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Life in the world of Civ II

Discussion in 'Civ2 - General Discussions' started by Manuelito, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Manuelito

    Manuelito Chieftain

    Sep 7, 2019
    First of all I feel sorry for English, I speak Spanish and use the google translator (I can read English but not write it).

    I write this to know what they think of the life of the people in Civilization, in despotism, republic etc., when a revolution begins, when a spy makes a city rebel.

    I imagine when AI constantly attacks a city without success, people every time hiding or not, it would be fun to ask how it feels to be attacked 3 times a year
  2. ArcherHombre

    ArcherHombre Chieftain

    Jan 11, 2019
    Like all computer games, the passage of time affects a perceived life in the Civ Empire. I once had a phalanx posted to a city for over 5000 years! Maybe military service is hereditary in the Civ Empire. 5000 years is 200 generations of humans! How do units upgrade automatically with Leonardo's workshop? A phalanx crew suddenly learns how to use pikes, and then all of a sudden learn how to use muskets? Elephants turn into... crusaders? (I forget the exact path of elephant/dragoon/cavalry). But now cavalry get stuck and you cannot automatically upgrade them to mobile armor (because technology Automobile makes the Workshop expire)...

    Life in the Roman Empire (I always played with Romans, so my turn would evaluate first after the barbarians' turn) would be glorious! I would switch to democracy as soon as possible for the economy bonuses. So I would be aggressive until republic and democracy, and once I get Future Tech 1, I would switch to Fundamentalism and take over the world. But, in my People's Democratic Republic of Rome (PDRR), commerce would flourish, and trade goes all over the empire on the fantastic road system. A strong sense of manifest destiny permeates the country, as my cities start filling in every available open space. Cities grow, and feel safe with the token garrison of soldiers to make sure random barbarians and enemy landing parties cannot hop in my cities unannounced. Temples, coliseums, and markets ply the voting public to keep them satisfied so they don't rebel.

    Life in the empires of my enemies would be less wonderful. They would hear tales of prosperity and freedom in the PDRR, and eagerly await a spy who can tip them into revolting against their cruel foreign masters and unite with the Free Peoples of Rome. Who wouldn't want bountiful commerce, a diverse and rich culture, and unrestricted travel?

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