Last night's Enterprise episode


Nov 13, 2000
Eugene, OR, USA
Anybody see Enterprise last night? What I wouldn't give to have been Scott Bakula doing that scene :eek: I can just picture it...

Director: "Cut!! Okay folks lets try this just one more time. Scot, can you please get it right this time? I don't understand why you're having so much trouble with this scene. We'll just keep trying it until you get it right."
plot summary of yesterday's (2/7/02) Enterprise episode

Vulcan High command has recalled T'Pol, blaming Enterprise for causing the "incident" at the Vulcan monestary earlier in the season. They can't get at Enterprise or Archer directly, so are recalling T'Pol. Archer, of course, doesn't want her to go. Meanwhile they are visiting a planet with an advanced civilization, at their invitation. Archer takes T'Pol with him in order to convince her to stay. They are kidnapped by terrorists fighting the corrupt government of the planet, however, and tied up together in a shack. Tied together back to back, they eventually manage to stand and then twist around to face each other, still tied together around the waist, and undo each others ropes around their hands. They lean down rather awkwardly to untie the ropes around each others ankles and end up falling, Archer on the bottom with T'Pol on top but slightly above, so that Archer's face is firmly planted directly between T'Pol's rather ample breasts. My wife and daughter thought that was hilarious. (Actually, so did I. It was quite funny). To continue the story, the Vulcans show up to get T'Pol, take over the investigation in their typical superior manner. Enterprise of course continues their own investigation, but are intercepted by the Andorans, who are helping the rebels, but feel a debt to Archer for his help in the "incident" The Andorans help free Archer and T'Pol, but are interupted by the Vulcan rescue team. In the aftermath, T'Pol jumps in front of a shot intended for the Vulcan captain and is severely wounded. In the infirmary aboard Enterprise Archer convinces the Vulan to argue for a second chance for her, given her brave dead.
I saw the episode, what scene?
Originally posted by Alcibiaties of Athenae
I saw the episode, what scene?

As noted above in the summary, trying to untie each other, falling to the ground with Archer's face in T'Pol's chest.
Ah, the obvious.

It did seem strange they were having problems, didn't it? ;)
I'm sorry I missed it! I will have to hunt for tapes. Finally, Star Trek Bondage makes its return!!!
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