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LK156, Spain, CCM 2.0

The hotchkiss have the ability to choose units so you can see how strong the defense is on the first attack of a city.

It takes 2 1/2 Steamers or 12/24 workers for one square. I think it clear 24 attack and defense 8 units that create more of themselves is better than the 2 1/2 steamer equivalent.

Even if we take a city or two off of Hotchkiss to build steamers, it is better to upgrade the workers.

I left some but I think the next player should upgrade them all, especially foreign ones. A town builds 1 Steam roller or one Hotchkiss, which is the equivalent of 5 native or 10 foreign partisans in terms of working power.
What's our land % owned?

I was trying to develop cities on my last turn, but now it might be irrelevant...if we're in shouting distance of domination
I got it. I am thinking of attacking Nubia, USA, and Maghreb. Not necessarily all at once :D
I found the workers really inefficient compared to the Steam Rollers and Given the choice between 2 1/2 steamers or 24 attack/def 8 units, the latter is much more important. We can rush more Steamers or set cities to them if we need be. I didn't do all workers, but I think the next player should.
Next turn I am going to test Our Partisan Army verse the stack of Nubias just inside our border.
What's our land % owned?
We are about half way to Victory. Greebly did a good job increasing our land and population. Plus,there are some towns which are due for a border pop. If both TheRat and I can each get about same increase in land and population, you could be the one to bring home victory.
What's our land % owned?

I was trying to develop cities on my last turn, but now it might be irrelevant...if we're in shouting distance of domination

It felt like my last turn felt like the turning point where we would be able to start cranking out Hotchkiss and move toward conquest rather than more development. We have a large number of cities that can now get one per turn. So I think developing was still good on your and LK's turns.
I would look at civs with big border gaps. I know my turn was filling in around Korea, Israel, and France. Greebley filled in more gaps. If we can take out civs where we can drop another few cities that speeds up domination all that much faster.

It is a bit early to talk about it, but I'm already thinking the next game be CCM 2 with no variants. This time will be random settings, and they odds of us finding so many cities on our land mass should be close to zero.
Before End of 1758 AD
Monk converts Nubian Late Pike (1, 0).

and I hit enter:

Between Turn:
Maghreb and Australia sign MPP.
Britain offers us a MPP. I respectfully decline.
USA and Austria-Hungary sign an MPP.
Nubian troops move a little deeper into our territory.
USA declares war on the British.

1760 AD:
Bates Motel is built near Austria-Hungarian border (maybe stealing the spot from Austrian settler). We culture bomb Bates Motel.

We declare war on Nubia.

Protecting our town of Elath from Nubian troops: (If I had a better idea of what the Partisans could do, I would have deferred protecting the town.)

Hotchkiss kills Hussar (2, 0). Infantry kills 4 Musketeers (6, 0); 2 Infantry killed by Musketeers (6, 2); eInfantry kills Musketeer (7, 2); 2 Infantry killed by Musketeers (7, 4); Infantry kills Musketeer (8, 4) and is prompted to elite. 3 Infantry die and we kill 10 Musketeers (18, 7). Infantry killed by Firelancer (18, 8). Infantry kills a Grenadier (19, 8); Infantry killed by a Grenadier (19, 9); Infantry kills a Grenadier (20, 9) and is promoted to elite. eInfantry kills Grenadier (21, 9). Infantry kills 4 Grenadiers (25, 9). Our Partisan units attack killing 18 Crossbowmen, 7 Musketeers, 5 Pikemen, 1 Firelancer, 5 Grenadiers, and 2 Medieval Infantry. In the process we lost 6 Partisans, and recruited 11 Partisans increasing our Partisan army. (59, 15).

Attacking Axum:
Hotchkiss kills Elephant (60, 15); 4 eHotckiss kill 3 Infantry (63, 16) and Axum is captured.
Lawyer who is sent to remove an Austrian trooper from the railroad tracks finds him “strumming to the rhythm of the driving train” and signs him to a recording contract (64,16).

Attacking Meroe:
Adventurer captures worker who was blocking access to the city. 2 eHotchkiss kill 2 Infantry and the city is captured. (66, 16).

