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List of resources?


Jan 7, 2002
New York
Is there any way to know how many resources there are on a map? Im playing a huge map, and want to wage strategic warfare, but need to look at every single square to see if it holds a resource.

When oil and rubber pop up, I'd like to know the number on the map, so I can beeline for them.
One way is to look in the trade advisor screen. If other civs have the tech and extra resources, they'll show up there. As resources tend to show up in clumps, you'll get an idea of where they're at. If at all possible, immediately kill that civ

Obviously, this is a horrendously ineffecient way of doing this with many, many problems. Unfortunately, it's the only one I've found that doesn't involve scrolling around the map piece by piece looking at all the individual squares.
Thats the thing, if resources appeared in clumps it would be no problem, but how is it that everyone has access to oil? Are they all getting it from one civ?
There is a way to switch the view so that all the imporvments and citys disappear, like the terrain option on the mini map. Only remember it being briefly reffered to in a threa don the Stories forum and I may be wrong
ctrl-shift-m I believe, but I still gotta look at every tile. Not bad on a smaller map, killer on a huge pangea though.
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