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Lecture on the babylonian Civilization


Dec 20, 2001
The much appriciated Harvard lecture by Prof. Sammurabi on Babylonian History, the why's and how's...

The first trace of Babylonian tribes can be traced to the North of Africa. The rich plains east of the river Nile was early colonized. Desert tribes were a constant threat, and Babylon fell two times to pillaging tribes from the Atlas mountains. This threat was eliminated by the mythical "War of Giants". According to legend, a band of warriors swore to rid their city of this plague and took the war to the barbarians, eventually capturing and razing their stronghold. The booty from this war was to be known as the Babylonian Gold, perhaps one of the reasons for the later Zulu wars.

In the desert regions to the south, other tribes were encountered at this time. It seems that these tribes were influenced by the Babylonian city state, and provided both hardy desert soldiers as well as settlers. The Nile was colonized an yet another city was founded. These two sister cities were to found the back bone of the Babylonian state.

With this input of manpower, a new age was entered, The age of colonization. New cities were founded in the Nile delta, in the gold rich hills east of the Nile and further south along the river. Other tribes of babylonians pressed north, and colonized the rugged mountain regions of the Atlas. A unique road system connected the cities, and trade with spices, gold and dyes were plentiful.

Babylon itself became a religious center, a place were people from all the cities travelled to see the temples and the palace, unequelled in the world. A time of prosperity and richness had settled. Among te ruling classes, a sovereign was elected, and under this monarchy, the babylonian state headed into the next era, an era that was to be marked by constant war. The Zulu wars lay ahead...

to be continued
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