Kyriakos' terrain graphics converted to fortified towers


May 22, 2020
This fortified tower city improvement is meant to be a cheap defense that won't go obsolete but requires maintenance in my mod. Historically, fortified towers and motte and bailey forts were a cheap solution to fortification needs. While expensive fortifications like stone castles and bastion forts went obsolete due to their cost in the face of new firepower, these cheap forts remained highly popular into the Boer war and modern day. While not able to stand up to heavy siege weaponry, they will keep light raiders and insurgents at bay.

The graphics belong to Kyriakos. I just copy pasted them into city improvement

The ancient and medieval version are based on fortified towers on mottes and tower houses.

The industrial one is based on blockhouses.

The modern version could be a concrete pillbox. But since I've already use pillboxes for more expensive fortifications I'd rather it be a radar tower facility.


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