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Legacies - Great People

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Unreleased Mods' started by Armakoir, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Armakoir

    Armakoir Chieftain

    Nov 17, 2017
    I'm reworking the Retirement abilities for Generals and Admirals. Upon retirement, these Great People now provide bonuses to combat units based upon what these people are known for.

    I'm designing this mod for another mod I'm also working on, but will keep an eye open to its independence.

    I'm open to suggestions for any of these abilities. In time, I hope to incorporate GP unlocked unique units (eg, a unique corvus-equipped Galley for Gaius Duilius or Zheng He treasure ship). This should be possible using the unlock mechanics for Warrior Monk.

    I also want to adjust the Eras for General and Admiral passive abilities. Their passive abilities are pretty useless especially in the earlier eras.

    WIP designates a GP I have not altered from vanilla retirement (for now).

    Spoiler :
    Boudica - +defense for Melee units in Forests and Jungles
    Hannibal Barca - Most land units ignore movement penalty for Hills
    Sun Tzu - Most land units see through terrain features (retains great writing)
    Aethelflaed - +5 for most Land units nearby Forts
    El Cid - +5 attack for most land units
    Genghis Khan - Recon and Cavalry units may attack and then move
    Gustavus Adolphus - Siege units may move and shoot
    Joan of Arc - +5 additional healing per turn for land units
    Ana Nzinga - WIP
    Napoleon - Reduced maintenance for military units
    Lakshmibai - +5 defence for Melee units in friendly territory
    Simon Bolivar - WIP
    John Monash - Most land units receive +1 sight range
    Marina Raskova - Air units receive +1 flight range
    Samori Ture - Most land units receive +1 movement
    Dwight Eisenhower - +5 attack on foreign continents for most land units
    Georgy Zhukova - Melee and Heavy Cavalry always fight at full strength
    Douglas MacArthur - Most land units ignore combat penalty for amphibious assaults
    Sudirman - +5 attack for Melee and Siege units versus districts
    Massoud - Ranged and Siege support units are stealthed
    Wimalaratne - +5 attack into Forests and Jungles for most land units

    Spoiler :
    Artemisia - WIP
    Gaius Duilius - WIP
    Themistocles - Bonus in coastal waters
    Leif Erikson - unlocks coastal raiding for Naval melee
    Rajendra Chola - WIP
    Zheng He - WIP
    Francis Drake - Naval Melee units force a surviving enemy to retreat
    Santa Cruz - WIP
    Yi Sun Sin - Naval units always fight at full strength
    Ching Shih - WIP
    Horatio Nelson - Combat bonus for all naval units
    Laskarina Bouboulina - WIP
    Franz Von Hipper - Naval units receive +1 sight range
    Joaquim Marques Lisboa - WIP
    Togo Heihachiro - Combat bonus for Ironclads, Battleships, Missile Cruisers
    Chester Nimitz - Naval units heal in neutral territory
    Grace Hopper - Naval units and Aircraft receive +1 attack range
    Sergey Gorshkov - Receive a free duplicate Frigate or Destroyer
    Clancy Fernando - Some naval units receive Reveal Stealth

    Currently playable, but plenty of changes to come.

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