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  1. DigitalBoy

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    Jun 29, 2006
    This is just a mild pet peeve of mine in CivIV that I feel doesn't need to be there in the first place.

    I know many people micromanage to the point of rarely using the city governor, but I like to use him when I can to keep micromanaging to a relative minimum. Still, there are times when the governor makes judgment calls so bad that I just have to come in and set him straight. For example, he won't assign workers to that gold mine because he would rather work a rinky dink plains cottage. Yeah, that's a good idea, that's one less hammer and six less commerce for one more food.:confused: This is just an example I made up, but stuff like this happens all the time, where a very productive tile goes unworked, usually in favor of a tile that produces a little more food. Now I could turn on "emphasize commerce" to make sure he works the gold mine, but then maybe he does something else I don't like (like stop working a copper/iron mine to work a cottage or lake tile).

    There should be an option in the city screen where you can force the city governor to assign workers to a tile without turning him off. So the tile you want worked gets worked, and he assigns the remaining population as he sees fit.

    Similarly, there needs to be a way where you can order the city governor not to a work a specific tile. This would be useful for my great people farms, where the governor assigns 5 priests when I would really rather have a great scientist or great merchant than a great prophet. The "do not work this tile" could be applied to specialists too. "Do not assign priest specialists." Or "Do not assign more than X priest specialists."
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    Mar 6, 2006
    Have you tried BetterAI?

    Note that the AI's preference for a plains cottage may be because working that cottage improves it.

    Also note that 1 food, given sufficient health, happiness and growth, is 1/2 of a specialist. A specialist is worth about 1 production and 6 science -- so that's a value of +3 science +1/2 production per (food, health and happiness).

    A fully upgraded cottage with the right civics is 8 commerce, 2 production, 1 food -- convert the food, and you get 11 commerce and 2.5 production.

    Now, that is an extremely long-term view of things, but you can understand why cottages might be biased towards being worked. :)

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