[VidLP] Let's Play Norway as Harald Hardrada - Prince


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Dec 17, 2015
United States
Sid Meier's Civilization VI is here and I'm going into everything a little blind. I'll look the game as I go and enjoy the experience alongside you, the viewer. I've been playing since Civilization V and am hyped for this game so I'm excited to head into this game with a fresh start as Norway, one of my favorite countries.

Norway's Civilization is very focused on the naval aspect of the game so that's what I will try my best to focus on, but with new management systems in the game, I'll have to find a balance between that and my wars.​

Hope you guys enjoy the series as I want to entertain and make sure you guys like what I do in the series. (Any tips or suggestions are appreciated as I am new to the latest game in the series.)


  • Nation - Norway
    Leader - Harald Hardrada
    Difficulty - Prince
    Mods - None
    Map - Continents, Standard
    Speed - Standard
    Settings - Default
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