Attacking Napata:
We lose 6 Hotchkiss killing 9 infantry, 4 Grenadiers, 2 Hussars, 1 Elephant, and 1 invisible unit (lawyer?) (83, 22). Also, we capture 10 supply shipments.

Attacking Dongola:
Hotchkiss kill 3 Infantry and Dongola is ours (86, 22).

Some clean up in former Nubian lands:

Flamthrower kills Infanty (87, 22); eHeavy Art kills Crossbow (88, 22); eHeavy Art kills a Grenadier and Michael Meyers is born along with a Great Leader. (89, 22). Great Leader rushes Factory in Tatung.
eHeavy Artillery kills Infantry. (90, 22); eHeavy Arilleryt kills Infantry and reveals himself as Fester Addams and gives us another Great Leader. Great Leader rushes a Hospital in Chengdu.
eHMG killed by Infantry (90, 23). eHotchkiss kills Infantry (91, 23). eHotchkiss kills Grenadier (92, 23).

Our Army of Partisan regulars takes the field in Nubia:
They kill 1 Medieval Infantry, 2 Musketeers, and 2 Grenadiers and capture Semna. We lose 1 Partisan, but recruit his replacement. (97, 24)
1 Partisan is killed while we dispatch 1 Grenadier and an Elephant (99, 25).
In clearing the way to attack Kerma, the Partisans kill 5 Infantry and 3 Grenadiers, while losing 3 Partisans and recruiting 3 replacements. (107, 28).
The Partisans lose 3 units and recruit 2 replacements when they capture Kerma killing 3 Infantry and 2 Cannons and 1 Elephant (113, 31).
Partisans capture Buhen killing 1 Musketeer and 1 Late Pike (115, 31).
Partisans lose 1 unit and recruit a replacement when they capture Aniba killing 2 Infantry. (115, 32).
Partisan captures a Worker. Partisans capture Toshka killing 2 Infantry (117, 32). The Partisans lost 3 units and recruited 1. (117, 35).
1760 AD: (continued)
The Army of Partisan regulars moves operations to the eastern front created as we declare war of the Maghreb.
Partisans kill 4 riflemen when they capture Algiers and add 276 gold to or coffers. (121, 35) 4 Partisans were killed and 3 recruited. (121, 39).
Partisan kills Heavy Artillery (122, 39). Partisan kills Ballista (123, 39). Algiers is culture bombed. As Hotchkiss begin the attack on Carthage the Australians declare war on us. 25 Hotchkiss attack killing 7 riflemen at the loss of 8 Hotchkiss (130, 46); Hotchkiss kills Adventurer (131, 46); 2 Partisans die killing 1 Rifleman and 1 Adventurer (133, 48). Carthage is captured and we gain 288 gold and 20 workers.
2 eInfantry killed while 3 more eInfantry kill 2 Gatling guns and 1 Rifleman (136, 51). Infantry kills Heavy Artillery (137, 51). 6 Partisans die while killing 2 Gatling guns and 1 Riflemen (139, 57). Utica is captured and we gain 303 gold and a Zeppelin.
4 Partisans die killing 2 Rifleman and capture Oran plus 214 gold and they recruit a new Partisan. (141, 61). Infantry kills a 3 Riflemen, a Crossbow and eInfantry kills a Bowman (146, 61).

Between Turn:
Greece and Indo-China sign MPP.
Partisans kill an Early Tank and a Rifleman and recruit a Partisan. (148, 61). 2 Partisans killed by Riflemen. (148, 63). Partisan kills Hussar (149, 63).

1762 AD:
Ragin’ Cagun Redneck Gators (aka Ragin Cagun Gators) is founded.
Raccoon City is founded.

eHorse Artillery kills Early Super Tank (150, 63). Partisan kills an Adventurer and recruits a Partisan. (151, 63). 3 Partisans die killing a Rifleman. (151, 66). Partisans destroy the newy founded town of Thevest and retrieve 185 gold (1 Partisan died killing a Rifleman). (152, 67). Monster Mash is built on the rubble.

