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Dec 22, 2001

I tried to avoid starting a new thread for days, but I simply wasn't able to get the information I needed in any of the posts. I hope some experienced modders can help me.

I found the best program to use is Animation Shop that is bundled with JASC's Paint Shop Pro. I made a animated leader head by examining the FLC files in the flic folders... It looks really cool, but I can't get Civ3 to display the correct emotions. For example, when the leader is Furious, the angry animation doesn't play, the content one does...

Here is what I know (or rather whatI think I know) so far :

- Animation cels have a width of 200 pixels by a height of 240 pixels.

- There are 121 total frames in each leader head FLC

- Emotions seems to change every 40 frames

Here is a quick chart of the emotional ranges in the FLC files. The variable (x) refers to whatever Age the Leader is being displayed in - represented by A, B, C, or D. Ifyou go in to the flic folder, you will see what I mean. f means Frame.


f1 <-----> f40 <-----> f80 <-----> f121
happy content angry


f1 <-----> f40 <-----> f80 <-----> f121
angry content happy

I'm sure you've noticed that x_01 and x_02 seems to be the opposite of each other. This makes it easier on me, I just have to reverse the frames!

Now, I've noticed that x_02 plays from content to happy during setup when you choose your Civilization. It plays at the right speed. Yippee!


I started a new game on a tiny island map as English and and chose my new Civ with my new leader head as a rival so I could see it in action during diplomacy.

When the Civ is Polite - it plays content. I think that's right.

When I'm Furious, though - it plays content. It doesn't play Angry.

In fact, nothing is playing correctly in Diplomacy!

THEN I noticed that the Delay on each frame is different in every leader head FLC file in the flic directory. Sometimes it is 0, sometimes 2, sometimes 4, 7, or as high as 10. What's going on? It seems so random. I fiddled around with the Delay rate on my FLCs but it didn't seem to make a difference.

Well, that's it. Can anyone help me or at least confirm or correct what I've discovered?
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