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    Adds a new type of culture victory and many paths toward achieving it! In short:
    - Legendary Cities: make 3 cities build up 25,000 culture to achieve victory (similar to Civ4)
    - Great Works: Great Artist can directly boost (a city's) culture
    - 6 new wonders, plus 3 more adapted from Pouakai, plus some fancy new effects
    - 3 new buildings and 1 project
    - better piety branch

    See below for more details. Available on the mod browser.

    - Requires G+K. Still playing vanilla? Check out my mod "Building Made Fun".
    - Not compatible with mods editing CityView.lua or UnitPanel.lua.

    - Pazyryk: the save system required to make this mod run smoothly
    - sukritact: many great icons for wonders and buildings
    - Pouakai: splash and text for Nazca Lines, Sagrada Familia and Motherland Calls
    - Sneaks: icon and splash for Metéora


    Legendary Cities:
    - You can check the city's current amassed culture in the city screen.
    - You will win a culture victory when 3 of your cities are Legendary. You can still win a regular culture victory as well.
    - Capturing a Legendary City yields 5x more gold.

    Great Persons:
    - Great Works are a rework of the old culture bomb. Still expands borders. Displays a message specifying one of the artist's most famous pieces of work.
    - The engineer can rush a wonder instantly, if providing enough hammers.
    - Engineers and merchants can start a 4 turn golden age.

    - Jeweler: +1 culture, +1 culture from gold, silver, gems and pearls
    - Publisher: +3 science, +1 culture for every 5 citizens
    - Cable Network: +5% culture in all cities, +1 happiness, requires The Internet (world project) constructed by any player

    - Golden Pagoda, Globe Theatre (national), Topkapi Palace, St Peter's Basilica, Sputnik Program, Mass Games
    - Originally by Pouakai: Nazca Lines, Sagrada Familia, Motherland Calls
    - Terracotta Army: +25 culture for each military unit (one-time)
    - Louvre: +1 culture from each wonder (each turn)
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