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Life After Liberalism

Discussion in 'Team SANCTA' started by Memphus, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Memphus

    Memphus Chieftain

    Mar 23, 2005
    Well we have ocne again pulled off a miracle in this game. We shouldn't have been the first team to liberalism. But now what?

    1. We are getting Optics, while still in the GA and beign the first to circumnav.

    We then have a fork in the road:

    We can either:

    1. Pursue talks with Kaz and try for an alliance and attack Cav.

    2. Build up an army and Kill Kaz.

    So which is it?
    I will let some general debate go on before I offer my opinion :evil:
  2. sooooo

    sooooo Chieftain

    Jan 15, 2006
    Fine with getting optics and machinery.

    I think option 2 is the only realistic one because I doubt Kaz will turn.

    Personally I think the priority now should be to get the globe theatre up and head towards rifling. With so many cities, nationhood with the globe and rifling will just be game-ending. But globe asap, since "just" drafting 3 muskets a turn is great.
  3. Ronnie1

    Ronnie1 Chieftain

    Apr 10, 2006
    47.48N 117.77W
    I would agree with sooooooooo, Globe and draft at TKY for sure.

    As to what to do with those that are drafted....a much more difficult, and NOT fully self-reliant issue!

    Kaz...what do we know for sure about them?

    1) Their military leaders are suspect at best, and horrible at worst.
    2) Their diplomatic skills are average at best. They put themselves in positions with limited options early and often.
    3) Their word is mostly worthless, I wouldn't trust them much at all.
    4) Their infrastructure is under-developed, and they are boxed in, (see item #1).
    5) Their military strength is average, but coupled with item #1, this means that their true strength is probably weaker than average.
    6) Their decision making "seems" to be erratic, or hurried maybe.

    How do we use/exploit what we know about them.

    A) If we can turn them against Cavs,.... they will attack when not fully prepared, they will probably not be very successful in the long term. Is this good for us? I would think yes, they flail away, force Cav to get off their builder path and force them to retaliate at some level with troop production.

    The last deal that was proposed, had us matching them troop for troop. This obviously would be pretty easy for us to do, especially if we are drafting 3 units/turn. We help them get into Cav lands, they keep the spoils as promised...but we can kind of drag our feet a bit, to make sure that it isn't "real easy" for them to gain ground. They get what we promised, but at a cost and time that makes them winning this game virtually impossible. The main benefit for us in this plan is the cost to Cavs. They lose their main ally, they lose some of their cities, the lose the ability to win this game also.

    This would be my first choice, but it is fully dependent on Kaz switching sides, and not backstabbing us in the next 50 turns. I don't believe this will happen.

    B) If Kaz stays with the status quo,....they build units, they prepare to attack us again, they may bring Cavs with them this time around.

    This obviously puts more pressure on us to fight a two front war (Carracks). This would make the game longer, probably more fun, :), puts some pressure on MS & Saturn (they have picked sides already). This will probably slow the overall tech pace of the game, force every team to be active in most respects of the game(a good thing). This is what I think WILL happen.

    C) Something completely unexpected changes the face of the game....could be anything, MS DoW on Saturn, Cav DoW us, Kaz???(see item #6 above), Saturn is taken out by barbs...:(...
  4. azzaman333

    azzaman333 meh

    Apr 9, 2005
    Melbourne, AUS Reputation:131^(9/2)
    This. I'm sick of them.
  5. Mojoqmeyvam

    Mojoqmeyvam Chieftain

    Jul 25, 2009
    Patient: Kaz.
    Diagnosis: Chronic Backstabbing Syndrome.
    Recommended Treatment: Kaz Must Die.
  6. mostly-harmless

    mostly-harmless Chieftain

    Apr 4, 2006
    Option 2: Kill off Kaz.

    Will make us feel good at least.


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