Late Game Crashes


Sep 8, 2007
Hello All,
First time poster, long time player. Lately my game has been crashing but only when I'm very late in the game The game freezes, then the screen goes black, and finally the games shuts down. The only error message I receive is the standard windows error message, Windows has encountered a problem and must close this program. Right before this occurs I notice that the game play is choppy. The game has a small delay when moving between units or asking for production orders. I have also noticed a longer delay when ending my turn.

Here are the details of my current game. I can't recall any problems from any of my previous games.
The year is 1945 and the map size is set to Huge. I've experience these problems since the 1930s and on.

Other notes:
I have disable the opening video because I was unable to launch the game. This suggestion was provided by 2K.
I am playing BTS on my laptop.
I have reinstalled the game
Current Build 3.03.1 - Most current update per the game.

Laptop Details
Windows XP
Processor: AMD Turion 64x2 Mobile Tech
Memory 990 MB Ram
DirectX version - 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
Display: NVIDIA GeForce Go 6150

Again I do not experience these problems until I reach the later stages of the game. Any thoughts? I talked to 2K today and they have not been able to provide any alternate suggestions.

Thanks for your time and your help!
Hard drive has been Defrag.
Buying a desktop is an expensive alternative.
Any other ideas?
I've tried that. I currently started a new game, still very early in the game. Around 900AD no problems yet, however most of the map is still hidden.

Any other ideas?
Has anyone else encounter this problem?
Have you tried to save your game, shut down BtS, restart your laptop, start BtS and loading your game?
In the previous expansion, this helped for a while.
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