Late Game Strategic Resources


Nov 7, 2001
Lets say you've been playing on chieftain or warlord level and have been following a peaceful route. Very few wars if any, concentrating mostly on science and culture. You are several advances ahead of the other 5 civs. You get to refining and *whew* you have several sources of oil near you, thats good. Research, research, research. Everyone else still has pikemen, boy they are stoopid, maybe you need to play on a higher difficulty level next time.......
Anyways, you get rocketry and see that there is NO aluminum in your WHOLE vast land area. The game does this just to piss you off doesnt it? It cant let you just be nice and peaceful til the end, it HAS to make you go halfway around the world and thrash the poor Russians back to the stone age (not too far back, they are practically still there) so you can set up a colony for some aluminum. I like the addition of strategic resources, but damn it makes me mad when I have to mount some huge late game offensive to get 'em. (I'm a pacifist.) Heh.
Anyone have any strategies for this sort of situation other than what I did? I thought about maybe giving them rocketry, but who knows what all else they would have wanted to export the aluminum to me?
Can you buy one of their cities? Set your research to 0% and rake in the money. Each turn you can send propaganda to a city with the Aluminum. Once the city is yours it might still have a harbor - BOOM the resource is yours!
Back off a little from pacifism and go and get it. What is the issue with pikeman to be crushed?

If you even consider to move to a higher diff. level pacifism is way of the right track!
If they're friendly, (I kinda doubt it because Russia usually isn't a good trade partner) but if they are AND if they have more than one aluminum, they may be willing to trade.

I assume that you want the aluminum for space ship parts, since you're peaceful. Have you thought about building the UN instead?
I needed the aluminum basically to keep my dominance going. :) I did end up building the UN though. It actually happened by accident, I was going for a cultural victory. :) But before the UN was finished I stomped the Russkies, upgraded to modern armor, and burned several of their cities down. Its nice to finally let out some aggression after a whole game of being the peaceful one. :D
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