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Korea, starving citizens


Dec 27, 2010
Does anyone starve cities while playing Korea after reaching pop of 2 for xtra beakers. If you starve it down to 1 you will pick up an extra citizen. This doesn't seem to work if you try beyond 2 pop.

So you will essentially have 2 citizens available to work tiles at 1 pop, 3 at 2 pop, 4 at 3 pop, etc. You could unemploy these citizens for extra beakers or use them to work tiles. If you reach 3 pop and have a granary and water mill you could make 3 citizens unemployed for 6 beakers without starving. With 3 cities that is 18 beakers. If your capital is making a settler for a fifth city and say its pop is 4 then you could gain an additional 10 beakers by making them all unemployed.
Korea and Hanging Gardens is good. Just set a load of lazy assed unemployed students sitting around dreaming up scientific theories and you can fly through the early techs.
ive wondered that. Build settlers so that your pop doesn't fall, and unemploy everyone.

I was thinking. build scout then monument then worker. Build GL or library then NC. THen just mass settlers

SP: Liberty opening, free worker, GA/reduced SP, free settler....

Its a way to build a huge wide empire w/o losing early science, but idk. Haven't really tried it yet.
When you're microing for building settlers it's useful since your city can't grow anyway, other wise if you have the happiness it's better to let the city grow since increasing the pop adds science plus tiles yeilds, this is true until you reach a certain pop where you start to run specialists (much sooner w/ HG and you don't worry about food) and then if you don't have another specailist slot that won't mess up the GP pionts then go for it.
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