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Limited Cities (Maximum of X)

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by Shiroifushicho, Mar 5, 2018.

  1. Shiroifushicho

    Shiroifushicho Chieftain

    Mar 3, 2013
    Hello there anyone that reads me,

    I am sometimes a bit doubtful about the concept of spamming cities in this game. Whenever it is AI or me going with the AI flow by trying to catch em up / prevent them to win. I play since civilization 1st and i am a huge fan of the serie, but that part really became kind of a turn down for me. This make the endgame really really long (more cities mean more units to process in the AI), and the map feel overflowed, nowhere to "breath air" (Even if i could agree it's realistic).

    Lately I've discussed with some other civ player among my friends and it seems i am not the only one bothered by that (but if you love that aspect of the game, im not saying there is something wrong with you though).

    I would so much ... no ... i would completly bow to/adore/fall in love with a modder that would make a "Only Maximum of 6-7 cities in that game" or even better "Only maximum of X cities in that game".

    - By "cities" i would simply mean "Settlers".
    - You could have more than the X number of cities, only by conquering them to other players (Otherwise you wouldn't be able to capture a enemy city and that part need to remain because war are ofc fun !)
    - That would imply a maximum of [X*Numer of player] cities in the game, and that fact would be so much fun (not counting City-states). A destruction of a City would weight heavy in the late game, you lower the max number of city in game ... feeling like threatening the whole human race !!! For exemple 4 players and max 5 cities => 20 cities max in that game.
    - You would pay way more attention about where to settle : p
    - An enemy that steal you a city mean ... you would be now stuck with an lower number of max cities that other players. You would be more frightened about it (can snowball to your defeat) and want to take it back badly.

    A simple rule to make that mod would be a limited number (countdown or something) of settlers.

    Would that be possible considering the code of R&F/Vanilla ? (if anyone knows).

    I am Aware AI find their strengh in the number of their cities. if we put a maximum of cities, they will definitly be weakened but I think to compensate you could chose a higher difficulty Or not choosing a too weak number or max cities.

    What do you guys think ? That would make some really fun games (esp multiplayer) ?

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