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List of Civ IV Fantasy Units

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Creation & Customization' started by Murphy613, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. Murphy613

    Murphy613 Prince

    Nov 18, 2012
    This is an alphabetical list of Civ IV fantasy units I found on Civfanatics. (I hope to organize them better sometime in the near future.) I left out certain units for various reasons, but most are here. Hopefully this will help people convert these units to Civ V, and perhaps eventually there will be enough units to make Fall From Heaven for Civ V. Most FFH units however, are not in the Download Database, so perhaps I will upload them soon.

    Spoiler :

    Angels - Good and Evil

    Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, Lizardmen
    Argonian (lizardmen) unit pack
    Argonian (lizardmen) unit pack 2
    Lizardman Assasin
    Lizardman Crossbowman
    Lizardman Druid
    Lizardman Swordsman
    Lizarman Warrior
    Lizardmen - 27 types
    Five Different Orc Units
    Ogre - Stone-skin
    Ogre War-chief
    Orc Unit Pack
    Orcish Axeman
    Orcish Spearman
    Orcish Paladin
    Orcish Wolf Rider
    Orthus (big scary orc guy from FFH)
    Uruk-Hai Captain (Lurtz)
    Uruk-Hai Swordsman and Pikeman

    Dwarven Adept
    Dwarven Axeman
    Dwarven Axeman
    Dwarven Champion

    Dark Elf Sorceress
    Dark Elf Unit Pack
    Dark Elf Blackguard
    Dark Female Elven Archers
    Elf Unit Pack
    Elven Archmage
    Elven Champion
    Elven Enchantress
    Elven Rider
    Elven Soldiers - bunch of different types.
    Elven Warrior
    Elven Workers

    Frost Giant
    Green Giant
    Hill Giant

    Undead, Demons
    Ghost Swordsman
    Pyre Zombie
    Skeletal Swordsman
    Skeleton - Archer, Horse Archer, Spear Rider, Swordsman & Spearman

    Amurite Mage
    Female Arcanists

    Not Yet Grouped
    Fifteen Different Rohirrim Units
    Six Fantasy Units
    Ars Moriendi (Cool evil skeleton rider from FFH)
    Aquilonian Infantry
    Austrin Champion
    Berserker of Khorne
    Black Rider
    Brigit the Shining
    Chaos Warrior and Knight
    Clockwork Golem
    Dryad (tree monster)
    Demonic Mage
    Demon Pack (not really sure what this is)
    Desert Sorceress
    Desert Sorceress
    Dire Wolf
    Dunland Spearman
    Dwarf and Elf Pack
    Easterling Pikeman
    Easterling Swordsman
    Female Centaur
    Female Mage
    Fire Mage
    Giant Scorpion
    Golems - various colors
    Gondor Knight
    Gondor Swordsman
    Griffon V2
    Griffon Riders
    Hipogriff (half horse, half griffon)
    Ice Mage
    Ice Golem
    Khajiit (cat people) unit pack
    King Loracaz (evil guy with wings)
    Lamia Mage
    Legolas (Elven Archer)
    Lsjosalfar Mage
    Maar Nasai
    Maiden of Ice
    Mane Warrior
    Mounted Mage
    Pagasus Mounted Champion
    Pegasus Mounted Highland Swordsman
    Pegasus Mounted Recurve Archer
    Pegasus Mounted Spearman
    Pegasus Mounted Warrior
    Rat Mage
    Recurve Archer
    Sabretooth Tiger
    Sauron (evil guy from LotR)
    Sea Dragon
    Serpah (Angel)
    Shadow Flame
    Shadow Mage
    Shadowy Assassin
    Sheam Adept
    Skaven Mystic
    Skave Unit Pack (IDK what Skavens Are)
    Sir Loracaz (Evil Elf)
    Swordemon (skuld)
    Swordsman - Angel Wings
    Swordsman - Demon Wings
    Three Wizards (One on horseback, two on foot)
    Undead - 5 different skins
    Wandering Mage
    Warforged Axe Man (Evil-looking guy with an axe)
    Warrior Priests
    Warrior Mages
    Witch - Flying Broomstick and Cauldron versions
    Wolf and Griffon - Undead
    IDK What These Are
  2. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    Wow! Your compilation really grew big.

    Look for the "spell effect" units in FFH too. What I mean are the fireball and meteor units. There may be others that I can't remember.

    Edit: And also the "item" units like Orthus' Ax.
  3. Murphy613

    Murphy613 Prince

    Nov 18, 2012
    Yeah, it took me about three hours. You'd think copying and pasting links would be easy, but its not. The list is a mess, I'll organize it soon.

    Uploaded the Fireball and Meteor. I'll do Orthus's axe next. Just keep putting in requests. Do you want all the different Elementals?
    I'm really happy to see another Civ V modder who's played FFH; I was starting to believe I was the only one;).
  4. PawelS

    PawelS Ancient Druid

    Dec 11, 2003
    I played FFH too, but I don't want FFH recreated in Civ5. The mod I'm working on is somewhat different - of course most FFH units converted to Civ5 will be useful for me, but also some other units. I think I'll make my own list, with units that aren't on this list.
  5. Pazyryk

    Pazyryk Deity

    Jun 13, 2008
    Yeah, I played it through the last two years of development, and then Orbis and Master of Mana for a while after that. It certainly inspired Éa. I'd be happy to see FFH come back too (appropriately renamed per Kael's wishes).
  6. Murphy613

    Murphy613 Prince

    Nov 18, 2012
    Yeah, I've seen the thread where he asked to use a different name, and I respect that. I don't see how FFH will ever be made for Civ V though if no good modders are interested in doing it. I have neither the time, nor skill to do it myself - and even Kael needed help. I think that's what made FFH so great - it was a huge team effort.
    I uploaded Orthus's Axe - and all the other equipment - here.
  7. Civitar

    Civitar Adventurer

    Mar 23, 2014
    Just a couple issues with the links in the OP:
    • The link to the Dryad goes to the download for the Khorne Berserker
    • One of the Werewolf links goes to a screenshot, not the download.
    I can add (working) links to the proper downloads for these if needed. Also, there are at least two spectacular unit packs not in this list that I have: the Gondor Third Age unit pack and the Last Alliance Elves unit pack.

    EDIT: Actually, I can't seem to find the Dryad, so never mind.
    EDIT2: Never mind EDIT, she is in the database. I've converted her, but she won't be uploaded until the Wood Elf Unit Pack is ready. For preview go to the second link in my sig.
  8. Nomad or What

    Nomad or What Wayfarer Supporter

    Nov 25, 2012
    Wherever the winds take me
    I agree - the thing that made FFH so great was that each civilization was so diverse without being OP or vanilla. I look forward to seeing what other fantasy modders have in mind for Civ V. There is no need to recreate FFH, but for me there is certainly much inspiration and you will notice it when I finally get my mod developed. The key is to make the fantasy material available, which is why I am busy converting units - not only for myself, but for everyone :).

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