, change what's being built in a city or change the science rate form 60% to 50% since it saves one gold? Since I'm not part of the previous administration/rulership, would that be crossing some line in succession rules? Thanks.
My guess would be no. Kal-el, any opinion on this? If we hit end-turn before submitting the game than the recipient won't be able to see what happens while the turn is processed.

I don't think that would be a problem, but maybe you should ask the previous leader if there was a specific reason why they were building that.


you are right, of course, if he previous player ends his turn, as he should, then it will be impossible for the next player to change anything until his turn starts.
Kingjoshi, the science rate is no problem. As to build queues, please ask me for an explanation first. Send me an email or post here, as you prefer, but I'm going offline shortly.
Sorry for the delay, but I finally managed to play the game. I'm no writer so I apologize for the lack sophistocation in the documentation.

T42-2110 BC continued: changed science to 50%.

T43-2070 BC: more exploring. Started researching Horseback Riding. We have found many cattle in our territory.

T44-2030 BC: more exploring.

T45-1990 BC: more exploring. Omaha has finished building the barracks, started training spearmen.

T46-1950 BC: more exploring. A village in the NW gave us warriors. Two barbarian swordsmen are chasing the ranger.

T47-1910 BC: more exploring. Minneapolis has produced Missionaries and is starting production of spearmen. The spearmen already there is heading east with the new missionary to found East Lansing. A friendly Navajo tribe in the NE gave us a skilled warrior. Traded Domestication for Boat Building and 102 gold with the Americans to keep from lowering science. rate.

T48-1870 BC: more exploring. Our fortified Warrior in the NW defeated a barbarian Swordsman. Our spearman from St. Louis has headed west with the shaman to found Las Vegas. Luxury Rate increased to 10% to keep the people in Omaha from rioting.

T49-1830 BC: more exploring.

T50-1790 BC: more exploring. Omaha has finished training a spearman and he is heading to St. Louis. Another spearman is being trained. The Inuit tribe has taught us weaving.

T51-1750 BC: more exploring. Minneapolis has finished training a spearman and is now building a missionary. Trade route from Minneapolis to Omaha has been finished. The city of East Lansing has been founded and is building an Obelisk. Our warrior has been killed by a barbarian swordsman.

T52-1725 BC: more exploring. Las Vegas has been founded and is building an obelisk. One of our rangers has treaded into Aztec territory near Tiateloco. Science rate decreased to 20% and luxury increased to 30% to appease the people of Omaha.

T53-1700 BC: more exploring. Montezuma has asked us to leave his territory and we're heading south. However, another ranger is moving into his territory. Science rate increased to 50% and luxury decreased to 20%. We've learned Horseback Riding and now are researching Mathematics. The Americans have writing but I'm not willing to give them Horseback Riding and Iron Working for it, so I'll get it with Mathematics afterwards.

T54-1675 BC: more exploring. Montezuma automatically kicked out our rangers near Tiateloco, but he headed back into their territory. Omaha has finished training spearmen, who are now policing the city, and is now building a shrine. The spearmen from Omaha have arrived in St. Louis to police the city. Science rate has been lowered to 50% and the luxury rate to 10%.

T55-1650 BC: more exploring. Montezuma has asked us to leave his territory and we're heading south. Science rate has been increased to 60%.

T56-1625 BC: more exploring. The shrine in Omaha finished and they're training more spearmen. Luxury rate lowered to 0%.

T57-1600 BC: more exploring. St. Louis has built the obelisk and is now building a shrine. Minneapolis has finished training missionaries and is building barracks. The missionaries is heading to found Chicago. Spearman from Minneapolis is headed in the same direction to police the city.

T58-1575 BC: more exploring. We received 50 gold from a Chinook tribe in the north. Increased luxury rate to 10% to appease the people in Omaha.

T59-1550 BC: more exploring. St. Louis has built a shrine and is now training workers. The ranger near Panama has spotted Barbarians.

T60-1525 BC: more exploring. Omaha has finished training a spearman and is building an obelisk. The spearman is heading to police Minneapolis. Science rate lowered to 50%.

T61-1500 BC: more exploring. St. Louis has finished training workers and is now building barracks.

T62-1475 BC: more exploring. Founded the city of Chicago and building an obelisk there. The spearman has arrived in Minneapolis. We traded Mathematics for Writing and $49 from the Aztecs. We're now researching Code of Laws, since whether the next successor wants to change to a Republic or Monarchy, it's needed for both.

I'm building an Obelisk in Omaha so we can expand the city to reach the game there. That will add at least 4 shields to our production so we could build a wonder there or speed any military units. I decided to focus on building an Obelisk in Las Vegas (I considered Flagstaff for the name, but neither city has a river next to it, as far as I know) and then grow the city afterwards. It was either growth or production and the value of an obelisk is dependant upon date, so I decided production first, on this matter. I considered building a Missionary instead of the worker and sending him between Philadelphia and St. Louis. However, since we currently have more cities than the other civs, and plenty of room to grow later, I decided to build the worker. Once St. Louis and Minneapolis builds barracks and the roads are connected, then all three can build Mounted Warriors. I wanted to build Obelisks in Chicago to out-duel Boston for the three precious tiles. I named the city East Lansing because I'm moving there next year as I start graduate school in Michigan State (I considered Detroit but I'll let the Americans have that somewhere, if they survive that long).
Here is the screenshot, hopefully


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Did you guys just add text in MS Paint to the screenshot? I forgot to write where the 4 rangers were, sorry.

Here's the file again, with a lower quality screenshot. Before the jpeg didn't fit with the zip file for the 500,000 byte limit.
Originally posted by kingjoshi
(I considered Detroit but I'll let the Americans have that somewhere, if they survive that long).

