LK 13 - Sucession, China, Dominator


Exterminate, exterminate, exterminate!!!
Aug 15, 2001
Worker automate is not fair is sucession games - please do not use it.
Also, no long go to orders. Don't fortify ships in the middle of the ocean.
Of course - NEVER load a autosave!

LeeKendter (me)

All victory conditions are enabled, but the ONLY thing Mao will accept is domination of the world. Even conquest by razing cities is NOT allowed, we will capture most of the towns (OK to burn a stupid location, or size 20).

Civ = China
World = LARGE, Wet, Warm, 5 Billion, large continents.
Difficulty = Regent
Barbarians = Roaming
# Civs = 12
24 hours to verify you can play your turn, 48 hours to play.
Your choice, up to 20 turns. You can always play less.

This is a large continent, large map. Expect 1/2 hours turns before it is over. War time later in the game will be over 1 hour / turn. DON'T sign up if you can't commit to this type of timeframe. This is a depature from my typical, and more war oriented. Of course, I have a peaceaholic game planned in the future for LK14 :love:
Well not quite LK8 -
This time we are seeking well timed wars :shottie:

You are #2. Once I get more, I will post my first turns ...
I'm in.
The only problem is that you're going to have to skip me sometimes because I can't play (long turns) from tuesday to thursday, but I'll let you know in advance when that's the case.
3900 AD -After walking for over 100 years, our people find a place to settle by a river. Beijing is founded, and our scientist begin research on the concept of the alphabet.
3600 AD - Our first Warrior is trained, and is orded to begin surveying the land.
3500 AD - We meet a people by the name of Sakae, and the teach of the art of Pottery.
3450 AD - A strange new animal called cattle is spotted. This could be a good spot for a new city, but the warrior is ordered to explore the area more. The culture of Beijing expands, and 4 grasslands with shields are now available.
3100 AD - Our first settler is completed.
3000 AD - We are #6 on the list of most advanced nations :(
2900 AD - Shangai if formed, and immediately orders the Pyramids. On a large world, this is a very critical wonder.

2510 AD - Our warrior complete the southern land survey. Mostly plains, our work is cut out that way. The Beijing settler factory pumps out a settler, Worker ordered up, and scheduled to arrive in two turns.
2350 AD - Canton is formed, we use the last cattle spot. This is the last of the grassland city spots.
2230 AD - Barbarians attack Shanghai, and our warrior is ordered to find the source. We get a conscript warrior - big whoop.

Summary - Map Making looks very important, as there is a land mass south of ours.
Keep developing tiles by Shanghai - This will be a very good town for production of wonders, and military. Get a second warrior there for happiness. Pyramids is less then 69 turns - before mining the cow and the other grass lands with mines. Keep one worker on improving that area.

Beijing is a settler / worker factory. Don't use it for much else. I am building another worker, as our territory will need lots of work, particulary irragation to get the southern plain cities up to speed.

You get to start the next city. That plains with wheat is looking good.

Up next - Thazi

On Deck - Pggar

Will add another player.
The start of our empire.
2190 BC: Lower the science rate to 20%; there is no difference in the amount of turns until Alphabet.

2150 BC: The Shangian tribe teaches us the wheel. There are two sources of horses in our immediate area.

2110 BC: The research for Alphabet is complete and we now start on writing. The science rate is raised to 90%, which will yield Writing in 29 turns.

2030 BC: The city of Nanking is founded near a river.

1990 BC: Our glorious army destroys a Chuzz camp and raids 25 gold from the now defunct people.

1750 BC: The Yue-Chi tribe teaches us Ceremonial Burial.

1600 BC: Our warriors destroy a Kushah encampment and return 25 gold to Shanghai.

1575 BC: The city of Tsingtao is established to secure two sources of incense. We currently have a worker building a road to Tsingtao but it will still take about 9 turns until everything is on line.

1450 BC: Micromanaging saves 5 turns on the Pyramids but the next leader should consider raising the luxury rate to 10% to avoid rioting.

1425 BC: Lower the science rate to 10% for 1 turn and net 16 gold.

I accidentally played 24 turns instead of my allotted 20 but at this early stage in the game the turns go so fast that sometimes it is hard to keep an accurate account of the number of turns that you have played. Writing will be finished in one turn and as Ike instructed we should then research Map Making. We have yet to make contact with another civilization and while I feel our island is too big for just us, I still have not seen signs of foreign life. We should continue to expand and we should eventually go for the silks to the west and the furs to the north. The game is going well so far and as long as the island to the south is not a dud, we are in very good shape.

Note: I continued to build some military, I have connected us to one source of horses and I have also built two new barracks.
I will give it a shot if you need another player, the long turns don't really bother me, I play alot of huge maps. But most of my games are usually peaceful until I get tanks, or sometimes cavalry, my early war attempts haven't met with the same kinds of success.
Up next - Pggar

Don't bother with the Chariot in Nanking. It won't be able to explore, as we are surrounded by jungle. Probably another Warrior - we still have a lot of exploring to do.

