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List of music in Civilization V

Discussion in 'Civ5 - General Discussions' started by Nance, Oct 20, 2010.

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  1. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    I don't know if I'm the only one that like Civilization music. From the World of Jules Verne in Civilization II to John Adams music in Civilization IV. I still believe that Civilization IV have the most complete soundtrack of the series, just take a look at this at the article in Wikipedia for this.

    For what I understand for Civilization V, most of the music from the soundtrack are composed by Geoff Knorr and Michael Curran, but they also take stuffs from classic composers, if you look the Europe music folder, I'm not sure for the other ones.

    Unlike Civilization IV, probably because V is still a new game, I can't found the music list anywhere, plus some names of the files in the music folders are really obscurs like (suite no.5 in cm.ogg, sett no.1 fantasia.ogg). By trial and error, I found some, but most them are just too difficult. For those who have the game and like classic music, can we make a list together ? The ones I found:

    Edit: This is not complete. Thanks for everybody that help us!

    Europe Peace folder (DONE!):
    aaron copland - our town pt.1
    aaron copland - our town pt.2
    aaron copland - paisaje mexicano
    aaron copland - the tender land pt.1
    aaron copland - the tender land pt.2
    antonin dvorak - symphony no. 9 - ii. largo
    apm music - lives and secrets b
    apm music - lost to the world 1
    apm music - of ancient walls
    apm music - signs of life
    cesar franck - panis angelicus
    claude debussy - preludes - 8 - la fille aux cheveux de lin
    edvard grieg - peer gynt - aase's death
    frederic talgorn - american dreams
    gabriel faure - berceuse op.56
    gabriel faure - masques bergamasques
    gabriel faure - sicilienne
    george frideric handel - amaryllis suite
    isaac albeniz - iberia - iii. fete-dieu a seville
    jack trombey - dusk
    jack trombey - lacrimae
    orlando gibbons - fantasias a 3 no. 6
    simon park - chanson
    simon park - foxton lock
    william lawes - sett no.1 fantasia
    laurence joyce and john leach - summer idyll

    Europe War folder (some unknown):
    apm music - ancient forces
    apm music - angel or devil
    apm music - apocalypse warrior
    apm music - dark landscapes
    apm music - elipse
    apm music - future victory
    apm music - hidden forces
    apm music - last invasion
    apm music - lost emperor
    apm music - quiet courage
    apm music - seclusion
    apm music - stirring
    apm music - terre vibrante
    apm music - the final combat
    apm music - the last hero
    apm music - voices of war
    apm music - where and why
    frederic talgorn - epitaph
    frederic talgorn - field of poppies
    frederic talgorn - final judgement
    frederic talgorn - fragile truce
    georges bizet - carmen suite prelude
    glenn tollet - elegy
    gustav holst - egdon heath pt.1
    gustav holst - egdon heath pt.2
    gustav holst - hammersmith
    henry purcell - dido and aeneas - when i am laid in earth
    janos lehar - yerusholayim
    johann sebastian bach - komm susser tod
    paul lawler - tragedy
    peter merrick - adagio monochord
    simon park - a winters tale
    simon park and antonio valotti - at rest
    unknown - father's house
    unknown - les adieux
    unknown - long night
    unknown - symphonic synth edit

    Europe Either folder (1 unknown):
    aaron copland - the red pony
    amp music - dark voyage
    amp music - quest for peace b
    amp music - shadow a
    antonin dvorak - romantic pieces - iv. larghetto
    edvard grieg - piano concerto in a minor op.16 - ii. adagio
    frederic talgorn - missing in action
    gabriel faure - berceuse op.16
    george frideric handel - amaryllis suite sarabande
    gustav mahler - symphony no.5 - iv. adagietto
    johann mattheson - suite no.5 in c m
    mikhail ippolitov-ivanov - in the manger
    unknown - end

    America Peace folder (1 unknown):
    apm music - blooming
    apm music - carajas
    apm music - flame tree
    apm music - indian brave
    apm music - indian
    apm music - marajo
    apm music - urucu
    apm music - wind song 1
    apm music - wind song 5
    apm music - wind song 8
    inkuyo - tierra callowaya
    james demars - far from the water
    paul lawler - past mysteries
    r. carlos nakai - 12 20 82 song
    r. carlos nakai - canyon reverie
    r. carlos nakai - catfish muse
    r. carlos nakai - daybreak vision
    r. carlos nakai - inner voices
    r. carlos nakai - kokopelli wind
    r. carlos nakai - song for the morning star
    r. carlos nakai - winter solstice
    r. carlos nakai - woodsong
    traditional - jach's marka
    unknown - inca peace 1

