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[Live Tuner] AI info dump

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Utility Programs' started by smellymummy, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    this little script will 1) let you see all sorts of information about the current state of your game in the tuner's console 2) provide a few shortcuts to do stuff to the AI that the tuner only provides for the player and 3) pick up various game events and print out the relevant information to the console as the events occur

    extremely useful for testing out immediate and long term changes to your game. all data printing works without having an active human player so you can set up those '1000 turn autoplay return as observer' huge map marathon tests, and come back the next day to see what went wrong with your mod ;)

    set 'EnableTuner' to 1 in your config.ini
    download and extract to your civ5 MODS directory
    activate in the civ5 mod menu
    once a civ5 game is loaded, select the aiinfodump lua state in the tuner

    commands you can type in the console

    turn on and off automatic information on game changes. can display diplomacy, policy, war, technology, city captures, combat reports, new cities, population change and new units (all off by default)

    turns on a timer that reports how many seconds a turn took to process

    force a player declare war on another player

    culture to a specific player

    gold to a specific player

    give a specified tech to a player

    extra information on a city (city type, population, defense, gold, science, production, buildings built)

    a shorter version of info(), this will show shortened information from every major civ

    prints out information for the specified major civ, all of them or the minor civs:
    research, science, golden age, culture, gold, income, happiness
    resource data, usage, export, imports
    city list showing the city size, growth, production, science, income
    adopted social policies of the player
    diplomatic deals

    ArgentumStudios and his AgS - Resource Info Panel which is where the civ resource code originates from and for its insight it gave me into the civ5 lua api

    robk and his Info Addict mod: since i started this project, i kept on pushing back listing diplo deals and the task of diving into tradelogic, but his mod did an awesome job of clearing it all up for me right away

    version history:
    Spoiler :

    v1.35 (11/26/2010)
    fixed tracking so there's no skipping of any players (IsTurnActive() is false in autoplay for the first player after the human)
    cleaned up diplomacy tracking and added comments as to what's happening there
    turntimerplayer was using turntimer() on the first calc, stupid bug squashed
    added more known/unknown events their passed values and triggers

    v1.34 (11/23/2010)
    turntimerplayer() and whosactive() added to debug game freezes (not crashes). shows how long each player takes, and who's currently active
    policytracker shows anarchy, blocked, not blocked policies and updates at every player instead of every turn
    cleaned up the diplomacy printouts for better readability
    diplomacy table indexing (key=value) changed a bit to help avoid dupes
    started to document/comment functions with more clarity, we'll see how long that lasts ;)

    v1.33 (11/22/2010)
    diplomacy finally added
    info now has minor, also a fast info for toppanelish data at a glance
    event prints for diplomacy, policy, combat, etc
    added giveculture and givegold
    turntimer doesnt need an activeplayer anymore
    specific city info
    streamlined the code a bit

    v1.3 (11/08/2010)
    cleaned up some messy parts of the script
    added listing of techs and civs
    added give specific tech to AI
    added make AI declare war
    added a turn timer

    v1.2 (10/29/2010)
    policies get displayed
    warnings/prints on certain events
    basic unit tracking coded in, doesn't do much
    lots of other code from playing around left in

    v1.1 (10/22/2010)
    now prints out city information. base hammer production shown and build progress is rounded down (from citylist.lua and cityview.lua)
    cleaned up the script, more condensed now
    formatting is a bit more neat.

    prints out civ toppanel info (gold, science, happiness, etc), current research, and resource information (bonus resources included)

    Spoiler :

    building tracking
    how to print stuff in color!?!
    neater formating
    have all the info available in a UI panel in game (pipe dream)
    map out more events
    more timer functions

    Attached Files:

  2. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    v1.1 uploaded, now shows city information
  3. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    v1.2 uploaded, now shows policies and prints out info based on events + a bunch of code being tested left in (optional to run) for other lua interested folks
  4. Gazebo

    Gazebo Lord of the Community Patch

    Sep 26, 2010
    Aquidneck Island
  5. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    glad you got some use out of it :)

    and v1.3 uploaded
  6. rf900

    rf900 Chieftain

    Jan 31, 2006
    Thanks for this, I am obsessed by the long time waiting for turns, I have tested your timer and it is a start of what I was looking for.

