Leader choice, new voting style


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Nov 29, 2011
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So everyone is entitled to one post. One. If you have more to say, edit the post you already have.

Please name your preferred leader. If you'd like, explain why.

Current tally:

Mansa Musa 5.5
Suryavarman 3.5
Huayna Capac 1

Does this seem to be a good way to conduct discussion in future?
So, me. I vote MANSA MUSA.

Spiritual seems like the trait to have. Protects us on the espionage front and fools others to thinking we'll be spies. And then WE WON'T BE! Muahahaha!

Financial is good because it's widespread, so if WE don't get it we risk being left behind.
I also vote for Mansa Musa for the above reasons.

(Good idea with this thread Talonschild, hopefully this will make everyone's current position more clear, especially, if we update our posts when/if we change our mind)
Ok, I will vote for SURRY.

It seems we have narrowed our options a bit. This is good, we're getting close to a final decision.

I am also ok with Mansa, but would rather keep EXP if possible.
Based on the tests I made Mansa Musa

the problem at hand is that RB can go with pottery first if there will be flood plain area and we will be in catch up mode from the start (see the discussion about leaders choice where I did the test with Pacal of Egypt going pottery first and at T50 starting math... mansa/sury were leagues behind)

we need financial
what can i say VOte for SURRY and if you dont belive its the bets try to beat my sandbox.
Mansa Musa or Surry. Both is fine. I'll post in the other thread explaining.
Bit confused that the options in this thread seem to be different from the other one (where did all the HC votes go?) Anyway, I just voted HC on the other thread.

Edit: first preference is Financial trait. For the second trait, I'm not a big fan of Spiritual -- I value faster forges over faster temples, and am personally not a fan of constantly swapping governments. But if it is a run-off between MM and S, MM is financial.
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