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leader question


Feb 3, 2002
What's the best way to get a leader?

Game I got going:
I had Japan attack one of my cities with full force, and .. I kept winning .. and winning .. and winning.. everybody was soon elite, he kept coming at me. He never won a single battle! Finally, I went in and took over some of his cities.. won a battle.. and kept winning .. and winning.

We been at war for awhile now, I raised half a dozen of his cities now. Still, no leader.

Is getting a leader random?

Some games I get quite a few.. some games I get one. This game I have had NONE now. Weird.

I'm always playing 2nd and 3rd levels (this will soon have to change because I'm getting good) :).
With militaristic Civs they can be fairly common. I've gotten quite a few while playing Germans or Japanese.

Usually I play the English or Americans. Over one and a half runs on Marla's map with lots of combat I've had a grand total of 3. Of course, I'm stingy with elite units.
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