    Any chance you can get more info on what is going on during the end turn phase, not just the time but a full trace so we can get to know under which conditions the turn takes longer and where does it get stuck.
  7. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    i think that's what the debug panels are used for. if i make sense of them i'd probably add something like that into the timer function. especially if something is eating up all the time, it would be good to know what it is
  8. Whys

    Whys Between the Lines

    Oct 20, 2007
    This utility is a good idea. Just a couple satirical documentation suggestions. :)

    --24 hours and still hasn't fired???
    Events.SerialEventSunRise.Add( OnSunRise );

    --why don't these arguments seem to do anything???
    function OnTaxation( iTakeThis, iTakeThat, iTakeOther )

    --why does this appear to fire randomly???
    Events.SerialEventsDeath.Add( onDeath );
  9. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
  10. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    1.33 uploaded. many changes with diplomacy being on top of the list of importance
  11. MouseyPounds

    MouseyPounds Chieftain

    Nov 8, 2010
    Maryland, USA
    I just updated from 1.33 to 1.35 and noticed a bunch of UNITSTATECHANGED lines showing up in the console like this one:
    aiinfodump: 114: UNITSTATECHANGEDETECTED: Iroquois unit: Scout at x,y: 51, 34	c=0
    And then looking in the Lua I see the following:
    function unitstatechangedetected ( pnum, unitid, c )
    	-- what triggers this ?
    	-- what is c?
    Intrigued, I poked about in the vanilla files and noticed that UnitMemberOverlay.lua and UnitFlagManager.lua are the only places that monitor this event and both of them use the variable name "fogState" for parameter c. Additionally, the UnitFlagManager identifies the following as the potential fogState values:
    local BlackFog = 0; -- invisible
    local GreyFog  = 1; -- once seen
    local WhiteFog = 2; -- eyes on
    So it looks like this event has something to do with other player's units entering/leaving the active player's field of vision where 0 is probably a unit moving into unrevealed territory, 1 is probably a unit going into revealed territory that's not currently in vision, and 2 is probably a unit moving into a visible tile. I only tested it really briefly though.
  12. MouseyPounds

    MouseyPounds Chieftain

    Nov 8, 2010
    Maryland, USA
    Also, I rewrote the cityinfo() function on my local copy to provide additional information and use a more rigid format. Changes include city HP if damaged, Governor focus, raze/revolt counter, adjusted production rate, border expansion progress, and estimated turns for border expansion, growth, and production. If you are interested in incorporating any of these changes in the official version, code and sample output are spoilered below.