Partisan kills Rifleman clearing the way for the assault on Casablanca (153, 67). Partisans kills 3 Riflemen (156, 67) and recruit 2 Partisans. Casablanca is captured along with 216 in gold and a Zeppelin.

Partisans kill 5 Riflemen capturing Tangiers and 270 gold.

Lawyer signs an adventurer to work in a Freddy Krueger movie (157, 67)
Partisans kill 3 Riflemen capturing Darhan along with 810 in gold, 1 Partisan was killed. (160, 68).

Partisan killed attacking Austria-Hungarian Rifleman. Second Partisan killes the Rifleman and captures a Settler (turned worker). (161, 69). N.B. Partisans are like Privateers and can attack without a declaration of war.

Hell’s Gate is founded.

Since the USA signed an MPP with Austria-Hungary, it seems to me the best thing to do is declare ware of Austria-Hungary and force USA to declare on us. I need access to Austrian cities, Mongol cities are in the way. So I will remedy that situation. :D I will ask them for the cities blocking my way.

The Mongol Khanates refuse my reasonable request that they give us Belgrade and Detroit so I declare war on them.

eHotchkiss kill 3 Mongol Firelancers and we get a Great Leader. The GL rushes Super Dreadnoughts in Salamanca. (164, 69); eHotchkiss kill 3 more Firelancers and 2 Crossbow. (169, 69); eHeavy Artillery kills Medieval Infantry (170, 69); eHorse Artillery kills a Crossbow (171,69); eInfantry kills a Crossbow (172, 69).

Hotchkiss kill 4 Firelancers and Ulaanbaatar is captured. We lost 3 Hotchkiss in the attack. (176, 72);
Partisans kill 5 Firelancers in capturing Kazan. 7 Partisans died and 1 was recruited. (181, 79)

Umbrella Corp HQ is founded.

Hotchkiss kill 2 Firelancers, 1 Hotchkiss is killed and an eHotchkiss kills a Firelancer capturing Mandalgovi (184, 80).
eHochkiss kills a Pike and a Lawyer kills a Pike. Detroit is captured (186, 80).

Partisans kill 2 Pike and Capture Belgrade (188, 80).

Hotchkiss kill 2 Knights (190, 80). Hotchkiss kills a Golden Horde (191, 80)
Hotchkiss kill 2 Firelancers and destroy Cholbalsan (193, 80).

Hotchkiss kill 2 Firelancers and a Medieval Infantry (196,80); Missonary coverts a Crossbowman (197, 80).

Sleepy Hollow is founded.

Partisans capture Dalanzadgad killing 2 Firelancers and 1 Late Pike. (200, 80) 2 partisans were killed and 1 Partisan was recruited. (200, 82).

eHotchkiss killed by Firelancer, eHotchkiss kills Firelancer (201, 83). Hotchkiss killed by Fielancer, Hotchkiss kill 4 Firelancers (205, 84). Hotchkiss killed by Mongolian Pike. Hochkiss kill 2 Mongolian Pike (207, 85). Hotchkiss kill 2 Asian Pike (209, 85) Daidu is captured.

We learned Dreadnoughts this turn. If this was not a beta test, I would have set the research slider to 30% since I think we will win the game before any new tech will be more helpful than extra cash. However, just to see if there are any bugs, I have us learning Submarines in 4 turns.

Between Turns:
Partisan is killed by Indo-Chinese Hussar (209, 86).
1764 AD:
Sunnydale is founded.
Harmony is founded.
Crystal Lake is founded.
Haddonfield is founded.

eHotchkiss kills Mongolian Knight (210, 86). Hotchkiss kill 4 Firelancers. (214, 86). Lawyer kills Elephant (215, 86). Lawyer kills Crossbow (216, 86). Karakorum (plus 2 supply shipments) is captured.

eHotchkiss kills Firelancer, Hotchkiss kills Firelancer, Hotchkiss kills Pike (219, 86). Hovd is captured.

Austria’s borders are preventing us from having a nice neat coast to coast border (and they will force the USA to declare war on us) so we declare war on them to remedy the situation.

Partisans kill 2 Rifleman and 1 Adventurer and Graz plus 854 gold is captured. Also we recruit a Partisan. (222, 86).