I'm grabbing the game and will do my best to ensure we'll never see an American Detroit :)
T63-1450 BC: I change the production of Minneapolis - it is now building a Granary instead of Barracks. A band of American warriors have been spotted outside between Omaha and St. Louis - they're are getting close to our workers, and I do not trust Lincoln, so I order our workers to head for the cities.

T64-1425 BC: The Apache Tribe have taught us Philosophy - what a nice surprise. The American warriors did not attack - the Workers head back to building the road again.

T65-1400 BC: Minneapolis finishes a Granary and starts training Mounted Warriors.

T66-1375 BC: East Lansing finishes an Obelisk and starts building a Missionary to be used for settling the lands east of here.

T67-1350 BC: Nothing to report.

T68-1325 BC: Omaha finishes an Obelisk and starts building the Forge. The city is in a near-rioutous state due to it's size, so I make sure it will not grow for a while.

T69-1300 BC: Nothing to report.

T70-1275 BC: We discover Code of Laws, and given our current lack of happiness I decide to research Polytheism to appease the commoners. Las Vegas builds an Obelisk - the city is growing slowly, so I decide to concentrate it's efforts on food, and order it to train more defensive units - a regiment of Archers are now on their way. Minneapolis has finished a Mounted Warrior and starts training Spearmen that will escort the soon-to-be built Missionary from East Lansing, eastwards. We have been given a warrior in the faraway lands of South America - I doubt this will ever make it home, so I may use it to loot some Barbarian camps.

T71-1250 BC: We receive word that the Americans are building something called a Stonehenge. We are losing too much money too fast - I lower the Science rate to 50%.

T72-1225 BC: Minneapolis has trained the Spearman and will now begin work on a Shrine. A warrior was defeated by Barbarians in the Northeastern uncivilized region.

T73-1200 BC: Minneapolis finishes it's Shrine ("What took you so long?", I ask the contractor before be-heading him) - It will now be building the wonderous Oracle, to take the strain of our coffers. Our warrior in the Southern Americans was defeated too - apparently, Barbarian Hunting does not suit our lifestyle. At least, it means less money going out of the coffers to rowdy characters. The Saxon tribe in South America teach us Aristocracy. The Aztecs have pushed one our their Jaguar Warriors into the no-man's land between Chicago and the American city Boston.

T74-1175 BC: The Jaguar Warrior is heading for East Lansing, which has just finished a Missionary. I decide to enhance East Lansing's defense, initiating the training of some Archers. The Teoihuacan tribe has taught us Trade - we must by far be the most advanced civilization in the world, by now.

T75-1150 BC: We bring our first Luxury into Minneapolis, fur from Beavers and Buffalo.
St. Louis finishes a Shrine and will now produce a worker. The Jaguar Warrior has now entered our territory - if there wasn't a worker that close to it, I would make an official statement to the Aztecs - it will have to wait. Our Rangers to the North have run out of land to explore - I will order them home and hopefully come up with something useful for them to do, while they're heading back.

T76-1125 BC: The Americans have established an embassy in Minneapolis - maybe they want a glance at the splendid life they will soon be leading under my rule...
The Navajo tribe give us 50 gold - much appreciated.

T77-1100 BC: St. Louis finishes it's worker - the city is lacking all kinds of resources, so in lack of better choice, I order a Granary to be built - that decision should be reviewed once the roads in are finished. We were given another Warrior in South America - more expenses...

T78-1075 BC: We discover Polytheism and start researching Currency. St. Louis gets connected to Minneapolis and I stop the Granary and start training a regiment of Mounted Warriors instead.

T79-1050 BC: Nothing to report.

T80-1025 BC: The Americans beat us to the Natives - they have placed the city of San Francisco virtually on top of the poor natives' campfire. A little more time and it would have been us - We decide to settle Maine on the spot and start building an Obelisk - good thing we brought along defense.

T81-1000 BC: East Lansing finishes it's Archers and city officials start rounding up Workers to help us connect Maine to our capital. Chicago finishes Obelisk, and also starts rounding up some workers. We need an efficient empire before going to war. Another warrior in the Southern continent - I should have started an army, rather than squander them away at suicidal raids on native camps.

T82-975 BC: Omaha builds a Forge and starts building Stonehenge. St. Louis finishes a Mounted Warrior and is set to building a Granary.

I would have liked to smash the Americans, but I decided we were too poor for war. Instead I have been building more workers and hopefully we will soon be able to connect all our cities and start bringing in those luxuries that will allow us to remove the Luxury Tax rate and maybe finally give us an extra few gold per turn. We should try and expand northwest of Las Vegas - then we will have a "belt" across the entire Northern American continent, keeping our rivals from all the goodies to the north. I'm currently resarching Currency, which in retrospect may have been a mistake as Monarchy would have been a better choice for going to war. But at the time I did not think a prolonged war would be imminent - that however is now for the next consul to decide.

Someone else please post a screenshot - my Print Screen button doesn't work, and I don't have any good screen capture utils installed at the moment :)
Screenshot of 975 BCE


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Things are looking good for the Mighty Iroquois. We need to close the gap on the western flank and prevent any Aztec incursion along the California Coast and we also need to close the gap between Maine and East Lansing before the Americans send a settler up that way. We also need to get some roads to our outlying provinces to reduce the ever increasing corruption. I hate to think what our West Coast cities will look like until we can get them connected.
Now batting: Chaosrik, he has informed me that he has the game and is playing.

we will then continue to play in order.


Long live the Iroquois!
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