Land units not healing, and an invisible city []


Nahtanoj the Magnificent
Feb 15, 2006
Christchurch, New Zealand
Couple of odd issues.

1) I have a couple of swordsmen who haven't healed at all in quite a few turns of being stationary. Eventually I moved them into my borders to see if that would make any difference, and it hasn't.

Turn 389:
Spoiler :


Turn 390:
Spoiler :


Turn 394:
Spoiler :


Turn 399:
Spoiler :


Annnd so on.

2) More just nuisance value than the first - My lovely city of Kristiansand has advanced well into the future and is clearly covered with an invisibility cloak! :shifty:

Spoiler :


I've attached a save.
Note that I re-activated the mods More lenses, and Australia - Better Colours prior to starting this game. I already had Map Tacks, Policy Change reminder, Simplified Gossip, and Simplified Gossip Slide Notifications activated, but they haven't affected previous games.


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Loaded your save. Kristiansand city model showed up fine for me. Might be a mod issue or maybe make sure latest graphics drivers are downloaded. Your swordsmen aren't healing because you don't have any Iron. I don't see any in your cities, guessing you had traded for some to create the swordsmen to begin with, but that deal ran out?
Ah of course! *face-palm* Thanks mate.
I usually have every resource so although I've heard of this I forgot about it! Hattusa! Come back! Lol

Glad to hear you can see the city...yet seeing its only the one it's a real head scratcher for me. I could start another game with those 2 mods turned off and still not know.
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