    Spoiler code :
    -- Note also that the print("Cities") line was moved from inside cityinfo() to the process() function so it only prints once
    function cityinfo ( pnum, cityid )
    	local player = Players[ pnum ]
    	local city = player:GetCityByID( cityid )
    	local citystatus = "";
    	if ( city:IsCapital() ) then
    		citystatus = "Capital"
    	elseif city:IsRazing() then
    		citystatus = string.format("Razing - %d turns", city:GetRazingTurns())
    	elseif ( city:IsPuppet() ) then
    		citystatus = "Puppet"
    	elseif ( city:IsOccupied() and not city:IsNoOccupiedUnhappiness() ) then
    		citystatus = "Occupied";
    	local cityrevolt = ""
    	if city:IsResistance() then
    		cityrevolt = string.format("Revolt - %d turns", city:GetResistanceTurns())
    	local cityfocus = ""
    	local focusType = city:GetFocusType()
    	-- There's probably a way to iterate and retreive names from the localized text keys
    	-- Note also AI has access to extra focus types not available on CityView screen
    	if focusType ~= CityAIFocusTypes.NO_CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE then
    		if focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_FOOD then
    			cityfocus = "Food"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_PRODUCTION then
    			cityfocus = "Production"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_GOLD then
    			cityfocus = "Gold"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_SCIENCE then
    			cityfocus = "Science"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_CULTURE then
    			cityfocus = "Culture"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_GREAT_PEOPLE then
    			cityfocus = "Great Person"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_GOLD_GROWTH then
    			cityfocus = "Gold/Growth"
    		elseif focusType == CityAIFocusTypes.CITY_AI_FOCUS_TYPE_PROD_GROWTH then
    			cityfocus = "Prod/Growth"
    			cityfocus = "Unknown"
    		cityfocus = cityfocus .. " Focus"
    	-- Using cityextra as a way to keep all the extra info directly under the city name.
    	-- Note that values are inserted in reverse order of priority.
    	local cityextra = {"", "", ""}
    	if cityrevolt ~= "" then table.insert(cityextra, 1, cityrevolt) end
    	if citystatus ~= "" then table.insert(cityextra, 1, citystatus) end
    	if cityfocus ~= "" then table.insert(cityextra, 1, cityfocus) end
    	local cityHP = ""
    	if city:GetDamage() > 0 then
    		local fullHP = GameDefines.MAX_CITY_HIT_POINTS
    		cityHP = string.format( "HP: %2d/%2d", fullHP - city:GetDamage(), fullHP )
    	print(string.format("%-20s  Size: %-3d  Strength: %-3d  %s",
    						city:GetName(), city:GetPopulation(),
    						math.floor( city:GetStrengthValue() / 100 ), cityHP))
    	local rate = city:GetJONSCulturePerTurn()
    	local stored = city:GetJONSCultureStored()
    	local threshold = city:GetJONSCultureThreshold()
    	local turns = ""
    	if rate ~= 0 then
    		turns = string.format("(%d turns)", math.ceil( ( threshold - stored ) / rate ))
    	print(string.format("  %-18s  Gold: %-3d  Science: %-3d   Culture: %-3d  Expand: %d/%d %s",
    						cityextra[ 1 ], city:GetYieldRateTimes100( YieldTypes.YIELD_GOLD ) / 100 ,
    						city:GetYieldRateTimes100( YieldTypes.YIELD_SCIENCE ) / 100,
    						rate, stored, threshold, turns ))
    	rate = city:FoodDifference()
    	stored = city:GetFood()
    	threshold = city:GrowthThreshold()
    	turns = ""
    	if rate ~= 0 then
    		turns = string.format("(%d turns)", math.ceil( math.abs( threshold - stored ) / rate ))
    	print(string.format("  %-18s  Food: %-3d  (%3d produced - %3d eaten)   Growth: %d/%d %s",
    						cityextra[ 2 ], rate, city:GetYieldRateTimes100( YieldTypes.YIELD_FOOD ) / 100,
    						city:FoodConsumption(true, 0), stored, threshold, turns ))
    	rate = city:GetCurrentProductionDifferenceTimes100( false, false ) / 100
    	stored = city:GetProductionTimes100() / 100
    	threshold = city:GetProductionNeeded()
    	if threshold < 0 or threshold == 2147483647 then threshold = 0 end
    	turns = ""
    	if rate ~= 0 then
    		turns = string.format("(%d turns)", math.ceil( ( threshold - stored ) / rate ))
    	print(string.format("  %-18s  Prod: %-3d  (%3d base)     Producing: %s %d/%d %s",
    						cityextra[ 3 ], math.floor( rate ), 
    						city:GetYieldRateTimes100( YieldTypes.YIELD_PRODUCTION ) / 100,
    						Locale.ConvertTextKey( city:GetProductionNameKey() ),
    						math.floor( stored ), threshold, turns ))

