Krak des Chavaliers - Middle Ages Scenario


Jun 24, 2003
Ontario, Canada
Not sure if this is a bug or not. You can only build the Krak des Chavaliers wonder in a size 6 town or smaller. The civilopedia does not mention this as a limitation so I am not sure if it was intended or not.
Can you upload a save where this happens?
No save needed.

The Krak gives Walls to the city that builds it, thus it can only be started in a pop < 7 town.

Not very logical, but this is the way the game (always) worked.
But you always can build a Settler in a high-production city, start the Kark, and rejoin the Settler in the same turn it was built.

A similar stupidity in the engine is: Create a wonder that allows city size 2, and you cannot build that wonder at a river :wallbash: .
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