Legislator applies McCain-Feingold to male prostitution

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Stewbert 08

Aug 27, 2007
Short version: moustached Republican legislator (from WA state!) is secretly gay, has secret tryst with male prostitute, secretly likes to wear lingerie, blah blah, you've heard this all before. State Rep. Curtis clearly not as practiced a hand as Larry Craig, accidentally lets slip that he works in gummint. Prostitute promptly blackmails him for one grand. Curtis goes to Spokane police with his story. Story leaks on internet. Yet another closeted dude's life ruined by his unfortunate penchant for low taxes and hawkish foreign policy!

But what really tapped my foot about this case was this exchange.

*I'm paying you 100.
*We will have anal sex.
*The money wasn't for the sex though! So it isn't legally prostitution!

Sound familiar?

*I will give you lots of campaign contributions.
*You will then vote yes on a bill that benefits me.
*I didn't pay you for your vote though! So it isn't legally bribery!

I salute you and your innovative "fund" "raising" techniques, State Rep. Curtis!
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