    Spoiler output :
     aiinfodump: Cities:
     aiinfodump: Onondaga              Size: 12   Strength: 18   
     aiinfodump:   Capital             Gold: 17   Science: 15    Culture: 1    Expand: 44/60 (16 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 12   ( 34 produced -  24 eaten)   Growth: 46/155 (10 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 18   ( 18 base)     Producing: Archer 60/70 (1 turns)
     aiinfodump: Osininka              Size: 7    Strength: 12   
     aiinfodump:   Prod/Growth Focus   Gold: 7    Science: 7     Culture: 2    Expand: 5/75 (35 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 4    ( 18 produced -  14 eaten)   Growth: 50/76 (7 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 7    (  7 base)     Producing: Walls 98/100 (1 turns)
     aiinfodump: Grand River           Size: 5    Strength: 10   
     aiinfodump:                       Gold: 8    Science: 5     Culture: 2    Expand: 6/45 (20 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 2    ( 12 produced -  10 eaten)   Growth: 1/51 (25 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 9    (  9 base)     Producing: Barracks 63/80 (2 turns)
     aiinfodump: Akwesasme             Size: 6    Strength: 10   
     aiinfodump:   Prod/Growth Focus   Gold: 6    Science: 6     Culture: 2    Expand: 14/45 (16 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 2    ( 14 produced -  12 eaten)   Growth: 28/63 (18 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 13   ( 13 base)     Producing: Forge 110/150 (4 turns)
     aiinfodump: Buffalo Creek         Size: 4    Strength: 16   
     aiinfodump:                       Gold: 6    Science: 4     Culture: 2    Expand: 18/45 (14 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 4    ( 12 produced -   8 eaten)   Growth: 32/40 (2 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 8    (  8 base)     Producing: Scout 0/25 (4 turns)
     aiinfodump: Brantford             Size: 5    Strength: 11   
     aiinfodump:   Science Focus       Gold: 4    Science: 5     Culture: 2    Expand: 22/30 (4 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 3    ( 13 produced -  10 eaten)   Growth: 13/51 (13 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 8    (  8 base)     Producing: Granary 99/100 (1 turns)
     aiinfodump: Montreal              Size: 5    Strength: 10   
     aiinfodump:   Science Focus       Gold: 5    Science: 5     Culture: 2    Expand: 14/30 (8 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 3    ( 13 produced -  10 eaten)   Growth: 14/51 (13 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 5    (  5 base)     Producing: Longhouse 58/80 (5 turns)
     aiinfodump: Genesse River         Size: 2    Strength: 9    
     aiinfodump:                       Gold: 3    Science: 2     Culture: 0    Expand: 0/20 
     aiinfodump:                       Food: 5    (  9 produced -   4 eaten)   Growth: 18/22 (1 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 3    (  3 base)     Producing: Longhouse 22/80 (20 turns)
     aiinfodump: Sparta                Size: 2    Strength: 9    HP: 13/20
     aiinfodump:   Gold Focus          Gold: 4    Science: 2     Culture: 0    Expand: 0/20 
     aiinfodump:   Puppet              Food: 4    (  8 produced -   4 eaten)   Growth: 12/22 (3 turns)
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 4    (  4 base)     Producing: Monument 8/60 (13 turns)
     aiinfodump: Persepolis            Size: 4    Strength: 11   HP: 11/20
     aiinfodump:   Gold Focus          Gold: 0    Science: 0     Culture: 0    Expand: 0/20 
     aiinfodump:   Puppet              Food: 0    ( 16 produced -   8 eaten)   Growth: 0/40 
     aiinfodump:   Revolt - 3 turns    Prod: 0    (  4 base)     Producing:  0/0 
     aiinfodump: Pasargadae            Size: 1    Strength: 10   HP: 11/20
     aiinfodump:   Razing - 1 turns    Gold: 0    Science: 0     Culture: 0    Expand: 0/20 
     aiinfodump:   Revolt - 1 turns    Food: 0    (  8 produced -   2 eaten)   Growth: 0/15 
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 0    (  2 base)     Producing:  0/0 
     aiinfodump: Susa                  Size: 3    Strength: 11   HP: 11/20
     aiinfodump:   Occupied            Gold: 0    Science: 0     Culture: 0    Expand: 0/20 
     aiinfodump:   Revolt - 2 turns    Food: 0    ( 15 produced -   6 eaten)   Growth: 0/30 
     aiinfodump:                       Prod: 0    (  2 base)     Producing: Monument 0/60 
  13. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    very nice find for the unitstatechange event :)

