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Nov 7, 2008
hey all,

I have been playing/cheking the game for some time but i feel this kind of games is not for me, too slow and more important, people here is quite competent and its dificult to give somethign interesting to the general strategy we are keeping.

In the other hand I think that this kind of game has a problem: since we are doing a mix of everybody strategy we arent following any exact strategy, we just discuss about present turn, no more than 3-4 turns ahead.

i have nothing against it but my game style is different, i prefer to chosse a general startegy and follow it till the end (for example, I never start a civ game without knowing how im going to win the game, nor i chosse the leader withouth knowing how im going to win and the general strategy im going to follow).

As i said nothing bad with your game style, its just that it isnt for me.

If you dont mind ill keep loging into the forums and taking a look from time to time (just for seeing how things are).

thanks for the oportunity of taking a look to this kind of games!! ;).

peter grimes

Retired Moderator
Jul 18, 2005
Queens, New York
No problem, Rantam :)

We'll miss you while you're gone, but you never know - it could be that the game changes in such a way that you're lured back :dunno:

All the best :wavey:
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