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Leaders everywhere!


Feb 27, 2002
I just felt like sharing this really wierd/awesome thing that happened in this game I'm playing.

I had vanquished the Romans, playing in one of the earth maps, so they respawned around where Spain/Portugal would be, so I quickly assembled my troops there, along with a few settlers and workers, to corner them in. Anyways, that's not the neat part...

I'm playing in Diety, and the AI usually begins with quite a bit of extra units at this level, which I had pumped up as well, so the AI started with about 10 defensive units, 8 offensive, 2 settlers and 4 workers.

So I immediately went for the city and conquered it as it was weakly defended. I couldn't take out the rest, as there were too many of them. But at least the city was destroyed.

So during the AI's turn, it built another city, and it got MORE extra units. I killed that city, and then with it's other remaining settler it built another city and it got EVEN more units!

Needless to say I switched all my nearby cities to Immortal production and was popping out them quite quickly.

As if the staggering amount of units the AI got wasn't enough. I ended up getting FOUR leaders :king: in the span of about 6 turns. That's what blew me over. So now I have three armies, and a spare leader for a Wonder. And I haven't even finished the Heroic Epic yet! =O

Just found it amusing, and thought I'd share since most games go by with an amazing lack of leaders :lol:
If I got 4 leaders in such early times, I would go for wonders, Pyramid, Great Library, Colossus. Armies are not so useful, considering that the defense units are still very weak.
Yeah, I know that. I already had those wonders though, so I wasn't particularly fuzzing over building wonders. I was lucky enough to get a bunch of settlers at the beginning of the game which gave me an optimum lead in terms of cities to start cranking out units to attakc the enemy civs. Leaving me with a few cities I could devote to wonder production =)

But yeah, wonders >> armies. I just wanted to have lil armies for show! :D
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