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Apr 15, 2002
Well i have a really good idea that some other people probally thought of: In addition to the Israel mod, why doesn't someone make a leader head of ariel sharon or Ben-Gurion or some other great leader of Israel. I would do it, but I do not know that much about editing Civilization III. Israel is a great civilization and is the longest living civilization. someone please try to do this!!


p.s. Palestineans suck
p.s.s. so do nazi's
p.s.s.s. so do kkk's
p.s.s.s.s. so do anti-jews
p.s.s.s.s.s. if you got a problem with jews, than i will personally kick the 5hit out of you.
p.s.s.s.s.s.s. happy Israeli independance day
I'd say not Sharon, as he has ordered many massacres of Palestinians, and in my book he is a mass murderer and overall evil person. You may as well have Stalin or another mass murderer as the leader of a civ. Your extreme anti-Palestinian stance bothers me. I'm assuming you support the extremly brutal military campaign. Read this.
I already made an Ariel Sharon flc for CivBub. I can post it again here if you want, or sometime tomorrow I am going to set up my web server and then you can get it off my web page.

Originally posted by rjgo
p.s. Palestineans suck
We really don't need to know that you think this. Keep your beliefs to yourself and all will be good.

You do not need to spam in the thread. 4 posts in a row by the same poster is considered spam. If no one answers you during the same day that you made the thread it means that they either don't care about the subject or that they have nothing to contribute. No more spamming or I will take measures to restrict your posting activities.

And 3rd, your signature is too long. Maximum of 5 sentences please.

Man, you are just a troublemaker! :D
Benjamin Miller, hagbart, PaleHorse76
I totally agree with you guys !!!!!!!!!

what sharon and the Israeli people are doing right now borders to what the Nazi's did to them, but hé if you want to shoot each other and like to live under a war with the threat of bombing and the like, just continue like this and when you exterminate each other then we don't have to put up with this BS on the radio and TV every day!!!!:mad: :mad: :mad:
I think Golda Meir looks quite a lot like Catherine of Russia... Should be an easy conversion in there...

And she wasn't (as far as I know) responsible for starting any of these horrible wars that keep springing up, although the Yom Kippur War started during her period of office. Apparently this distressed her a lot, unlike a certain modern-day leader, who seems to be revelling in the bloodshed.

In fact, I've just skimmed a short biography, and she seems like a very sympathetic person indeed. So if one insists on having an Israel civ, I would say use her as leader, not some war-mongering hawk.

Just trying to give some real input into what could easily become a thoroughly flamed thread...
First of all, I am not for the palestineans, but that does not mean i am anti-palestinean. second, what israel is doing is not bad or horrible, it does not add up to what the nazi's did, because the nazi's slaughtered 6 million jews. and all israel is doing is defending her homeland. Have you ever noticed that the Israeli military is called the IDF(ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE). Also, israel has not killed innocent civilians, the only thing israel has done is root out the suicide bombers. and if they have killed innocent civilians, than it was not intentional. Israel has the right to that part of the world, its lived their since the beggining of humanity also, if you still arent convinced that israel has right to that land, than read the bible.
PaleHorse76, i can say what i think.
GIDustin, please post the image
If you are for the palestineans, than your basically are for terrorism. Notice this: when a palestinean goes and blows himself up and kills innocent women and children, the palestineans cheer for him. When a palestinean gets shot and killed while he is trying to kill a israeli soldier, all the palestineans cry.
Notice this also: after sept. 11, palestineans cheered in the streets and celebrated.
I know many people in israel, they have to go outside, risking their life. they just might be killed in a suicide bombing attack or shot by a sniper on a rooftop.
Israel is only defendin themselves. Israel does not kill innocent civilians, they just defend themselves from deadly enemies.
Israel only goes in and attacks if they get harmed first, and as history shows, you dont wanna mess with israel, cause they got one hell of a millitary.

so as you can see, israel is for peace. israel is the peacefullest nation in the world, all they wanna do is sit down at a pizzaria knowing they wont get killed.
Israel does not hate the paleys, they would like to live side by side with them, israel is only attacking their enemy's( the enemy's who started to harm israel firs)

so anyways, post any leader heads of famous israeli leaders.


so wut is this, my fellow americans.
yall are letting these neo-nazi's post all these horrible things about israel and they are sayin israel sucks.
well all of you should stand up and stop these kkk's from preachin to little kids this stuff like ariel sharon sucks, and jews suck.
so the main point is that, somebody make a famouse israeli leader leaderhead.


So, the IDF stands for Isreali Defence Force.

And back in the old cold war days, east Germany was called the German Democratic Republic, so they must have been a democracy then! Yes, your right, calling a thing by a certain name DOES make all the difference (has anybody read George Orwells "1984" and remember the 'Ministery of Peace' and the 'Ministery of Love'?)

And I'm glad to see that you are totally against all acts of terrorism. Er....does this mean that you condem all the Jewish terrorist attacks against the British forces in 1946 and 1947?

Nonetheless, why not have Ariel Sharon as a leader in civ3. After all, other people have added Stalin and Hitler to their mods.

(BTW, I am not anti-Isreal. I think that Isreal has every right to exist....but then so have the Palestineans.....)
Originally spewed by rjgo:
PaleHorse76, i can say what i think.
Not when you are banned. I warned you earlier in a post but you wanted to push it. rjgo is banned for a 24 hour period for violation of CFC rules:
What can't you post?
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This forum is for Civ3 - Creation & Customization and it will stick to that. The next person that decides to post of OT in here will look forward to restriction from posting privelages like rjgo. I am not trying to be an ass but you are forcing my hand.
And there is Justice for all.


(btw I think the best Israeli leader was Rabin because he came closesd to peace before he got assasinated so make a leaderhead of him)
Originally posted by Dutchman
And there is Justice for all.


(btw I think the best Israeli leader was Rabin because he came closesd to peace before he got assasinated so make a leaderhead of him)

Politicians have to react according to the environment they live in. However I do not think Mr. Sharon is a politician. In fact he is not- he is a high ranked retired Israeli Officer- as is Netanjahu (spelling ok?), as is Peres, and Barak, and Moshe Dajan, etc etc- there are no politicians down there anymore- true Mr. Arafat is also not a quite kosher figure himself- responsible for countless terrorist attacks- u name it, he's done it!!! So I really don't think anybody here should hope for diplomatic solutions for both sides have been fighting this grimm war for a period of time too long for anybody in this chat to remember. Thats an assumption, of course- but I don't think there are any 50-or-so aged people around ?!

I suggest to open a new thread concerned with leaderheads and the like- U can post the Sharon thing there- and leaving "contemporary politics", "terrorism", "enduring freedom" "genocide", "the chosen people", "Allah", "Jehova", "God", and the like at its doorstep if you please... how does this sound ???- Cuz subjects involving people bleeding to death and rotting on the streets as we speak (about a random game animation, anywayz) is not really sth. that pleases my esthetics.
Bowing to the presure....and sine you guys can't seem to drop something after I have already punished the offending person, I am closing this thread. Someone who is interested (even rjgo when you are unbanned) please post a new thread dealing with this but without all the crap. Thanks.

To reinforce what has already been said. The thread starter has been banned for 24 hours because of his comments. Please try to read the entire thread before reporting it as a moderator might have already taken action. But at the same time I thank you for taking the time to report it. Thanks.
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