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lack of scenarios


Feb 5, 2002
Tartu, Estonia
Which I can't understand why. These couple which are available via net aren't really anything. Shouldn't be quite easy to recreate some nice events near perfectly with Col -engine. It offers good inner economics with rather usable fighting.
Scenario could use also ending which comes out from gaining "independency". As I have pointed out, I don't know how to change graphics, which keeps me personally out of making Arrakis thing, which is quite easy considering Col-engine. But everything else. Starting with Indian wars and last but not least
--colonizing New World:)). With some compromise in graphics also Indonesia and all Far East. People from America, where are You!!!:egypt:
I didn't even know you could make scenarios for Colonization. Where did you find the scenarios you mentioned?

And if you ever make that Arrakis scenario, make sure you post it here.
Well Talar.
Maybe You havent notice there is a cheat menu, and then there is a map editor. What more do You want?, and of cource there is a pile of text files. What Colonization really lacks is unbroken code of graphic files. I am no expert on hex, so I wish someone would like
at least map save-file, even if he/she cannot way his/her way through ss-files. I think if You look around in google or sthng, you will find couple scenarios (they are save files btw.) but these creators haven't even bother to check the byte which encloses year-number...
If I had bit bigger response, I would think also to give more time for col-cracking...
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