I am glad to hear we found some luxuries :)

It looks like Map Making, the literature. We have one really good wonder building town.

shdwlord is player #4. Game is closed.
1400bc - Writing finished. Map Making started, science rate at 90% (24 turns). Pyramids will take 29 turns after the riot was controlled.
1325bc - Red border spotted.
1225bc - We've met (actually they've met us) the Japanese. They have contacts with the Zulu, English, Romans and Germans. They're ahead in science with BW and Mysticism. I got Bronze Working for 133 gold. A road to incense was completed.
1075bc – I’ve spotted blue border.
1025bc - We've met the Germans. We traded Iron Working for writing and 15 gold.
1000bc - Kushans encampment was destroyed.
925bc - I'm leaving to settlers close to the silk location. Our cities are productive (great capital position). Be careful with Shangai. I think that if you let it grow next turn, it'll riot. There are two sources of iron next to our borders. We should try to settle next to the furs to the south of Shangai. Sorry, but I only noticed them now, so I didn't take any action.

Good luck. Here's our present map.


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I've always leant towards pascifism, lots of infrastructure building and capturing cities by cultural defection. Warmongering is my weak point, so I'm here to see how you guys cope with this.

Will play if someone drops out and there is no immediate replacement, or if I'm invited to. Otherwise I'm happy to just sit in the background and see how this progresses.
Inherited) Beijing suddenly realizes that there is no difference between a reg settler and a vet settler, so switches from barracks to settler.


875 Our brave warriors dispacte an Avar encampment, finding 25 gold. Xinjian founded. Beijing finishes a settler, begins another.


825 Chengdu founded


775 Pyramids are finished, Shanghai rejoices at the marvel, and begins building a temple to honor the gods for such a fine gift. Hangchow founded in honor of the pyramids completion.

750 Our fabled scientists have completed mapmaking, and begin literature. Nanking switches to galley. The Hsung-Nu tribe, seeing we are blessed by the gods, teach us the art of Philosophy.


710 Our mapmakers reach distant lands, and trade our world map to the Japanese for contact with the Zulu & English, horseback riding, mysticism, their territory map, and 110 gold.
We now have achieved equality in tech with all the known civs. Rather than letting the Japanese profit from selling our world map, we continue trading, getting the Zulu, the English, the Roman, and the German territory maps, plus 77 gold.

690 A Gepid raiding encampment is raided, liberating 25 gold


650 Our galley is finished, and we take to the seas. Nanking begins a spearman.

630 In honor of our seaworthiness, Tietsin is founded. The Germans begin the oracle.

610 A barbarian raider destroys our road to spices

590 Blessed by the gods of the seas, Canton begins the Great Lighthouse.

570 Shanghai praises the gods from its new temple, and begins the oracle. Once more, the Hsung-Nu tribe blesses us, this time giving us their most worthy warrior. In honor of this event, Tatung is founded.

550 Our spearman breaks tribal taboos, enraging 3 barbarian warriors. Another of our spearman begins to explore the island to the south of us.

530 Inspired by the great feats of our spearman to the south, Macao is founded.

510 Great deeds must be recorded for future generations to marvel at, and our scientists show the great story tellers of the world how to record our history on paper. They call this process literature, and promise to soon show everyone polytheism. There is such an abundance of literature created that Shanghai abandons construction of the oracle in order to found a Great Library. Rome begins the Oracle.

I switch some cities to temples. I hate non-veteran units, so switch cities to barracks.
Shanghai can't grow, so I optimized for shields.

470 BC - Destroy a barb camp.
450 BC - The English are building the Colusus. Japan starts the Great Library :lol: However, Japan does complete the Oracle.
410 BC - Establish embassies with the world. Japan gets the Great Library in 49 turns, but we get it in 30 turns :)
330 BC - Our warrior fails to kill a barb horseman :(
290 BC - Barb attack Nanking, killing 1 warrior. Anyang formed on the new island, near 2 cattle squares - During founding it gains Mathematics from the Polynesian tribe - It starts a temple, to begin a cultural lock on the island. We get the build forbidden palace notice.
270 BC - Shantung is formed, and some year we will bring furs on-line. Beat the English by one turn on destroying a barb camp - we gain $25.
250 BC - I chose the cheap path, and go for code of Laws.
230 BC - Just killing barbs.
190 BC - Destroy another barb camp. I give Japan Polytheism for Code of Laws (saving 7 turns), World Map and $90.
90 BC - Yet again, destroy a barb camp.
70 BC - Kaifeng is formed, city #2 on the island. Chinan is formed, a jungle town.
30 BC - Can you say dead barb camp?
10 AD - Ningpo is formed - Overlaps some with Beijing, but it will be a LOW corruption city.

Summary -
There is a settler by Chendgu with escort. Your choice - the double wheat spot, or by the Iron mountain - either way, temple first! That city will be dangerously close to Japan.

We are streched for direction - We want to finish our the southern island, the plains zone, and the spaces near the other civs. In addition, I build a few more workers, but we still need alot with all of the jungle around. We better get rubber / coal.
Up next - Thazi I hope you see the great library finish, I would start a placeholder for hanging gardens next.

On Deck - Pggar
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