Let's Win a Diplomatic Victory as a Monarchy


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Nov 21, 2014
Hello all!

I was doing some research in legacy cards and I read a remark about how Monarchy can be useful later than other tier 2 governments because it gives you a +50% bonus to envoy generation. Well, I had to look at that a little more closely, and yep. Even factoring in how later governments give you more envoys at once and provide more points towards envoys per turn, Monarchy does actually get you envoys slightly faster than a Tier 3 government.

Well, at that point it was obvious what I had to do. I had to win a diplomatic victory while spending most of the game as a monarchy. Governments can be changed temporarily to secure legacy cards and build the tier 3 Government Plaza buildings, but we will want to stay a monarchy for as long as possible. Like Bahrain.

For this we're going to be playing as Tamar, even though I think her chin is stupid. Since Georgia has a unique walls replacement and monarchy benefits walls, I thought it was a proper match.

Next we have our game modes. Barbarian Clans is on, because I literally always have it on. Since we're playing as Georgia, we have Dramatic Ages on as well. In order to compensate for my lack of policy card slots, I've turned on Secret Societies mode so I can join the Owls of Minerva. Monopolies and Corporations is on just for the heck of it.

Pangaea map because of course, Emperor difficulty because I'm not very good and this is a gimmick run.

Right then, let's get into the first session.

Spoiler :

I start off near the coast but not on it. My starting location is actually fairly weak, without many high-yield tiles or resources, but I decide to press on and delay a turn to move next to the sea and settle. There's a good spot for a harbor so I'll try and do something there.

Turns out this spot is near the south pole. There's a lot of rivers but I actually settle one tile off from it. I'll have to build an aqueduct, but that will at least benefit my Industrial Zone.

I run into Cardiff and encounter the Owls of Minerva on turn 3. Very good, but it turns out you can't use the extra economic policy slot until you actually get a government.

Meet Grenada turn 9. There's a good spot for quarrying up north, so that will be my second city location.

Turn 17 is when I finish Code of Laws and find a tribal village. Unfortunately a Barbarian slinger and Spearman show up right next to it, so my own slinger pulls back while the second arrives.

Find two more villages with my warrior on turn 19, but I have to take a slinger out before getting them. One is the Voidbringers, so useless, and the other is 40 gold.

Turn 22 get my Pantheons- thanks to the Owls I've been running God King and Urban Planning. Can't get the free builder or settler, so I pick God of the Sea for the immediate production benefits.
I hope forgoing Divine Spark doesn't mess me up too badly, but since I'm going tall and not founding my own religion I figure I'll be alright.

On Turn 25 I meet Bull Moose Teddy, who reached me with a scout.

After all of that I finally get the tribal village from turn 17. It gives me the inspiration for Irrigation, which is useless because I have maze. My warrior, almost murdered by some barbarians, finds a third tribal village. It contains the inspiration for Foreign Trade, and while he runs for his life he finds a fourth village, which America steals right in front of my eyes. This warrior gets chased all the way to America's lasts before he gets to take a break and heal.

After clearing a nearby barbarian camp for 0 era score, I find some elephants in the tundras of Grenada. I thought that was funny.

There's another annoying camp to the east which can train Biremes and I don't have archery yet, so I finish writing and go straight for bows. I decide to purchase a granary so I can run straight into a campus after building my first settler.

I buy a tile by a mountain for said campus, but a spearman steps on it so I work on a trader until he's dead. Around that time a warrior and archer sneak up on my original warrior and kill him. RIP, he got one useful inspiration. Everything is a part of Siberia so the foreign trade thing actually did help.

I found Batumi on turn 42 and start on a builder. This is right around when I finish Craftsmanship so I put Ilkum in instead of God King.

I remembered why you don't buy Granaries now. I can only upgrade one slinger to an archer. The other two will have to wait. Biremes are pillaging all my work boats, horsemen are spawning near my second city, a dark age fast approaches- it's a real pain.

I enter the dark age and Batumi immediately rebels.

Research Order:
Pottery (There's tobacco nearby) -> Sailing (2 sea resources in range of the capital) -> Mining (Gysum up north and I need an aqueduct eventually) -> Writing -> Animal Husbandry -> Archery -> Bronze Working

Build Order (Capital):
Slinger -> Slinger -> Builder -> Slinger -> Settler (Purchase Granary while making the Settler) -> Campus -> Trader

Second City:

Advice is always appreciated since I've never actually won a diplomatic victory before.

I have come to the conclusion that this first attempt might be a bit awful. I'll leave this to you all to provide input on and I'll continue or, more likely, reset and try again later with y'all's good advice in tow.
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