The Americans declare war on us owing to their MPP. :lol:

Hotchkiss kill 3 Riflemen. (225, 86) eHotchkiss killed by Rifleman. eHotchkiss kills Rifleman Usti nad Labem plus 1410 gold is captured. Usti nad Labem is renamed Who Do Da Voodoo and culture bombed.

Partisan kills 1 Rifleman and captures Budapest, 988 gold and the Olympic Games (gives us more Happiness). We lost 1 Partisan. (226, 87)

eHeavy Artillery kills Rifleman (227, 87). 4 Hotchkiss die while we kill 7 Riflemen. (233, 91). 1 Hotchkiss is killed by an Early Supertank then a Hotchkiss kills the Tank. (234, 92). Vienna, a Zeppelin, and 1747 gold is captured.

We loss 4 Partisans to kill 2 Riflemen and capture Tabriz plus 1311 gold. We recruited 1 Partisan. (235, 95).

We loss 3 Partisans to kill 2 Riflemen and capture Almalik plus 3934 gold. We recruited 1 Partisan. (237, 98)

eHorse Artillery kills a Rilfeman and captures a Settler (turned worker) 238, 98)

Partisan kills US Musketeer (239 98).

Grovers Mill is founded.

A nice little army is fortified by our Capital and a number of Steamroller railroading groups are near by.

We have 46% of the World Area and 41% of the population. I started to rush by Academies for the 2 culture in cities that need to expand to the third ring.

Here is the Save:


  • LK156 1764 AD.SAV
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Here are some Screen Shots.

Spoiler Western Spain 1764 AD :

Spoiler Eastern Spain 1764 AD :

Spoiler Northern Spain 1764 AD :
I think Joe was having a contest to see how many civs he could kill in a set. :lol:

Looking at the pictures I see we still have a few spots to drop more cities. Even those crappy desert sites increase our domination count. Former Korea still has room few cities to claim a nice block of land.
I can't believe how big of an open area there is in the Northern Spain picture. Joe started filling it in, but there is still a lot of room.


Jersey Joe
TheRat (up)
Elephantium (on deck)
I may have one more set, but that is it. We are in the slaughter phase. Wiping America will do wonders for our borders.
Amazing progress...let's see how far I can push the domination score...got it
Nice shootin', Tex :salute:

How many culture points do we automatically get in new cities (from e.g. Christian Communities)? I think it was 4 per turn on my last set; we can probably only count on one culture expansion for future cities unless we REALLY aggressively rush high-cpt buildings.
How many culture points do we automatically get in new cities (from e.g. Christian Communities)? I think it was 4 per turn on my last set; we can probably only count on one culture expansion for future cities unless we REALLY aggressively rush high-cpt buildings.
A new city gets 6 if we do nothing. For the first build I was rushing an Academy which gives an additional 2 culture. I was spacing my new cities 5 or 6 tiles apart so the first expansion is all that is needed.

The hard part about building a new city is getting the settler in place. There is a settler ready to build a city in the desert. It took 3 turns of movement to reach that spot. Settlers are 1 move so to build a city 6 tiles away from an existing city (in 1 turn) you need to rail 4 tiles and road 2. That is 18 Steamrollers (assuming you need to road all tiles) that could have been helping capture enemy cities.

We have some cities that are going to expand to the third or fourth ring within the next 10 turns and fill in some of the small gaps.
Played the pre-turn and half way through the first turn, America is gone. We're at 52/45 currently. Aztecs next as others still have deals with us
Played the pre-turn and half way through the first turn, America is gone. We're at 52/45 currently. Aztecs next as others still have deals with us
:thumbsup: There is always the Greeks and all their Gold :D

I forgot to mention, there are 10 conscripts in Nampo. I was moving the group every turn to a different large city with citizens still revolting to pacify them.
Guess what? Greece and subsequently England and Indochine declared war on us. I got to shuffle around so many units and workers, it is no joke...
I'm amazed you guys are still at this. I can't recall how long it's been since I dropped out.

Is NP still waiting in the wings somewhere?
Just an update: I will post the save tomorrow. Am at turn 5 and have just exiled the Greek from the mainland. We're at 60/53
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