Leader and/or Civ-change/development in-game


Apr 29, 2021
I'm definitely not a modder, but I wanted to share an idea in the hope that someone might find it to be an inspiring concept, as it might me a logical extension of the "historical start date" concept.

What if there is a way to introduce mechanics that change leaders over time? Variations that come to mind include choosing successive leaders for one's own civ the way governors change/advance, the idea of a leader and/or a civ itself advancing and/or developing new features (like in Beyond Earth and perhaps like the idea of reforming a religion), a leader having special bonuses during their brief historical lifetime, a civilization having a series of leaders that appear at their historical times or even (semi)randomly, similarly to Great People. Perhaps their ability is active only during their lifetime or their era, perhaps they leave some kind of legacy or have something special they can build/make/do like Great People.

I miss the amusing cosmetics of earlier civs in which the leader and advisors don era-appropriate garb, but it's a change in mechanics or the idea that leaders change and influences civs over time that I find interesting. (There might also be options for leaders who never quite were, or some sort of slider/toggle/counter for level of historical determinism, which if I'm using Historical Start Dates or otherwise wish that there was full-historical, full-global Grand Strategy game that doesn't exist, or that if it did exist would be insufficiently speculative, and so have only modded Civ to fall back on, I generally imagine the chosen leader represents some kind of historical determinism. I don't necessarily believe such a thing in real, and I tend to find the "somebody had to be [insert favorite Great Leader here]" unconvincing, but it's the only way to suspend disbelief when Anachronistus leads the Inevitables to throw off the shackles of foreign domination at their Historical Start Date (which I'd nominate as the best mod ever, with Random Uniques as the other extreme. Oddly, I have yet to try a Historical Start Dates game with Random Uniques turned on and everything else set to random for a truly procedurally generated world, so perhaps that's how I'll celebrate what seems to be the annual make-as-many-mods-work-together-as-possible ritual.)
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