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Leaders missing in Foreign Advisor - what's up?


Feb 3, 2002
For some reason, as of late, I can only see the first four leaders on the foreign advisor screen (the two on either side of me going down around the circle)... the remaining number of rivals I have doesn't appear at the appropriate place as visible but when I mouse over where they are supposed to be, I get a circle with the color of one of the first four civs (that I can see already)... double-clicking one of the invisible circles brings up an existing leader.... so basically, I can't initiate contact with anyone but the first four leaders (granted, i can find a unit and do it that way, but that's a pain).

I've tried 1) Reinstalling 2) Removing all Preference related things 3) Removing all saved games (in the event that somehow they were screwing up things)

Oh, and one more thing... it doesn't happen on ALL of my games - just the new ones I think - as it doesn't happen on my American game with seven opponents

Running on G4/450, MacOS X 10.1.2, 512 RAM

Try shift-right clicking (or shift-control-clicking for a one-button mouse) where the leaders should show up. I think that will bring up a menu that lets you choose which leaders' you want displayed there.

If that doesn't work, check the manual. It has all the key combos listed. I just don't have it handy right now.
Turns out that if I have any saved games in the directory (saved) when I start a new game - the game screws up in this manner... the solution seems to be removing them when I create a new game (that's why it doesn't happen on my old game - it was like the first one)
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