    America War folder (1 unknown):
    apm music - a wild beauty a
    apm music - a wild beauty b
    apm music - bad turbulence
    apm music - cold and massive
    apm music - cold floating
    apm music - disturbing fusion
    apm music - heavy gurgling
    apm music - jurua
    apm music - little suspense
    apm music - luxuriant torpor
    apm music - man of sorrow
    apm music - nervous tremors
    apm music - old woman's lament
    apm music - panic fear
    apm music - persisting wriggling
    apm music - restless sleep
    apm music - slow fall
    apm music - tribal breath
    apm music - tribal tension
    apm music - unstable
    apm music - where eagles fly b
    apm music - wild force
    paul lawler - mists of time
    unknown - inca war 1

    America Either folder (almost done):
    apm music - biogenesis
    apm music - cold menace
    apm music - cold waiting
    apm music - fearful steps
    apm music - floating texture
    apm music - iriri
    apm music - light wave
    apm music - manitou
    apm music - miniature
    apm music - primitive march
    apm music - putumayo
    apm music - rolling tone
    apm music - solo flute 2
    apm music - song of the plains
    apm music - tragic action
    apm music - trombetas
    apm music - village morning
    apm music - wind song 4
    apm music - xingu
    global journey ltd - blackfoot nights
    global journey ltd - cheyenne prairie
    global journey ltd - dream of the navajo
    unknown - fatal running

    Asia Peace folder (1 unknown):
    apm music - bright colours
    apm music - flower elegy
    apm music - highlands of tibet
    apm music - infant emperor
    apm music - kambu
    apm music - lantern garden
    apm music - nang nahk
    apm music - phatcha
    apm music - rabum nokyoung
    apm music - sukhothai
    apm music - sunset journey
    apm music - taj mahal agra india a
    apm music - thar desert
    chen peixun - aria of snow
    john leach & francis silkstone - night raga
    katsutoshi nagasawa - five sketches on nishikigi - aidama. indigo ball
    katsutoshi nagasawa - five sketches on nishikigi - ruri. lapis lazuli
    li zhongyong - mountain village in a spring morning
    liu tianhua - joyful night
    ravi shankar - concerto for sitar and orchestra - iv. raga manj khamaj
    ravi shankar - morning love
    ravi shankar - sitar concerto no.2 - ii. bairagi
    ravi shankar - sitar concerto no.2 - iii. yaman kalyan
    ren guang - colorful clouds chasing the moon
    zhang qianyi - northern forest
    unknown - song of joy

    Asia War folder (almost done):
    akira ifukube - i. nocturne pt.1
    akira ifukube - i. nocturne pt.2
    akira ifukube - ballata sinfonica
    apm music - dark currents
    apm music - dragon dance
    apm music - dynasties of power
    apm music - golden temple
    apm music - holy water vessel
    apm music - honoured ways
    apm music - no resting place
    apm music - sai tar sinlapin
    apm music - song of the imperial throne
    apm music - three great rivers
    apm music - tide of destruction
    ian cleworth - miyajima
    ian cleworth & riley kelly lee - takeda's poem
    joji hirota - haru-ichiban pt.1
    joji hirota - harvest
    joji hirota - musashi mai uchi
    joji hirota - pageant
    michio miyagi - seoto
    traditional - kangen. hyojo no netori
    yuzo toyama - etenraku nokorigaku samben
    yuzo toyama - etenraku
    unknown - courtesy of black sun records - shinrabansyo
    unknown - courtesy of lyrichord - chos

    Asia Either folder (some unknown):
    apm music - great wall of china
    apm music - kap mai
    apm music - mother ganges
    apm music - the dynasty begins
    apm music - the enlightened one
    apm music - the eternal question a
    apm music - the floating temple
    apm music - to discover
    apm music - vi dam
    katsutoshi nagasawa - five sketches on nishikigi - moegi. yellowish green
    ravi shankar - concerto for sitar and orchestra - ii. raga sindhi bhairavi
    yun qu - ancient xiang shan melody
    yun qu - lotus
    yun qu - mei yun melody
    yun qu - the dragon emperor's lament
    unknown - jade hibiscus
    unknown - music of clouds
    unknown - tiaw tang