    that thing has been bugging me for a while, always triggering for nearby AI units. it's more than likely just like you said a visibility thing
  14. Kruelgor

    Kruelgor Chieftain

    May 12, 2010
    The United States
    I'm going to give this a try right now. I need to try to figure out why the AI is not researching the new tech tree I made.
  15. smellymummy

    smellymummy Chieftain

    Jul 31, 2002
    i hope it helps you and that relevant information is still being shown. haven't tested this or most of the lua api with the latest patches in a while now. really should go over all the changes and so forth, its on a todo list :)
  16. IR0NMIKE

    IR0NMIKE Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2011
    Can't find "aiinfodump" in my state drop-down - any idea what causes this?

    Here is my LUA message when game is loaded:

    [ Lua State = Main State ]
    InstalledPanel: Refreshing Mods
    InstalledPanel: ModID IN ('f5028cac-d749-4b76-a05e-83331b857ca1', 'd565342c-f7b5-495e-9c1d-c05c2d55c8a3')
    InstalledPanel: Refreshing Mods
    InstalledPanel: Refreshing Mods
    InstalledPanel: Refreshing Mods
    InstalledPanel: Refreshing Mods
    CivilopediaScreen: SetSelectedCategory(12)
    CivilopediaScreen: CivilopediaCategory[CategoryTerrain].DisplayList
    CivilopediaScreen: SetSelectedCategory(1)
    CivilopediaScreen: CivilopediaCategory[CategoryHomePage].DisplayList
    Tutorial: Enabling Tutorial
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ConfirmImprovementRebuildPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\CityPlotManagementPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ConfirmCommandPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\MinorCivEnterTerritoryPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\LiberateMinorPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ReturnCivilianPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\AnnexCityPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\DeclareWarMovePopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\BarbarianRansomPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ConfirmGiftPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ConfirmCityTaskPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\PuppetCityPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\DeclareWarRangeStrikePopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\ConfirmPolicyBranchPopup.lua
    GenericPopup: Loaded Popup - Assets\UI\InGame\PopupsGeneric\MinorCivGoldPopup.lua
    Runtime Error: [string "Assets/UI/InGame/InGame.lua"]:1076: attempt to index local 'addinFile' (a nil value)
    Runtime Error: Error loading Assets/UI/InGame/InGame.lua.
    TechTree: AdvisorControl could not be found
  17. Prodigy756

    Prodigy756 Chieftain

    Oct 8, 2012
    I am so confused on how to use this tuner. Help?
  18. OursIstheFury

    OursIstheFury Chieftain

    Apr 13, 2013
    Yeah this doesn't show up on my livetuner list either, and it looks like exactly what I've been looking for in regards to data mining.

    Anyone think they'd be able to fix this mod? It probably is just out of date.
  19. UnderPL

    UnderPL Chieftain

    Jun 21, 2015
    despite my complete ignorance to civ 5 modding, ive been able to found the problem on latest civ version . apparently with gods and kings, isWorkingWithPlayer() was removed (forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?p=11588466), it was a function that was used to check if a player was in pact of cooperation something that has been replaced with declarations of friendship. so to make it work replace isWorkingWithPlayer() by isFriends(). That's in AI "info dump (v 1.35)/lua/aiinfodump.lua" line 925

    edit: you also need to get ride of the pact of secrecy code or replace it with Player.IsDenouncingPlayer(not sure)

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