Limiting AI Opponents


Sep 8, 2007
I confess I haven't tried this forum's search engine. In the "old" Civ games I could establish the number of AI "opponents". When I try to just play single player it seems I don't have a choice. When I try to customize the game it appears I can then limit the number of AI opponents but I don't seem to get the option of choosing my faction and am instead just given a faction (always Chinese). I am a total noob to Civ BTS but not to the Civ games. What's the obvious I'm missing here?
In the custom game screen where you choose the options, look at the top... Team 1... there are drop down bars for you to choose your leader.

You can set all the AI to leaders of your choosing too...

You can also add or remove AI's by using the bars on the left next to the number of players...

Just try clicking on things, you'll soon get the hang of it! ;)
Here, I made a screenie just to make it easier....

The thing that says "Random" that's highlighted at the top! ;)


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