    Middle East Africa Peace folder (some unknown):
    ahmed mukhtar - sufi moments
    apm music - the senses awaken a
    brian keane - istanbul'dan
    brian keane and omar faruk tekbilek - salute to the sun
    john leach & francis silkstone - river sunrise
    omar faruk tekbilek - crescent moon
    omar faruk tekbilek - rast medhal pt.1
    omar faruk tekbilek - rast medhal pt.2
    omar faruk tekbilek - yalel
    michael atherton - maat
    michael atherton - shen
    unknown - senburgaz ciftetellisi
    unknown - iraqi cafe
    unknown - jallaman
    unknown - plang quel crudel basciar
    unknown - sufi

    Middle East Africa War folder (almost done):
    anonymous - march of the bey's
    apm music - arabia c
    apm music - damaged lands c
    apm music - fragile lands b
    apm music - saharan vistas
    bashir abdel al - aridda wal noor
    bashir abdel al - flying bird
    michael askill - air and other invisible forces
    michael askill - salome's entrance
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - aman
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - desert wind
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - sufi house
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - the goldsmiths
    michael atherton - atum iii
    michael atherton - atum v
    michael atherton - khet pt.2
    michael atherton - khet pt.3
    omar faruk tekbilek - gawazi
    omar faruk tekbilek - sultan of the hearts
    r.a. fish - pakistani sufi rhythm
    r.a. fish - whirling dervish rhythm
    traditional - raqsat albedoi (iraq)
    unknown - arab marshes
    unknown - dafa
    unknown - ornament

    Middle East Africa Either folder (some unknown):
    anonymous - solo for the ud
    brian keane and omar faruk tekbilek - ghizemli
    dijvan gasparian - brother hunter (armenia)
    dimitrie cantemir - pesrevin rastmode
    gian battista toderini - concerto turco nominato
    huseyin turkmenler - bride meeting tune of bolu
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - cool water
    michael askill and omar faruk tekbilek - under desert stars
    omar faruk tekbilek - yunus
    traditional - nay solo
    unknown - judgemental wound
    unknown - pesrev yunusemre (ilahileri)
    unknown - testimony

    The Dvorak Larghetto is my favorite!

    Oh, by the way, I was never able to play the game. I'll try to re-install it one day...
  2. qrpw

    qrpw Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2010
    Sydney, Australia
    I would love to find out a complete list of music used in Civilization V- I just bought the game a few days ago and I have many of the classical music pieces from Civ IV on my playlist. It seems to me that a simple google search might suffice for many of the pieces. If I have time later I might search for a few. I actually recognised one from my very first game of Civ V-

    Sicilienne by Gabriel Fauré in Europe Peace.
  3. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
  4. lynxxyarly

    lynxxyarly Chieftain

    Sep 25, 2010
  5. brento1138

    brento1138 O' Mighty CivII Warrior

    Apr 4, 2005
    I've put together an amazing soundtrack for civilization. Someday I will release it online... I guess legally I cannot get you to download it, as it would be file sharing. But I suppose I can post a list of the tracks.

    Thanks for adding these. Will be adding it to my personal collection soon.

    Oh, and by the way. I turn off the music in all of my civ games, open up itunes, and select a soundtrack. I have three playlists (to keep things simple) composed of Ancient, Classical, Modern. I prefer more ethnic drum-based tracks in the ancient section, with music from "Dead Can Dance" sprinkled in there too (soundtrack from Baraka).. several middle-eastern songs I've collected over the years, and great celtic tracks. Then after my civilization advances, I start playing the Classical playlist which is composed of the famous composers like Beethoven etc. Once you get into the Modern age, I've selected tracks from films and more modern composers.

    Anyways, I am rambling.. thanks again for the list! Very useful. Music really makes Civ a better experience... especially historical, wonderful, classic music :)
  6. i like burgers

    i like burgers Chieftain

    Sep 25, 2010
  7. SammyKhalifa

    SammyKhalifa Warlord

    Sep 18, 2003
    I loved this in IV, and I'm glad it made a return. It's absolutely perfect for what they're using it for.
  8. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Thanks for the list of licensed music credits!
  9. Celleron

    Celleron Chieftain

    Oct 28, 2010
    La Jolla, CA
    Europe Peace:
    The Red Pony - Aaron Copland
    Our Town - Aaron Copland
    The Tender Land Pt1 & 2 - Aaron Copland
    Paisaje Mexicano - Aaron Copland

    Asia War:
    Harvest - Joji Hirota

    Asia Either:
    Raga Sindhi Bairavi - Ravi Shankar

    All in all, I'm very impressed with the quality of the pieces they've selected for CiV, I'm still torn between Gandhi's Raga Asa or Elizabeth's I Vow to Thee My Country as my favorite leader music... although Gengis Khan's Traditional Mongol Melody could be the tie breaker.
  10. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    Thanks you so much! Merci!!!!!!! :bowdown:

    This is still a bit nighmarish because we don't know which song is which file, which folder, but this is a beginning, a strong beginning! Yes!
  11. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    I will take a look of all this, then I will update my first post. So the ones that want the infos could all have it in one place.
  12. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    I update the list, this is a huge improvement, but some are missing.

