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Laptop Recommendation

Discussion in 'Science & Technology' started by Owen Glyndwr, Aug 24, 2018.

  1. Owen Glyndwr

    Owen Glyndwr La Femme Moderne

    Jun 9, 2008
    Chicago, IL
    My uncle's work has authorized him to spend up to $3500 on a new laptop or tablet for himself, he is looking for recommendations on what to buy.

    He says he is a microsoft guy who will need office for all his work, but would also like to play video games while he's on airplanes. He hasn't provided anything more than that. I can ask him for more information if that's necessary, but if anybody has recommendations, they would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Michkov

    Michkov Chieftain

    Jul 5, 2010
    How long does it have to last, as in years not battery life?
    What games does he want to play?
    Does he need loads of space on the machine?

    For 3.5kMonies you can get 3 laptops if you are smart.
  3. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    I think most laptops are junk compared to PCs, but if I needed one for work/games?
    Quick check on Amazon.com and I see ..... yup, endless junk. :sad:

    Then I check Alienware for the best hardware, but it all cost too much!

    First, I'd want a Solid State Drive because laptops are unbearably slow with mechanical drives.
    I like programs to open instantly and Windows to load up in under 10 seconds from start!

    Firecuda is a good compromise hybrid drive, but with $$$ available just get a big SSD.
    The latest is the nvme SSD's which are even faster than older SATA SSD's.
    Samsung Evo 970 is great.
    Not as fast as the best which is Intel Optane 905P, but still pretty good.
    So I'd definitely try to get the 970 Evo and not the 860 Evo.

    Windows 10 Pro because it has a lot of security features and convenience stuff for business.

    17 inch monitor because 15 inch monitor for games is for the dogs.

    The battery life is going to be crap with a good graphics card and 17 inch monitor, but there is no solution for that right? :hmm:
    Battery: Li-polymer Battery, 4 cells (4s1p 4100mAh) 62.32wh
    Ugh, maybe 15 inch monitor if most of the gaming is on airplanes so it will last the whole flight, but I can't stand tiny monitors.

    I'd probably buy something like this one with custom options. (woo, 144Hz monitor)
    Added Windows 10 pro, gskill ripjaws because bad ram ruins your week, 970Evo 1TB (enough hard drive space at blazing speed, 240GB WD Green SSD is a $40 joke)
    Maybe click a few more boxes for more warranty stuff, sound card, 2nd hard drive?, etc.
    Is an optical drive required (dvd/blu-ray)? Most laptops no longer have them internally and the external optical drives are sold separately.
    From Cyberpowerpc
    The 970 evo is around $250 on Amazon and this laptop maker wants $320 to put it in, so might save $70 if you are comfortable putting it in yourself. :dunno:

    Competitors offer GTX 1060 which is 50% better than 1050 Ti and they use the same power I think.
    The graphics card on this custom laptop is the only thing that is a red flag for me, the 1060 is my minimum graphics card for a laptop.

    Also a tiny ding since Cyber Power laptops are assembled in China, so using it for business would give me a tiny bit of unease if the business has major IP properties or national security concerns.

    Might wait until Cyberpowerpc updates their video card cycle in 2019 and ditches the 1050 Ti graphics card.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  4. Kaitzilla

    Kaitzilla Lord Croissant

    Jun 21, 2008
    Ahh, there we go, a custom laptop I like with the GTX 1060 for only $1634. :)
    I'd have to research the cooling options and a few other things, but this one me likey.
    From Xoticpc

    Of course, a GTX 1070 would be even better, but the price is starting to get awful high for something that can be dropped onto the ground.

    Two sticks of 8GB each is better than 1 stick of 16GB because of the dual channel.
    Certainly worth +$10

    Another option to get a custom laptop appears to be Hidevolution.
    Pick out your baby and then click the red 'learn more and customize' button and go to work.
    They charge more money than Xoticpc or Cyberpowerpc, but the reviews on reddit are very nice.
    Get what you pay for I guess.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019

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