    This site help a lot for the licensed music (merci!), but they are still some unknown classic composer, especially for the "courtesy of dewolfe music" (that use classical music from composer bizet, grieg,...).

    Also, some unknown could be original from the game.
  13. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    I edit the first message with some found unknown.
  14. SalmonSoil

    SalmonSoil Chieftain

    May 17, 2010
    I wish they had divided music by eras again. Except then I never wanted to leave the classical era in the hope that that one song would play.
  15. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
  16. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    Me too, I like in the CIV IV how in the beginning the music is primitive, then classic, then more comtemporary...
  17. melmel80

    melmel80 Chieftain

    Mar 20, 2006
    Atlanta, GA, USA
  18. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
    On the 2kgames forum, someone post the titles of the inspiration of the leader song, that would be on the soundtrack CD:

    Civilization V Collectors edition comes with 2 soundtrack CDs.

    Back cover:

    "For each of the leaders in Civilization V, we have chosen actual melodies from the leader's civilization as a starting point for our peace and war music. It has been a fascinating glimpse into the richly diverse musical styles our world encompasses. Enjoy !"

    DISC 1


    Track 1
    Opening Movie Music -Michael Curran

    Track 2
    Civilization 5 Theme - Michael Curran, Menu Music


    Tracks 3, 4
    Washington -Peace, war - Michael Curran
    America - America the Beautiful

    Tracks 5, 6
    Elizabeth -Peace, war - Geoff Knorr
    England - I Vow to Thee, My Country

    Tracks 7, 8
    Bismark -Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Germany - Ode to Joy

    Tracks 9, 10
    Napoleon -Peace, war - Michael Curran
    France - Cancan Melody from Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld

    Tracks 11, 12
    Catherine -Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Russia - Capulets and Montegues

    Tracks 13, 14
    Alexander - Peace, war - Geoff Knorr
    Greece - Epitaph of Seikilos

    Tracks 15, 16
    Augustus Caesar - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Rome - Ancient Roman Melody Fragments


    Track 17
    Ramesesses II - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Ancient Egypt - Ancient Egyptian Melody Fragments

    DISC 2

    Tracks 1, 2
    Darius I - Peace, war - Geoff Knorr
    Persia - Morghe Sahar

    Tracks 3, 4
    Askia - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Songhai - Gambia folk song

    Tracks 5, 6
    Harun al-Rashid - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Arabia - Thikrati; Hijaz Maqam


    Tracks 7, 8
    Wu Zetian - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    China - Goa Shan Liu Shui

    Tracks 9, 10
    Gandhi - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    India - Raga Asa

    Tracks 11, 12
    Oda Nobunaga - Peace, war - Geoff Knorr
    Japan - Rokudan no Shirabe


    Tracks 13, 14
    Montezuma - Peace, war - Michael Curran
    Aztec - Cora Mitote Song from Santa Teresa

    Tracks 15, 16
    Hiawatha - Peace, war - Ian Smith
    Iroguois - Ho, Ho, Watanay

    Music Produced by Michael Curran and Geoff Knorr
    Orchestration by Geoff Knorr
    Orchestra Conducted by Andy Brick
    Orchestra: Filmharmonic Orchestra Praque
    Choirmaster: Stanislav Mistr
    Concertmaster: Rita Čepurčenco & Miloš Jahoda
    Recording Engineer: Jan Kotzmann
    Assistant Engineer: Cenda Kotzmann
    Music Preparation: Geoff Knorr
    Orchestra Librarian: Tomáš Kirschner

    Mixed by Scott Metcalfe, Michael Curran, Geoff Knorr and Ian Smith
    Mastered by Scott Metcalfe
  19. Nance

    Nance Chieftain

    Oct 20, 2010
  20. luniz

    luniz Chieftain

    Aug 20, 2006
    what's the song for mongolia where they say "ding, ding" in it?
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